About milw0rm:

These guys are hardly evil, subversive, harmful criminals.
I should know... they hacked several of our websites... and
did a good job of it, too. Should I blame them for showing
that our security was bad? Should I blame them for getting
into the same kind of mischief that everyone gets into at
one point or another? Should I blame them for trying to
prove to themselves and to the world that they know what
they're doing and are capable of some pretty incredible
things? It would be foolish and infantile of me to do so.
Their 'attack' on India is an eye-opening thing. We all
have misgivings about yet another country dropping its
nuclear readiness on the world like some sort of ace in
the hole. But to be shown that this nation is so careless
about its information as to let anyone with talent and some
time gain access to such is simply frightening.

What if milw0rm weren't so benevolent? What if their inten-
tions were less pure than hacking for the sake of hacking?
Who's to say what, in their placitude, India could have
mentioned in its internal e-mails that might have escalated
their conflict with Pakistan?

Do I think that the members of milw0rm are heroes? Quite
simply, yes. They allowed the world to see that simply
having nuclear arms is no sign of readiness to become a
nuclear power... that there are a lot of other responsibil-
ities that some nations take for granted. A primary one
being the security of nuclear information -- safeguarding
that information from those who would use it for purely
destructive or threatening purposes. For this, milw0rm
should be thanked and cheered, not jailed or fined.


System Administrator for Arcane Diversions

This is one of those weird situations that only AntiOnline can bring you.
First we report the actions of hackers, along with their comments. Then the system admins write
in as well. Makes for interesting reading, dont' you think?

First of all I'd like to thanks all you guys at antionline for keeping your web site alive. I'm in military and believe me
I hate the idea of Nuclear Testing, by anybody. Hopefully our world community won't tolerate those who did it.
Glad that the US gov doing something this time(even though it did nothing when the French tested theirs). Hopefully
they will come up with an actual sanction. For the milw0rm members, I'm definitely with you all the way. You guys are
doing a cool, right, thing for us all.

Name Not Being Published

Enigineering Lt. for Royal Thai Air Force

Yes, the attacks by the MilW0rm sure seemed to have sturred the debate on arms testing!

I was reading about antioline's hacking of Indian Atomic reserch center (BARC) . Though I do not subscribe to the entire pholosophy of Nuke arms race . But to me as an Indian citizen , it seems so damn hypocritical on part of the US and other Nucler weapon state to proclaim , world peace and denounce the Indian tests.
People like Clinton ( who considers himself , the messiah of International peace) have no moral right to denounce these tests . If they want to set an example , let them make a beggining.
You should be doin something about this rather than hacking Indian sites . The root is out there with the G8 .


Arun , India

If I had a dollar for every Indian citizen that wrote into us with those same remarks, I could retire a
wealthy man right now

I think your coverageof Milworm was great. I am in India and just like in other countries I think the
Establishmentis always up to secret dirty tricks in the name of national security etc. Groups like
MIlworm are good because they keep giving these security freaks nightmares. I hope groups like
Milworm keep hacking and cracking into all kinds of high-tech, secret institutions all over the world
especially those linked to military and such activities dedidcated to the destruction of the human race.
The public has every right to know what these geeks are upto and it is upto Milworm and the like to
get the stuff out for us with their "illegal" technical competence. It is good that antionline is making public
the material too, lets see what the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre had on its not-so-sensitive servers ..hahahaha!

Thanks again from India.


Freedom of Information, truly the motto of many a hacker

It's self defense! Finding holes in systems which can nuke
your ass is for your own protection! Just like you wouldn't
want a bunch of cops leaving their guns around with the
safetys off, you don't want these countries leaving their
missles and their bombs and their stupidass weapons around
ready for anyone with a modem and a temper to take and nuke
the world with! Thank you milW0rm for protecting not only
yourselfs, but me, and my family, and the rest of this
ignorant ****ing world from the dipshits who don't think
it's worth their time to fix the Sendmail bug in order to
save the human race.


Haha, another one for the best of the mailbag quotes. "it's worth the time to fix the sendmail
bug in order to save the human race." Haha, too funny

you asked whether the milworms are criminals or heros, maybe neither and a bit of both...certainly i
applaud the protest of the actions of pakistan and india...I wonder if there is a certain lack of maturity
only because of the age of the milworms and a not so clearly defined philosphical angle, but in a world
teeming with anonymous millions (like me) who would like to have a voice protesting the actions of india
and pak., but feel i would never be heard (i am no computer genius certainly, or movie star either, so
little i say or do will probably ever be of much large consequence) i am thankful to milworms who can
stage a protest of note. I also find it ironic that the birthplace of spiritual understanding (india) could be so
material in its approach to world conditions. i certainly will watch the ensuing developments with interest as
will my 16 year old daughter whom i was telling only the other day was of the generation of persons due to
inherit the issues of environmental devestation and larger questions about the continued existence of life
on earth...if her generation wants to take up the reins now maybe it is because my generation failed in the
sacred trust of the planet, i say let them have a shot...


There are many that agree, and many that disagree, with your view of these
specific countries. However, I don't think anyone wants to leave their children to inherit the problems
of today. (geeze, this is really deep for a site on computer security, huh? Oh well, we'll all be enlightened
this week I guess, hahaha).

I am appalled with the recent infiltration of servers by this "hacker" group MilWOrm.
I'm also appalled by other "hacker" groups like them too, e.g. MOD. I'm all for curiosity and
increased computer system security awareness and practice. However, while MilWOrms' acts
may be justified as acts of curiosity and furthering increased security, it appears to me that their
acts are more about being "elite" (whatever that means these days) and/or how much of an
ego trip they can get by being on the Antionline spotlight because they've broken into servers
which are vulnerable anyway, simply because they are connected to the Net. What's wrong
with a quick e-mail informing a sys admin that his or her server needs patching up? What's
with the hacked web-pages? You've made your point, quit trying to be a celebrity and tooting
your own horn. I find it amusing that Antionline goes on to post only parts of the stolen information
with the comments (to quote) "It is not our goal to 'hold back information from the general public.
However, it is our goal not to post ANY information
which may compromise the security of ANY nation." Who are you kidding? Typically being
hypocritical, Antionline makes available (through its archives or links to other sites) information
which "may compromise the security of ANY nation". And do you really think that the info you
are indeed, holding back, cannot be obtained in other ways? Or isn't already in the hands of those
who could use it to further their causes, whatever they may be. I thought hacking and being a hacker
was about curiosity, sharing information, whatever that info may be, and keeping computer systems
functional, safe and secure… I suppose with all this sensationalism and every unethical teen getting
hold of a computer, the meaning of hacking and being a hacker has been lost… what a big joke,
but I'm not laughing, and I don't think you'll be laughing either when their ignorance and fear take hold.


Well, we couldn't publish everything that was stolen from those servers. We just can't.
We're looking into what else we may be able to make available. But, I will not be responsible for releasing
nuclear research to third world countries or whatever.