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Thread: Help with JPEG Steg

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    Help with JPEG Steg

    I am just beginning to learn about steganography. I have a JPEG image with hidden data in it, but I do not yet understand how to extract the hidden information. Would anyone be wlling to help me find it?

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    Depends on how the person used it to hide the data. See here for more information:

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    There are several different ways to hide data in a jpeg. One popular way is with a program called steghide. I've created a video to show both how to put data into steghide, and how to extract data using Steghide. This is just one example of how to extract this data.

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    Gotta say, your video on steghide is a lifesaver! I was diving into the world of JPEG steg recently, and your tutorial made it so much clearer. Big thanks for that! Have you ever tried combining steghide with JPEG Optimizer? I've found that compress image before hiding data can sometimes add an extra layer of sneakiness. It's like a two-in-one magic trick for me! What's your take on that? Also, quick heads-up, I'm kinda new here, so if anyone has more tips or cool tricks, feel free to share! xx

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    Heres a link for some basic tricks to get info
    I also use stegsolve which was pretty easy to learn to use. I will have to check out this vid you posted as I have been able to get information from my bmp file such as the names of txt files and a password but have not been able to find a way to extract them yet and curious if the above mentioned compressing has been used. In any case going through the beginner site and testing those commands can give you lots of information.

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