I was reading the article you guys posted about the MOD gaining access
to DISN, when I was stopped cold. You know, it is one thing to go hacking into
government systems just to see if it can be done, but it is ENTIRELY different
when you are willing to sell any information you might find to ANYONE, especially
a foreign government. These ****ing idiots could sell information that could get
US soliders killed. I hope all of these *******s are rounded up and shot on
public television, just for thinking about selling the information they may have.


Well, looks like I'm going to have to change AntiOnline's "PICS-Label".
The talkshow circuit has already attempted to get permission to have
executions aired on tv, it didn't work.

I hope you told those punks with the Masters of Downloading group that they are traitors to their country
and international stability and they have cost us all money by causing the U.S. to have to redo their systems.
Don't these jerks have anything better to do than ruin the internet for everyone!
This just adds fuel to the fire that longs to regulate the internet.
How could any one or group of seemingly intelligent people be so stupid.
I know the argumants they'll use to justify their crimes, but, in the end they just cost us money and freedom.
Wasting so much energy with only self-gratification in the end is called MASTERBATION.
I feel strongly about this but I hope your friends don't come attack me, or you.


Well, there is one thing you're being a little unfair about. The US would have to redo, or should
redo at any rate, the country's computer security systems. This country has a HUGE backdoor in it's national defense system,
and I think it's been painted bright red by recent hacks.

After reading of your recent conversation in which the "Masters of Downloading" revealed to you that they had hacked into
the high level Pentagon DISN, I am curious as to why you did not make an effort to aid the Department of Defense in the
immediate detection of this group's location, i.e. getting someone to contact the DOD while you were in the relay with the
M.O.D., perhaps allowing U.S. officials to initiate a trace and nail those bastards. Personally, I can imagine no reason why
an individual like yourself, taking daily advantage of the technology and freedoms granted to you by American ideals and
ingenuity, would not want to take such a simple and reasonable action. It is especially unfathomable when you consider
that it might possibly serve to protect the one country in the history of the modern world which generates an environment
of free thinking and respect for individual autonomy, the country which has made it possible for its citizens to be able to
make decisions on their own consciences and not those of the state or some detached group of elitists, the one country
where people like yourself can sit at home and utilize their computer knowledge to make a living spreading information that
would be quashed with a swift shot to the back of the head in other so-called "free societies" around the world. I am curious,
and I don't think a nebulous, upper cognicenti reliance on the fear of compromising journalistic integrity or interviewee privilege
will be a sufficient answer. Please do your best to rationalize it for me, or let me know if I am misreading the situation, because
I am quite concerned.

Thank you.


Hrm.. " compromising journalistic integrity or interviewee privilege " was the answer I was going
to give, but since you've already shot that down, heh.. I think you're watching one frame instead of the whole movie. First off,
I don't know who these people are. They don't tell me and I don't ask them. The most information any hacker usually
provides to the public (and even to fellow hackers for that matter), is their country of origin. So I couldn't "turn them in" even
if I wanted to (which I don't). If I did "turn one of them in" they would certainly be the last hackers that would ever speak
with me, which would put a serious damper on our ability to educate the public on the "latest". I also think that you
seriously downplay the importance of " journalistic integrity and interviewee privilege". Freedom for the press to publish
information no matter how "controversial" is one that people in this country often take for granted. Keep in mind, in
some countries, I'd probably be executed for some of the things I've published on this site in the past year.

I can't help but think after visiting your site that your sole purpose is to educate hackers....
And for me that is just making it harder for people that enjoy the information the Net has to offer...
Better educate..??? ya right... teach some more young kids to hack ... I understand the freedom of information act...
but what about business morals? As for me.... my thoughts?... Your just another glorified hackers web page.....
Oh by the way... that is my name and email.... because of the hackers I am just another one that ... well ... one more time....
the internet is history...Funny thing.... because of the hackers... two of my friends have discontinued Net service and my
neighbor won't because of his fear of being infected by viruses or having his MS Money data breached... ya keep it up...
pretty soon there won't be anybody to hack... Oh... my son just walked in and said his friends father was hacked today...
had all his "SMALL" company info on his computer... it's all gone....
This hacking stuff is getting way out of hand... why buy security software when all someone has to do is get of the net....
ya maybe it is a good idea.... just get off and let all the hackers hack away.....

Have a nice day... And I hope you enjoy your job....!!!!

It's all about money..??? right..??? the hell with busines morals.........

Robert Spinks

Ok. This is rather offensive =) Let's start with the "all about money part." I run AntiOnline almost
totally by myself, with the exception of viewer submitted articles, etc. I make it on my one computer (I only have one). I don't
even make enough money off of AntiOnline to cover expenses (and am actually in debt now because of it). I have run AntiOnline
for the past 4 years or so withought ever making a dime on it, and the reason that it has banner ads on it now, is so that it can
stay online at all (our ad agency keeps 50% of the ad money, the isp that hosts us keeps 50% of what's left after that).

Now, as for me just "educating hackers". Let me share with you a quote from a letter we got from a system admin a while
back: "I rely on these types of sites for my job," says Chris O'Ferrell, a senior systems engineer for the U.S. Treasury
TCS Network. "I'm responsible for the security for the entire network, and without these people who report new ways to
hack systems, I'd be at a loss. Most security people would." Hackers know everything that's on this site. What we do,
is present it to the mainstream system admins, and people such as yourself, so that you know about it too. Think of it as
leveling the playing field. You talk of your neighbors who are "afraid" to go online at all. Fear is bread from lack of understanding. Our
goal is to educate people so they no longer "fear" the internet, or technology, but rather, gain a healthy respect for it.

If MOD really wanted to do something usefull, they
would grab some raw data from the NASA MGS probe
(orbiting mars). It is widely suspected that
NASA is releasing crappy de-ressed images to obscure
what might be ruins of an ancient civilization.
One recently fired JPL employee claims to have seen
much higher resolution images than the ones that
NASA has released lately (which are total crap)


Well, I'm not even going to comment on things like the word "ethics". I'll be following
the news about this "nasa cover-up" closely in newspapers from my local grocery store. By the way, anyone
know if that human headed horse or that batboy that was found in a cave are still alive and well?

I've often commented how the 'really intelligent' college student simply
designs and prints his/her own diploma - rather than becoming another
dime-a-dozen 'educated fluke of the universe' for a ridiculously high price.

Today's university-taught graduates easily end up engulfed in grossly
obsolete concepts - and they are not easily persuaded to think differently,
much less on their own.

Kudos (to you) for blowing off the University elders, and exhibiting their
lack of control over your rapidly-expanding conciousness. We need more
intelligent (independant) content providers - like yourself - hitting the Net.
Like I always say, "Those who claim it can't be done should get out of the
way of those who already have".

Robin Boyer Nautilus Senior Network Administrator

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I think you're right about alot of things.
Many universities in this country today seem unable to keep their course offerings as up to date as
the "technology" they claim to teach. But in all fairness, there are many fine universities in this
country that are doing ground breaking work in the field of computer technology. However, the average
CS student in this country probably falls far behind.