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Thread: how to remove bootkit from mobile

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    Question how to remove bootkit from mobile

    what I noticed after formatting the Gboard keyboard was getting updated. Firstly I tried to create a Gmail account in Google play store. At finish the google play store crashed fake terms and condition pop up same up,the moment I clicked it the data internet went down. the fake log in page appeared. then I tried to download Kaspersky the internet was down. The person didn't let me download it.

    it's a bootkit probably it has serviced after formating the device. Sir jaise apne kaha to format the mobile. within 5 min the person has hacked it maybe it's a bootkit.

    now how do I remove a bootkit. what do u think is it a bootkit.

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    Reinstalling the OS is one method of removing a rootkit, which frequently succeeds. A secure OS must run on a clean system to access the infected storage device and remove bootloader rootkits. A memory rootkit infection can be cleared by rebooting the system, but the infection's root cause may still need to be removed.

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