Jesus that spot really blew teh cover off the MOD, If those kids think that CBS isn't going to hand over thier identities at the first request of the pentagon they are Morons. And besides I thought that the MOD was not your everyday group of teenage hackers. What kind of 1/2 bit encryption are you running here anyway.
Listen every ****ing hacker on this planet is between the age of 17 and 25 and the youngest investagator at the pentagon has got to be in his 30's there is no way for the pentagon to keep up.
i know that this isn't makeing much sense but follow me here.
the pentagon has unlimited resources and everyone knows it, they can't trace the hackers they're too friggen old, they don't know how to start. We Can.
I know that there isn't a person in AntiOnline who wouldn't like working for the pentagon and making some dough, and you could, there are thousands of ways in, we could have MOD do it for us. (just kiddin) anyway think about it. Unlimited supplies, etc. etc. I don't work for the pentagon nor do I have any affiliation with them but you know now what to do.
Oh yah and if anyone from the MOD is reading this Good Job


JP nice hair

Ok, this is a perfect opportunity for a little lesson on the first amendment! Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two
of the things that make the US as great as it is. If CBS or NBC or anyone else from the press does an interview with, say, the MOD, all of their notes, footage
and other info that the reporters gathered, are PROTECTED! The US government can NOT make the reporter give up that information. Nor can an FBI agent
claim to be from CBS and lure the MOD in for a "interview" then arrest them. It's illegal. That simple. This is also why Peter Farrel from the DISA can not come
in and raid me. First amendment baby, gotta love it! It enables us to get the word out to you, the people, without having to worry about the government "censoring" us.
As for me possibly being able to get a job for the DOJ, um, for some reason, I doubt they'd want me, hahaha.


First off, excellent site! I get a kick out of the interesting
dialogue that occurs regularly in the letters section. Though I find the
ethical arguments of people such as Carolyn Meinel to be commendable, I
wonder if she really believes that even her seemingly-harmless
publications (which I enjoy greatly, BTW) will be excluded from the
persecutions of "big brother" in future. Last week President Clinton
addressed a group of Naval Academy grads on the subject of Nuclear,
Biological, and Chemical weapons AND "E-terrorism." It's no accident
that he decided to address these issues simultaneously, and I REALLY
doubt the MOD (and Antionline, for that matter) were not partially
responsible for the timing of his discussion (good job, btw). Please
don't dismiss me as "paranoid," because I've seen these tactics used
with firearms and cigarettes and I assure you the crackdown is about to
begin. And no, most government orginizations WON'T turn first to their
own lazy practices, but rather they will attempt to shift the public's
attention to the "hacker" community and incite the typically-uniformed
popular rage that accompanies a crack-down. In the end, we will see the
same results as we have with gun control - i.e., the law-abiding will be
punished and many of the real criminals (except in this case most of the
"criminals" aren't all that criminal) will continue with business as

As far as the possibility of obtaining classified documents from
government/military computers is concerned, I have a few points to add
which may clarify things. For one, it is explicitly illegal to hold
classified documents on open LANs/WANs. It's even illegal to have an
unclass computer console sitting next to a classified/closed-LAN system
(this prevents accidental switching of floppies, etc., or the use of a
password for a closed network on one of the public ones [vulnerable to
sniffers, etc.]). The only way MOD or others will be able to obtain
classified documents from .gov sites is if a civillian employee gets
lazy and decides to take his work home with him, or if (for example)
someone composes a memo containing classified info "on the fly" on an
unclass terminal. But this is quite rare, because if the authorities
discover such practices (and it happens rarely), the offender(s) usually
serves a LONG sentence in Levenworth or wherever. The most hackers can
realistically hope for is sensitive information, stuff that wouldn't be
of any use by itself but might be used in conjunction with other data to
create little bits of info that might piss off the feds. And, a hacker
who does this might very well serve the same sentence as a spy! I have
to commend the MOD for their bravery, if that's what it is...but if they
are merely assuming that they are going to get a "first offense" slap on
the wrist they may be in for a surprise - maybe Clinton's little
"initiative" against E-terrorism is a prelude to some stiff penalties
for hackers who really don't deserve even jail time. I'd be careful.


p.s., pls leave my Email out of this letter, I don't need my old bosses knocking on my door!

Why does everyone think that the government doesn't keep classified materials on internet - accessable
servers? Wake up and smell the incompitance people!

First of all, your site is the best security-related site I have ever seen in my life. Period. Second, I was reading through the quicktips section and tried your "discovering the ip of a spoofer" tip. Does this only work on certain servers? I use the efnet server, and it spits back a "userip: unknown command"
Do you know of any servers that this does work?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, this is just an undernet thing. Wouldn't it be nice if the other IRC networks started caring for your
security and put this feature into their servers too? Why not give them an e-mail and tell them what's up =)

Note that GPS jamming is nothing new, it was shown back in 1985
to the FAA and DOD that with < $500 one could build a local
jammer that would work within a 50 mile radius. Anyone with
experience (or was willing to learn) can easily build one.
An engineer sat on the last large hill entering Boston while
officials sat in the control tower of Logan Airport.
The signal was given and the jammer turned on, to the surprise
of the officials civilian and military signals were squashed.
Then the DOD was given the task of tracing where the jammer
was located. They were unable to find it, even though the
engineer was sitting right next to the highway.

Thank you.

Well, that was back in 1985, SURELY their technologies have advanced since then, and
nothing like that will EVER happen again. Heh, yeah, right.

hey.... i just saw your [cbs] interview... i think it was great !!

I am sooo happy to know that some people finally know that there is almost no defense against us hackers...
You are probably an expert so i cant say too much bullshit because you know more than me. I am not a newbie, but not an expert yet so i'm am still on a quest to learn as much as possible.
You and the other people here at have done a great job at helping us learn a lot about computer security.

Thanx... Keep it Up !!!

Hey, I'm glad you liked the CBS series. We put a lot of work in setting up the interview with the MOD, and
Mary Walsh, the producer of the series, as well as CBS corrospondent David Martin, did a great job! Let's hope that some other networks
get up the courage to do such stories in the future.

I have been following this MOD situation and been hearing more things about hacking and security.
These news reports are filtering through to uneducated people that really don't know much about the Internet.
I mean how many Congressmen or women actually use and understand the net anyway? Maybe 10%. And by telling these
Congressmen of the "looming attack" they scare them, deeply, and it is unnecessary. Do they not realize that infiltrations
from remote locations could be eliminated if they just took the servers off of the net? I mean how much more simpler can you get?
Eliminate the means of communication between the two and you eliminate the risk. Now that these uneducated Congressmen and
women (atleast as far as the Internet is concerned) are receiving this information about security or lack thereof and its possible
implications they will, as always, jump to conclusions and, of course, make some rash bill limiting net access or maybe even some
crazy plan to monitor net access. This is what happens when people aren't properly informed and I for one don't want to see it
happen to the Internet, like it has with so many other things.

Thanks for listening,

Scott Coull

Thanks for writing in Scott. Yes, it is ALWAYS funny to watch the senate talk about
technology on c-span. Good thing we have people like the L0pht setting
them straight! Yes, you can click on that link to go visit the L0pht peoples, just make sure you come back and
finish reading the mailbag, hahaha.

I really like the site. I visit on occasion to see what is new in the hacking world.

In Carol's last letter, she mentioned Computer Security geeks putting on another face at
night and creating job security by hacking into computers. It just got me thinking,

"What about Anti-Virus Software producers?"

There are so many new viruses popping up all the time. These people may have a big hand in it.

Just a thought.

The Relentless

Admin. for John Wagner Associates, Inc.

Uh oh, people are thinking again after reading AntiOnline. Scarry. At any rate, this is
an interesting point. Corporations making more business for themselves? Tell you what. Send in your "corporate horror
stories", I'll collect them all for a future special report!

Yo did ya know that the FBI counter was hacked?

Well, I do know it.

The counter was set to zer0

The next day the counter was gone.

We've done many counters lately.

Mcdonalds, Vobis (pcstore 4 lozers!)

a local provider. Some personal homepages.

Just do it like this !

1. Rightclick on the image.

2. click on view image.

3. add -> "&increase=-100000000" or another number

4. the counter is set!


Ok, everyone go out and check your counters. If your vulnerable, let your counter provider
know, or, fix your perl scripts!

Up untill the CBS interview and the Adidas hack I actually
took stock in the what the "masters of downloading" had to say,
I no longer do(or at least not with the same level of seriousness)

First: Who is in the delusional state as to think that if the goverment
is activly seeking members of this group that they will not bully the cbs
employess that obviously had some contact with these individuals? Or for
that matter you john? They can overthrow goverments and topple dictators
and you think they wouldn't raid you because you spoke to a lawyer and he/she
says they have no grounds to. I am sure (unknowingly to the people)
that civil liberties have been sacrificed for the sake of national
security many times in the past, and anyone who thinks it won't happen today
is fooling themselves.

Second: I am unclear wheather this is for the journalistic impact whatever,
in the intro to the mod interview, cbs states they use "programs like s.a.t.a.n. and
jack the ripper" :-P right. I would hope mod's claims are based on more than the running
of canned progs like that.

And the third thing: Adidas, what is that crap. I think its safe to assume
if mod has any class or ethics or what ever you want to call it
they did not do that (and if they admit to it, well, whatever it just shows their age
rather then their knowledge, and also shows the goverment who their dealing with, kids.)


First off, I better damn well not get raided. If they silence the press, they silence
the people! I know damn well they won't raid CBS, that'd be political suicide. Unfortunately, I don't have
such a political influence as of yet. Maybe I should hire some AntiOnline lobbiests to go to the senate and
start making friends? As for the Adidas hack. Yes, I had NO idea why they did that either, until I talked
to them. It seems that A.d.i.d.a.s. is a name of a song sung by a band called "Korn" that one of the members
happens to like. Cryptic to say the least. (yes, I did go listen what the song was. I can't
repeat the words to the song here, or I'd have to change my pics rating. hahah).

I was scanning through your THTJ back issues to see if you

had any issues on your site that I didn't have on mine when

I saw that issue 16 was removed by court order. I am

extreamly puzzled by this! Why was it removed and who was the

court order from?

Thanks, gliTch

Yes, it is true. Big Brother forced us to remove a file from our archives.
It actually was a restraining order that we got from a district court judge in Maryland. Seems that
the THTJ is being / has been, sued by the company that makes Litespan 2000. It's the old
"revealing trade secrets" bull crap. If their product was secure, they wouldn't need to be suing
little 13 year olds (that's about how old the guy that ran the THTJ is), trying to hide the truth from the public.
Needless to say, I'll never buy one of their products.