Hi all,

I have property in a rural area and one of my neighbors has been giving me trouble since I bought the property a few years ago. I guess they don't want to have any new neighbors, and they have done both overtly threatening and passive aggressive things to let me know it, such as making audible threats and placing obstacles in the driveway.

I don't live at the property full time as I haven't built on it yet (so I sometimes camp there), but I plan to eventually build a nice house and make it my forever home. For now, I live about 40 minutes away by car. The most recent action taken by this neighbor was very threatening and potentially dangerous, and I am now looking into options to gather evidence so that I can escalate things if needed.

I am considering installing security cameras to monitor one or two points on the perimeter of the property where the neighbor's activities have occurred. My property does not have power or (obviously) wifi running to it, but a solar-powered security camera would hypothetically work, as long as I could either connect to it remotely or occasionally collect and review an SD card or something.

Various sites such as CNET recommended Arlo, Reolink, and Lorex systems, but I was wondering if anyone here can provide more insight on what might be the best solution.

Thanks in advance.