This is in respect to the letter
submitted by Weishaupt. I would like to thank you for your
inept remarks about the milw0rm hacks and grammar. I was a
member of milw0rm and therefore can relate to what you say,
although i must say that your comments are wholly wrong
about the hacked texts. If the hackers had written in pure
English and conformed to the "Queens English" then what
would have become of the hacks that had been done? I can
see it now, 18 your old intellectual English scholars break
into indian server and steal nuclear data. very nice.
It is a style to use bad English in those hacks, +h3y 473
5|_|pp053d +0 \/\/71+3 11k3 +|-|15 1+ 15 +|-|317 d|_|+y.
(they are supposed to write like this it is their duty)
Although myself i don't do these things (that was just an
Example) i can understand. I myself am dyslexic and have
English and learning difficulties, am i not excused from
being ridiculed by your remarks? although i am a computer
genious i have never used my knowledge for the bad only for
the good! (as is about to
find out!) jf is a very very intellectual person so am I
although rather restricted via problems, at the age of
8 I had the knowledge of a 15 year old at the age of 2 i was
saying things like "look my brother this is you reflection
in the mirror" my mum always reminds me of that, i have had
iq tests and completed the mensa challange in under 15
minutes (supposed to be 1 hour) so from that you can see you are
mislead by some greater force other not seeing no further than
you nose end. you looked no deeper then the surface and didn't even bother to research
yes they could have quoted shakespear "To nuke or not to nuke that is the question"
"nuclear, nuclear where for art though nuclear" the true meaning is also understood by myself and it is not how it looks either
well enough of this drivle i am going to go onto a higher purpose
and produce a program for the good of the world!


Haha. ExtreemUK is one hell of a guy, I can tell you all that much. I am in a very unique position
in that I get to talk to not only system admins in charge of high level networks, but also to the hackers that break into them.
You see these guys in a very different light when you talk to them one on one for a few hours. True, many of them
are just little punks who are little more than the on-line version of a "cript" or a "blood". But, many of them are also
very intelligent and educated (many of them are self educated) individuals who have a very high sense of morality. Whether
you agree with their mentality or not, you have to admit, many of them face very high risks for what they feel is right. That,
in itself, is commendable. Maybe in the future we'll be in a position where we can go around the country (world?) and get
some of these guys, and their system admin counter parts, on tape. Then you, the public, can see them for what they are, and not
how others portray them. Heh, but it'll be a good while before we'll be in a position to do that, so don't hold your breath =)


This is in regards to Mercs and his retirement. I think its good that a 16 year old has the sense to get out while he can. Whats better than that is that it just goes to prove the point that the best hackers/crackers don't have to change web pages to prove that they're 3r33t nuf to join some affiliation. We all know that the individual stands a better chance of slipping through the cracks than a group.

Well, since I am part of the US Government, I must say that in no way do my opinions expressed herein reflect upon my organazation and I am directly resposible for what I say.
Quite often I use your site, and others, for information in securing my servers and testing my own security.

I think it was best written that; If Knowledge is Outlawed, Then Only Outlaws will have Knowledge.


Larry Averitt

Computer Systems Specialist for Government

Well, that's an old quote but a good one non the less. It's a shame that certain senators which
shall remain nameless don't understand that concept. I think the best analogy I've heard to date is one by Jennifer Granick,
a criminal defense lawyer from San Francisco "They are hoping to protect themselves by keeping the knowledge secret
instead of improving their systems by taking advantage of all the knowledge out there. It's like trying not to let the slaves
read: If no one has any information you can keep them down," Something to think about.

hi. my name is Dario, and i work as a LAN Admin for a local government branch. I would just to say 'thanks' to antionline,
because it contains a lot of information, information that is proven to be very valuable for me and for my friends & co-workers.
I don't know who you are, where you come from, but KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


LAN Administrator for ISSyS

Hrm, maybe not all government people hate us after all. Heh. Although please note, it's not the
US government he works for

I want you to drop a total of 1,000 dollars into a trash can in Kansas City, Missouri at longfellow school and meet a guy at
the front door July 23, 98 6:30am

Bonnie D. Sniper

We got this e-mail about a half hour after law-and-order was over. Figures. If anyone happens
to be passing infront of this school on July 23 at around 6:30 am, let me know if you saw anyone sitting out front waiting
for us ;-)


As always great site, very informative. I am writing to
say a quick thing on the time warner network hack. I work
at a company in the network department thats currently
merging with this company. With your great info I will make
sure these crazy loopholes will not affect my network. Thanks
again for saving me time on my job by showing me how stupid
these companies can be. Keep up the good work.


Uh-oh, batten down the hatches. Actually, in an official statement time warner says it was an
"isolated incident". Although their idea of isolated is hackers having access to equipment that could allow them to
disrupt service to some 300,000 customers. Scarry..


About the prohosting thing I remember back when they
first started up security was so lax on there one server
people could change between any directory the wanted with
no problems. This was reported at the time by 2 or 3 other
people and me and still a couple weeks later the same
problem was still there. It not only let people view others
directories but also upload/download, delete... there
files. Now if prohosting could have let this keep going I
can honestly see how some many people had root.


In defense of prohosting, the attack the hackers used against their system
was a relatively new one. Since they're patched up now, I see no harm in saying that is was the
qpopper exploit. It had only been public (ie, announced on bugtraq, etc) for about a week and a
half before they were hit. Pay attention to those security notices people, they get released for a
reason =)


I was reading the mailbag t'other day and I came across the letter from this guy who calls himself Weishaupt. He was commenting on the grammar and spelling of the milw0rm group.
He said that their lack of attention to grammar and spullingz undermined the point that they were trying to make. He made repeated attacks on people who had only high-school or lower level educations.

Now what does he do when he feels strongly about an issue?

Write a letter to his congressman?

The members of milw0rm didn't - and "dim" as they are, they didn't get caught! The effort that goes into cracking that many domains is enormous (OK, maybe not enormous enough and even if it was just to get attention or for whatever less-than-altruistic reason - THEY DID IT!
I guess they were "dim" enough to take the risk. Weishaupt, of course, isn't dim - he wouldn't leave any kind of return address because he didn't want his little (probably very sad) piece of cybersapce graffittied. Maybe if he was smart he could be sure that these "dim" kids couldn't hack his pathetic site inside out.
They acted, got their message across. Better than most people who just live their 9-5 cosy lives behind their comfortable picket fences. And then die just like that.
These guys caused international as well as internal embarrassment to a government! I'd like to see Mister W do that!

Then later Weishaupt stated "The missives and interviews clearly demonstrate that this is not an isolated group of "whizkids" - if anything, it shows us that any group of people with time, effort, and no fear of jail can get access to surprisingly large amounts of sensitive data. "

Gee, if it's so easy for these "relatively dull" kids to hack military systems, can you imagine how much data they'd lose to someone like you Weishaupt?!

Maybe their spelling and grammar is pretty horrific...maybe they couldn't give a damn for high-school French or Geography or History. I guess you were one of those that always had your homework checked by your Mom in the morning, W. Check out the Hacker Manifesto.
Why don't you find something more constructive do to with the minute amounts of free time you have in your action-packed days...? Maybe post a criticism of Dan Quayle's spelling.

Thats allz I'z gut 2 say.


"I was reading the mailbag"... Wow, people do actually read this thing. Heh. Actually, it's one
of the most popular aspects of AntiOnline. If only I could get it up on time everyweek.....Heh.

I support the Milworm and Ashtray Lumberjacks in their
antinukewar efforts. I put their page up on my site. If
a lot more people did the same, maybe we could get across
to the warped thugs who are continuing on with n-bombs
that we will not put up with being threatened with
extinction for too much longer.

BTW, I am a 50 year old ex-green beret from the viet nam
war, and I consider everyone who works on N-weapons to be
traitors to the entire planet, and certainly their
countries, no matter what their leaders and governments and
generals say. They are lucky that I am a religious man...

Roan (not publishing more info for his own protection)

Well, I don't know if what I do is right or wrong. But, with letters that we get,
we don't publish any information other than their name (or partial section there of). Some people even
request we publish more, such as their webpage address. I just don't want to see anyone getting hacked,
fired, or arrested, for publishing an article here on AntiOnline. We want to give people a chance to voice
their opinions, without having to worry about what may happen to them for doing it. As is the case here.