This form was submitted by: SSRat.

This might be old news

I received a telephone call from an individual identifying himself as an
AT&T Service Technician that was running a test on our telephone lines.
He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine (9), zero (0),
pound sign(#) and hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused. Upon
contacting the telephone company we were informed that by pushing 90#
you end up giving the individual that called you access to your telephone
line and allows them to place a long distance telephone call, with the
charge appearing on your telephone bill. We were further informed that this scam
has been originating from many of the local jails/prisons.

Hrmm. This sounds just stupid enough to be true. I can't
imagine "MaBell" having such a thing set up, but we have our phreaking expert looking into
the whole history of this. Look for a possible AntiOnline Special Report on this topic coming
in the near future.

This form was submitted by: Beth.

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Ok, recently hired on (as college grad) at a large firm in the WAN
Development group. My position is in the External Connectivity team.
I assist in approving untrusted to trusted connections, and running new
apps across WAN to/from I'net. Would like to get more involved in
security, have been checking out the hacker links. How do I learn more,
without getting rep as hacker? Would like to download and try hacking,
for the purpose of protection against it. Can I do that? Will I make the
FBI, CIA list of hackers? This is new to me, please have patience.
Any suggestions would be oh so welcome.


Hi Beth =) Well, first off, feel free to
download things from our archives to
test your network's security! That's why we have that stuff posted
in the first place! As for some FBI "list of hackers". Don't worry about
appearing on there "if there is such a thing". There's nothing wrong with
wanting to make sure your own network is safe, and that's not being
underhanded, that's be a responsible system admin! Besides, we certainly
don't give the FBI a copy of our webserver access logs every day, so it will
be your little secret what you download and what you don't ;-)

Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 10:20:58 -0800 (PST)

hi guys:

I found your site while reading about the goings on with analyzer & co. Nice!
a quick tip: the cookies quick tip is incomplete. You should tell people about
the this little, well known? trick: change the cookies.txt FILE to a DIR. That will
allow you to enter sites with persistent cookies bc the host thinks is wrote the little
monsters successfully.

So, here's another issue:

I admire you people's ballsiness to use the real names while discussing siensitve
info like security. But isn't that DANGEROUS? surely experts have
FBI files and such. What is your justification or reasoning, etc?

Hey, great tip on Cookies! As for our "ballsiness" on posting
our real names. Well, AntiOnline certainly isn't illegal, and we're proud to be able to
put our real names on something we work very hard on!

Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 02:34:22 -0500 (EST)

This form was submitted by: Derek.

Who runs the following website:

And is the Systems Admin for U.S. Army

Submitted The Following Comments/Questions:


As you well know my site was hacked yesterday. (
I was wondering if you can get me in contact with the Noid group via. email.
I'm not out to bust anybody but I'd like to give them some feedback on there hack.

SGT Dalton

Well, we forwarded his e-mail address to the No|d crew. Also,
we'd like to note that SGT Dalton has added several staff members to the hosts.deny
list of his webservers. We can no longer visit, it says
"access denied". A case of shooting the messanger because you don't like the message
he carries? You be the judge.

Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 01:51:01 -0500


By the way, I thought that, for your information, I just heard about the
military-hacking-hacker on the national canadian news along with a
cow that just gave birth to 4 children... isnt this nice? Hope that shows
a big difference on how we common people hear about hacking... :-)

Haha, ok, this was just funny, so we had to post it.
Any Canadians out there let us know if you hear the news this way too =)

i was looking through your website and i can tell that you're a talented kid.
your interview with the alledged hacker of the pentagon is sure to make your
site more known. a tip though, your spelling SUCKS ... you might want to
double check before you post ... it looks awful.

Hay! We rezent poeple that says we gots bad grammir and spellin!

Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 19:30:07 +0100 (MET)

Makaveli seemed surprised that the govt went so berzerk over him getting
into LLNL. If you know what is going on at LLNL, then you would know why
they are so freaked out.
First some background. The National Security Agency has for a long time
been hiring scientists who are good at data analysis to do signals
intelligence work for them (spying on communications). In recent years,
NSA has launched several large-scale electronic spying projects at LLNL.
Recently, there have been an extrordinary number of leaks at LLNL, which
has some high-level people pretty pissed. First there was the Payne/Morales
incident. Then there were numerous incidents in which researchers let on
to the fact that there were secret projects going on at LLNL, in casual
conversation and in science-related newsgroups and mailing lists. Then
there was the incident where some employees there deliberately bypassed
the firewall to run a porno ftp site (which got nationwide coverage in the
press and caused a great deal of embarrasment for llnl). Management started
trying to crack down hard on all these security violations, so when they
caught Makaveli, they went ballistic.
So just what is it that they're doing at LLNL that they don't want anyone
to know about? There's quite a bit of info at, but their most
controvertial project is their internet searching. If you look at archives
for comp.compression and related groups, you'll find several posts by people
from llnl looking for all sorts of unusual data formats, especially voice
compression. Basically they are trying to design software that can decode
and search through every type of data on the internet. What is impressive
about this effort is that they apparently can search for keywords in audio
and other formats instead of just doing text searches like the commercial
search engines. What they are doing with this info is anybody's guess, but
it doesn't take a lot of imagination....

WoW! We decided we'd post this because we
just LOVE the X-Files and thought that this would make a PERFECT episode!
As great of a story as it is, let's all just remember, it's probably little more than that. I'll
chalk up this story with the one on aliens in Area 51 until I see some "evidence" on some
of the claims =)

Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 12:25:21 PST

I would like to give an interview to your
magazine on my project. You will not be
able to find information on me or those
involved in the project, nor am I willing
to give any. You will find our project
of great interest, but there will be no
way for you to know if it is a hoax other
than to wait and see. If you are
interested please reply with the first

XTU Project

A lot of reporters wanted to know how we get in touch
with the hackers that we've interviewed. It comes from sorting through hundreds
of e-mails like the one above. We decided not to interview the XTU people,
they appeared willing to provide way more information than our staff would
ever have time to go through =)