Dear John-
Kudos to you. I scan AntiOnline quite often and I'm pretty happy that
there is at least one trusted source where the hacks and cracks can
publicly release info about their recent exploits. (Was that your voice
on NPR about a month ago?)

Dr. Red

I get sooo many dear john letters :-/ Yup, that was me on the NPR, was also on a few other places. It's
like playing "where's waldo".

hey jp-
fellow pitt student here. i was running some security tests on my server(from the program on your site: site scan). luckily results were nil on my side. next i tried my isp, nauticom. when running the phf exlpoit i was greeted with the message "smile, you on canid camera". this of course is related to carolyn meinel and her little "hacker wargames". i was just wondering what the severity of this "candid" message was and if you could, if needed, vouch for me on the side of a security minded individual.
also, i was wondering if you had ever heard of a program named "aggressor" or "aggressor exploit generator". although buggy at best, these programs allow a windows user to use unix-tyoe d.o.s. attacks.
just wondering


Your a Pitt student too? Poor guy. At any rate. Some up to date and good humored admins will put funny little messages into their systems
that pop up when you try well known exploits on them. Just hope that they also don't have in funny little logging features too. No, if you or anyone else tries to break
into someone elses computer and fails, don't be pointing the admins to talk with me when they confront you. Haha. As for "aggressor". Yes, I've heard of it, and
beta tested it. I contacted the guy who writes it. Look for a special report on that coming as soon as a more stable beta comes out.

I've been following the stories, interviews and comments
on Anti-Online. While I don't claim to be "elite" (sic) or well
versed in computer security, I think you self proclaimed
"hackers" are doing more harm than good infiltrating and
compromising governmental sites and servers. I'm sympathetic
to the plight of Kevin Mitnick and Ed Cummings but I don't think
that defacing web-sites with ambitious but empty threats,
taking advantage of security flaws on servers is REALLY going
to help Kevin Mitnick or undo the injustice he's gone through.
Your actions only feed into what the clueless media and public
already think of you: They consider you bad guys and in your
actions validate those perceptions. Do you seriously think
that the Justice Department will release Kevin Mitnick
because some governmental site was compromised? You want Kevin
Mitnick released? Do something much more radical, have
public demonstations and, I hate to say this, USE the
media to tell the real story. Do you really think that hiding
behind a computer screen breaking into some web-site to put a
"Free Kevin Mitnick or else" message is going to make it so?
I don't think so. If history has taught me anything it's that
to effect change, one has to take significant risks, basically,
be willing to die for what one believes in. How exactly are you
in that position when you're faceless, anonymous and almost
ineffective in your efforts because an insignificant
percentage of people see your messages. How often does the
general public get on the net, let alone visit the
governmental sites you violate, just at the right time to
see your messages?

Come on, who are we kidding here?

You want justice? Be radicals. Be a real threat. Show that
you mean business. Hiding behind a computer screen penetrating
servers and defacing websites with little messages is not
seeking justice or helpful. It's gives you an ego trip.
And I guess, to some of you, it's supposed to be "elite" (sic).
I don't think one page among billions of pages on the net,
a place visited by a percentage of the populous, is going to
help Kevin Mitnick. Several newspaper articles or 10 minutes
on "60 minutes" will do a lot more for him and it won't give
real hackers a bad name. Please do Kevin Mitnick a favor,
stop using his name to justify infantile behavior. It is
upsetting to see his name associated with your destructive
actions. He deserves more than a few hits on a governmental
site no one (who cares) visits.

I'm all for curiosity and the acquisition of knowledge. I'm
not for unnecessary compromising of computer systems in the
name of justice. Thank you for reading. I'd like to wish
Kevin Mitnick (and others in similar circumstances) the best
in this imperfect justice system.

-- E-TiE.

Funny you should bring this up. Kevin's attorney just did an interview
with Emmanuel Goldstein on "Off The Hook". Very interesting. You should all take time
to listen to it.

I would like to commend you on your web page... I am a 'retired' computer programmer now working full-time as a professional musician - but I am trying to keep my IT knowledge up-to-date in case I ever have to return to the 'day-job'...
I have always had a passing interest in computer security issues - and I find you site to contain a wealth of information.
Just one suggestion. I am also interested in the debate strong encryption and the fight in Congress regarding these issues. This is naturally an extention of the Computer Security issues you cover - and I'd like to see it covered on your pages as well..



Danny Sniderman

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. Maybe we will start covering this issue. I hate how these old, "technologically challenged" congressmen are trying
to debate this issue. It's very pathetic to watch them on cspan. Maybe we'll run some special reports, and see if we can't educate some senators?

You don't know me butt you goto help me dude i'm just 13 and the FBI is
trying to bust my ass to jail i don't understand i'm dutch and hacking
isn't illegal in the netherlands and still the are trying to bust me.
I don't no what to do man,what can i do????
I just whent in a terminal of the american goverment and went in a
restriced area i didn't even now what i did wrong first.
Untill i found out that the police was tracing me and some FBI guys
starting to bug me i'm in big **** man.
Can the FBI bust somebody out of there area it isn't the usa i'm living
in the netherlands it isn't ilegal here i just don't understand.

Please tell me what i can do man.

mail me as fast as you can

Thnx already for reading this PLEASE don't think this is a joke it ISN'T


Wow. My parents always told me it takes all kinds. They weren't kidding! First off, I would bet you
a large sum of money that it is illegal to hack in the Netherlands. Call it a hunch. Second, you're 13. I would highly doubt
that you're extradited to the US, tried, convicted, and sent to jail for the rest of your life. Call this a hunch too. As for you
breaking into US systems. Let Analyzer be a lesson to you. If you keep that stuff up, you'll end up doing ads in newspapers,
getting free computers, and having people contact you about movie and book deals. You don't want that to happen to you, now do you?


Enjoyed and I/O Report. Here's an NT tip that should
prompt all administrators to use NTFS instead of FAT:
Are you a corporate user without administrative privileges on an NT BOX.
Is your file system FAT? Well then here's how you restore admin

Insert a DOS boot diskette into A:\

Boot to DOS

cd C:\winnt\system32\config del sams.


All accounts will be eliminated except the Administrative account the
password to which will now be blank.

Warning: You could really piss off your Admininstrator and/or get yourself
fired by doing this. However, as you probably already know, if you don't
have Administrative rights you can't install most applications to a Win NT

Moral: NT rollouts should always be NTFS.