Hey, newbie here.

So lately I've been looking into VPNs as a whole, interested in setting up one for myself. Overall I've noticed this seems like quite a fishy topic. When looking into most videos, articles, posts, etc. on this topic, it's always the same case of paid ads from creators, adamantly recommending this or that VPN service. And don't even get me started on Reddit Bots.. Honestly I don't trust any of these services as it seems like a waste of money just to give another private party all your data. .

Then looking deeper I see many more "advanced" creators or blogs related to cybersecurity recommend setting up a VPN yourself. Maybe I'm too skeptical but this to me seems like the same case scenario. Instead of recommending any one VPN service, they're recommending specific VPS providers. I mean, don't get me wrong, I guess I understand you need a VPS to actually set up your own VPN (unless you have the means to physically set up and maintain a server somewhere else?). Thing is, most of the time this doesn't seem transparent at all. Am I expecting too much from these creators to do a full assessment, pros and cons of various alternatives, without marrying to any specific company?

I also understand that even setting up a VPN yourself by subscribing to a virtual private server, you're not 100% safe from that server being tampered with either.

All this being said, you probably noticed: I know s**t about cybersecurity as a whole. I'm just getting started here and I guess I want some further insight on where to start. VPNs seem like an interesting topic to do so:

  • what are some alternatives for setting up a VPN yourself?
  • do you even suggest doing so at all? is it worth the effort?
  • any other tips on cybersecurity I might be ignoring?

Anyway, also new to the forum in general so sorry if I missed any best practices for posting. Let me know if so.