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Thread: Can malicious people get my IP address on Telegram ?

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    Can malicious people get my IP address on Telegram ?

    I have been menaced (for futile reasons also) from a supposed criminal on a private telegram group ( i did not know he was a criminal, i was told later by the admin of the group ) .
    The guy knows my real first name and the province i live in.

    I want to know if it is possible for him or their associates to know what my IP address is considering the following points:

    1) My username was not set (it was put on NONE so i guess i could not be found by username) and the name of the account is my first name in real life ( surname NOT included, so my full name is unknown, as also my face is )

    2) I never clicked on any strange .bat file or any grabber link that redirected on other particular pages that could log my information like IP without me knowing. I only could have opened normal links like youtube videos or normal stuff like that (spotify ecc.)

    3) My phone number was not visible, forwarded messages were deactivated(you couldnt click my profile when you read a message by me on another chat)

    4) I never accepted or participated in calls (I know about the IP call vulnerability that can give out your IP while calling on p2p calls on Telegram )

    5) 6 or 7 hours after the menaces, i delted all of the messages i previously sent on the group, exited the group and deleted my account

    6) I used 2 step verification and during the following hours of these menaces i did not notice any strange activity on my account and telegram did not report about a new access to my account anyways (so i guess it wasn't hacked)

    7) It was not present in the group or used any bot that could detect some member's IP address ( And i don't think that actually exist a bot that can magically get a IP address of a user, at most it could work through a grabber link about which i previously talked about on point (2) )

    Also, consider that Telegram group chats are not p2p based, and so you could not use wireshark or such to be able to intercept packets and possibly find someone's IP, and theorically telegram does not expose the IP, which is stored in their servers.

    So considering all these facts:

    How possible it is that these malicious people are still able to get my IP address and therefore my approximate location? And is this still possible even after deletion of messages and account?

    Thank you for your attention

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    THIS SITE ( tracks both the IP used to register with AND the IP address used for each and every post.

    We do almost nothing with this information....except block a few countries and known SPAMMERS.

    I'd suggest that you look and see what information can be found on known IP Addresses.

    Check out sites like:

    When I check mine just now, it showed in part:

    Country: United States

    State/Region: Florida

    City: XXXXXX (it got this right)

    Latitude: 27.9095 (27? 54′ 34.18″ N)

    Longitude: -82.7872 (82? 47′ 13.84″ W)

    "Latitude and Longitude are often near the center of population. These values are not precise enough to be used to identify a specific address, individual, or for legal purposes."

    AND, if you get real paranoid, research getting a VPN.

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