I've been following your site for quite a while now and
just wanted to say kudos for the excellent work. The site
is very informative and helpful. Your recent comments about
MTV and its "phony" hack were right on. Keep up the good


Network Projects Director for Milennium Technologies

We'll start off with a few happy ones this week. Things get nasty further down.

I really enjoyed your article on the MTV "hack".
I am dissappointed that this is the only place I have read
complaints about it. I am a regular at many technical
news and security sites and I have heard nothing about it.
This really needs to be addressed ASAP or we could have a
very large problem on our hands.

---------Ass kissing section-----------------

I love your site keep up the excellent work!!



Well, you know me, if I see an opportunity to complain about something, I snatch
it up in a heart beat =) I had a few reporters call me about this one, but I have a feeling their stories were
stopped by their editors who didn't want to give MTV any of the publicity that they are looking for. I debated
whether to cover this or not as well. But, a few hundred emails from people telling us that "mtv was hacked", and
by JF, non the less, convinced us the people needed to know the details of what MTV was trying to pull.

Your article on MTV ethics made me chuckle. Its always interesting
to see otherwise intelligent people's blind spots. MTV is one of the
most overhyped atificial marketting ploys on TV.(And there is no
shortage of such stuff) I am not saying I haven't watched it
and even enjoyed it. They do have some good stuff, thats the point.
Commercials use entertainment too.

The idea that they have any integrity though is wishful thinking. This
'hacker' thing they are doing is just commercialization of the
latest 'cool' thing. They have done it before, they will do it again.
I mean, do you think 'VJs' get their jobs because of journalistic
integrity? because they are experts in their field?

Or because they look good? Good looks improve ratings
A publicity stunt improves ratings. Good ratings means better sponsors. More money.


The point of my editorial exactly.

U and ur jerk polititions, and higher powers are a bunch of jack-ass's.

U give me 1 reason to hate hackers? one ReAsOn! There's no reason.
What? Do u think they are out to hurt people? Do u think they hacked the
pentagon to make the government look bad? NO! They are trying to expose
info that the jerks in the government and all governments hide. You know
it, I know it, we all know it. If you think that hackers are bad u are
a little piss ant man. Sure some are, there's alot of bad people in
this world. But, that gives u no reason to outlaw them. I will list
the things that are the worst about that, and world leaders. First,
that horny old man clinton isnt fighting Sudam. He's bullying him. He
is blowing up hospitals, farms, he's letting his soldiers kill Iraqians
for no reason. Sure you are thinking that would have been on the news.
Clinton has hidden alot of crap from the people he seems so attached
to(bull). He was useing anthrax long before Iraq was. Now I better get
a damn reply, and a damn good one.


some one who hates ur kind

P.S. up yours you preppy suck up son of a bitch.

Wow, this dude is just a *****. For some reason, I don't think the hacker
community would choose this guy as their spokesperson. Where the hell did that
Anthrax comment come from? At anyrate, I just thought I'd share some of the diverse range of emails
that we get with the rest of you. For those neophytes reading this right now,
he is NOT a hacker, he's what we in the computer security field call a jack ass.

I believe in freedom and freespeech, but this site is encouraging people
to start resistance group against their own governement.... what a
stupid and dangerous idea...


Haha, I don't know where this guy got that idea from? Oh, by the way, look for an AntiOnline
special report next week by Tex "How to secede from the Union, in 12 bloodless steps". Sad thing is, we didn't even
get this e-mail around the time X-files airs =/


I'd like to comment on your MTV editorial. I agree that it was
irresponsible of them to pretend their site was hacked but I disagree with
your last sentence. You wrote, "So, if even one teenager who's visited
MTV's website this past week...goes out and breaks into a system, gets
caught, and is prosecuted...may the guilt rest on MTV's shoulders."
You are doing a dis-service to teenagers by suggesting they can be so
easily manipulated. We all have personal responsibility and teenagers are
smart enough to understand that. MTV's scam was irresponsible but that
doesn't mean they should "shoulder the guilt".

When a hacker shares some piece of knowledge it is understood that the
student must accept responsibility for it's use. Sharing Knowledge, Free
Speech and Personal Responsibility are closely connected.

Rock and Roll has always linked itself to the rebellious side of life
so it's no suprise to me that MTV chose to glorify hacking. Maybe, if even
one teenager who's visited MTV's website this past week is intrigued enough
to go out and learn more about computers...the credit should rest on MTV's