Please don't let the company affiliation throw you off immediately, as I am not a DISA,
etc type government employee. I believe in our Constitution and the Right of Free Speech.
It generally pisses me off to see our rights being violated constantly as I am also retired
from the US Army and have lost virtually all my "guarenteed" benefits that were supposed to
be there when I did retire after 20 years. But that's another story.

While I agree that what Congress wants to do to the internet is horrendous, I can see some
of what they are attempting to do. I work for a military installation that was "hacked"
recently and my DNS server was wrecked. That cost me innumerable man-hours to get the system
back up and running correctly. An EXTREME pain in the ass. Its cause of problems like this
that the government is wanting to do something right now! The biggest problem with most of the
government employees (Congress and the dweebheads that work up in D.C. for them) are ignorant
as can be about the internet. They have no clue as to what is going on or how to "fix" it. So
as usual, they jump on any legislation that will "solve" the problem now. Forget that they don't
understand it (Janet Reno attacks Bill Gates, but self-admits she doesn't understand computers).
The first thing Congress must do is become educated about how things work, but while that would be
a nice plus for all of us, it will not happen as long as buttheads out there continue to attack
government systems in the name of "" and then flaunt their exploits, "Wow, look at
me, ain't I wonderful, I hacked and stole their data."

You sir have a grand opportunity to explain this to the folks in hackz/crackz land as I believe they
listen to you. If they continue to prove their electronic prowess to the world, they will be the
cause of most of the legislation that is coming from D.C. The hackz of the world can say what they
please about the internet being a global network, but bottom line here is that the US still controls
the bulk of it. Should the US get their way in this legislation, you can bet many of the other
countries will probably follow suite. You know it as well as I do. We can perform all the "cyber-
terrorism" we want, but the bottom line is, when Congress/Parlament/Bundes/etc get scared, they
legislate the rest of us into lost rights.

Sorry for the long windedness, but thought my piece should be voiced. And yes, I have contacted
my Senators and House of Reps to state my opinion about this legislation to them. I asked that they
not vote in favor of any laws of this nature.


WuShu Tsengtau

Network Systems Analyst for US Gov.

A simple case of cause and effect? Or a case of high level governmental lobbying? Who knows.
Probably a bit of both. WIPO Treaty is evil, IMHO. Thanks for writing in with your comments, and calling your local

First off, I'd like to send some mad props to milw0rm! Hopefully with all the effort it will send the message that
they want the world to see... after reading what they had to say on the mass attack... it really made me think of how
stupid nuclear warfare is... whats the purpose of mass destruction? it kills many innocent people, what does that achieve?
absolutely nothing... I am all for what they are doing, I'm tired of people getting killed... this world would be such a better
place without violence, of course its great in the movies but thats a movie ... no harm done... KEEP UP THE GOOD
WORK Milw0rm and posse!


We've gotten thousands of emails like this one. "MilW0rm Fan Mail" we call it. We posted
this one, because it's a pretty fair representation of the other thousands like it.

Great site JP, Keep up the fight.

to mILwOrM:

Your Hacks are good, but if you really want to get someone's

attention. Hack the Ken Starr Website, Im sure he will like that.


Hahaha. Yes, people have been sending suggestions too.

As usual, you are doing a bang-up job. Mad props to you and your peeps. As a former employee of the DoD assigned
to the NSA. I am still very tight with several people there and I get a good scoop on things from their perspective. It would
suffice to say that the recent "high profile" hacks have been monitored and watched as they unfolded. The organization known
as "milw0rm" might want to be a bit more careful next time. They think they are doing everything under a big cover of darkness
and mystery. The simple truth is, they have been monitored in real-time and are watched more or less 24/7 by NSA and MI6
spooks. They are DoD and Crown tools. What they do is closely monitored and logged. If they do anything too dangerous,
they'll get a knock on the door a few seconds later. In many ways I respect the "milw0rm" tools. They should just be a little
more careful about who they collaborate with.

---name not here---

Big Brother is Watching You.

I had the utmost respect for Milw0rm, until they hacked two

of my sites in this latest Mass Hack

These were my own personal sites, not commercial or political

in any way, Next time arseholes, check what you are doing

you have no respect for anybody

-Zero NT/Novell/Unix Sysadmin

Yeah, we've had A LOT of admins from the latest "milw0rm mass hack" email us with
their opinions too. Most of them are not happy.

MilW0rm hacked my web site....that sucked!! Though it was cool that they could hack SOOOO
many sites at once, it wasn't cool that they hacked mine....and now my domain doesn't seem to work. The
message they put on my site, and others, probably would have made more sense if it related to the people who
visited my site. Honestly, I dont' think my visitors give a rat's ass about India and Pakistan. And personally I believe
that most, if not ALL, world leaders and military officials know that use of nuclear weapons, weapons who's primary
explosion is caused by a nuclear reaction, is not a good option (lose more than you gain by using them)....especially
for India and Pakistan, since they are right beside each other. I think that the fact that India and Pakistan now have
nuclear weapons may make the region more peaceful. Then again I live near Oakridge, TN USA where there are
several nuclear bomb plants.

-Webmaster r2 Software

Yup, this is how most of the e-mails from the "mass hack admins" went. Can't say as I blaim them.
I wouldn't have been happy either. Specially after I found out that my isp didn't have backups (um, yes, that was directed
to you easyspace. You should know better)

I'm trying to find out how to get into government archives to

change my name, SS#, and credit information. I would like

to have a new start in life with my family.

Can you help.

Paul (not printing his last name or address for his own good)

Wow, someone just got done watching "The Net" or something? Yes, people
actually think like this, scarry isn't it?

How on earth would you feel, if you found out one of your readers have mis-interpret your advice and hacked

a site which may contain some very confidential information.

Maybe, something about a government project, that involves using disabled humans as animal testing. I

bet you never thought the president would ever agree to injecting nuclear liquid into people who go to hospital for

their tonsils removed.

Something we could all do without knowing.


We usually get these types of emails an hour or so after the x-files is over. Haha.

Thank you for your "call to action." After reading your article regarding the "The World Intellectual Property Organization treaty"
I emailed my US House Representative, expressing my opposing view of this bill. I then emailed your commentary to my
friends and family urging them to do the same.

I hope, we the people, can prevent this blatant attack on our freedom of speech.

Michelle Barker

Concerned Citizen

That's what we like to hear! Keep up the good work!

The country of freedom, USA!

Not only do the government wish to be able to decrypt
everyones email and other electronic information,
now they want to let companies like MS get away with huge
flaws in their software. And if you think you're being kind,
finding and fixing an error then you're a criminal. Not bad!

-Jarre Oet

Yes, this guy is from Norway. Our country's rep. is going downhill in a hurry. Can't say as I disagree
either. If this WIPO stuff passes in its current form, I may have to move to England to run AntiOnline. Haha..

Here's another e-mail directed towards milw0rm

I am new to your organizations name. I am interested in you official statment as to what your organization's directive is.
I see that you hack computers and this scares the heck out of me. The reason is that of a couple of incidents of which I wish
to point out. On is an article called "Captain Midnight - Today HBO, Tomorrow World War III", by Donald Goldberg,
Mother Jones Journal, Oct. 1986. They talk about the satellite complex used by the military. How these carry the most vital
information and how jamming of these satallites is interpreted as a possible imminent attack. When you have only less than
5 minutes (submarine launch from near our shores) to retaliate from a nuclear offensive it does not give much room for error.
Attacking (crashing) military computer systems will always be first considered to be an offensive strike untill otherwise proven.
Another book that talks of what could happen from hacking is "SIOP - The Secret U.S. Plan for Nuclear War", by
Peter Pringle and William Arkin, W. W. Norton & Company. Chapter 6 to page 133. Where an electronic chip caused
missles to show up on the screen and had our forces launch our planes and allerted the other nuclear options. Hacking a
round might (though most unlikely) trigger a simular situation. This is something you folks should think about the next time you
dive into a military computer complex. What if India thinks that the computer attack may be from Pakistan! How will you and
your organization justify a war which is started by your actions.

Thank You

- William A. Higinbotham

Computer Technician for Beookhaven National Laboratory

Well, he is well researched, I'll give him that much "Chapter 6 to page 133" hahaha.