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Thread: Bitdefender Scam Heads Up

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    Hi folks,
    Just a heads up warning about Bitdefender.
    I had a subscription to the service and then about three months in I got a solicitation that sounded like an offer to extend at a reduced price. I accepted. About nine months later I got a bill to renew my original subscription. Curious. After checking my account I found I had TWO separate subscriptions. What they had done was sell me another subscription (useless) with questionable verbiage. When I asked for the money that they essentially stole from me, I was told refunds could only be given within thirty days of an order. Many emails were exchanged, (I maintained it was not a valid order, etc.), long story short I lost $102.21. They're based in Romania so there's not a lot of recourse.
    BEWARE of this company's lack of ethics.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

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