JP ,

YOU ****HEAD . Are you tired of yourself or something ?
Are you out of your head ?

And that other JACKASS , chameleon , tell him I have already traced who
he is . And tell him unlike the FEDS , I will not hesitate pulling the
trigger .

If you guys think that you can stop me and my Organization in our
mission , You are highly mistaken . You are not even pinching me right
now . But the moment you do , it will be your thank you time . And the
same goes for anybody else who comes in my way . IT'S A WARNING ... HEED
IT .

And you dont have any idea of what all access I already have .
Absolutely no idea .

I'll pay you a visit some day , but you seem to be insiting on that day
coming soon .

Khalid Ibrahim

Perhaps it's time AntiOnline develops a new foreign policy. Our present
one seems to be causing problems with international relations. In the mean time, I'll have our neighborhood
watch group keep an eye out for any suspicious yellow rider rent-a-trucks. Haha.

Greetings JP,

Thanks for releasing Cham's story, it has been one
wild ride the last few years in the Underground scene. With
the No|d Crew and past events making the road bumpy, it's all
good now, we've moved on and we now have better, fuller lives.
We went through a 'stage', we've matured greatly. I can say,
though, that I wouldn't have it any other way. The changing
of pages to get our dearest messages across let us help others
to help themselves and fight the power. I love Cham and what
he stands for, I'm a long time friend.

Your Pal,

JD AKA w1se of No|d Crew

Well, there are other ways to get your message across. Watch for an AntiOnline editorial coming
later this week on just that subject...

Bold move, man, showing us hacked web sites.
It's like a dirty diaper to the people that get hacked.
CNN won't show'em, NBC won't show'em.
IS that the compleat HFG hacked NYT site?
CNN promised me nude girlz.
Are they lying? Did you guyz leave the chicks out?


Nope, we posted the archive of the hacked NyTimes site EXACTLY as it appeared. I think the claims
of all of this "nudity" were some what exaggerated to say the least. They want to see nudity, they should have seen some of the
old FBI website hacks.

LoU's mission statement bears out in their recent hack.
There's something to be said for a group of more "mature" hackers that don't feel the need to speak "hacker"
(looks childish and normally shows that the one involved is trying to look cool). Kevin Mitnick's incarceration is
truly horrible, but is only a symptom of what is actually going on. There needs to be more than just "Free Kevin".
It'd be great for Kevin, but is only a Band-aid - what's going to stop this from continuing to happen?

Under recent presidents (and worse under Clinton) is this idea that they can create laws through unreasonable fear.
It works. Paraphrasing "K" "Men in Black" - A person is smart, people are dumb, panicky animals. They are using
fear to erode the rights of all citizens here. Popular ideas like guns are bad, hackers are bad, piranhas are bad.
Freedom of speech? As long as you are popular. Right to not incriminate yourself? Hah! Look at the explosion
of mandatory drug tests for most jobs. If there's a reason to test, then do so. I personally don't use any illegal
substances, I like to keep my head clear, but I am still angry with these policies.

It all comes down to the fact that little by little we are losing the Bill of Rights. Fighting little fights on a
big scale wastes a lot of energy. There needs to be a wider effort to save what is left. Even if it comes
down to using your vote properly. There are lot of us "educated" people out here and the government fears
us because we can see what is real. We can be effective if we work together for what is right. Even if it just
means calling and emailing your senator/president/governor. We need to keep from becoming complacent and
lazy like the generations before us who got us into this mess. DO SOMETHING!



Very well said!

I'm Dark Wasp, one of the people on the greetz that
were listed on the haxored page. MetalTongue
kickz ass and hez gonna make it into legions and I would
do some more **** about him whenever he does. I live in the
same city, and goto the same school as him i would know. I
knew about the hack before even you probably. Just wanted to
say he kicks ass and ur site rulez

l8er dude

------- Dark Wasp

erm, groupies =/

First off I apoligize about the lack of an email address.

I am accessing the Internet from a school computer and do not have email currently.
It is strange to me how Chameleon is being potrayed as a kind and caring person who while
not supporting poor innocent hackers across the world is helping his retarded sister get ahead in the world.
Yet another view is a malicious unhappy teenager who unable to cope with society lashes out at public web
servers and internet sites. Then after receiving money for the sale of what could be considered National Secrets
he buys his sister a game station and goes on a vacation.

The facts are that he received money for illegally obtained software that he promised to give to a potential
foreign terrorist. He is a criminal against the United States of America and should be tried and judged as such.
He attempted to comprimise our Country out of Greed and Ego.

Now he falls upon the picture of a poor misguided youth...


Very well said. What we try to do at times, is allow some of this high profile hackers
to get their side of the story out, in their own words. Without things being twisted by the media, or what have you.
Keep in mind, the views that these hackers portray sometimes are not necessarily the same as our views.

hey jp.. whats up.

i'm writing your mailbag for a simple reason. chameleon is a gimp. I just read your little report on
him, after prophet messaged me to do so on IRC. Just as I was, he was repulsed by chameleon's actions.
In the past I have regarded chameleon as some gimp from #hackphreak (@undernet), and not that I really
have any respect for ANYONE who goes there, but I'd atleast occasionally joke around with chameleon,
assuming he had somewhat of a clue, and that he was an ok guy. I was wrong.

Chameleon has just proved to me, and the rest of the world that is not only a lame faming seeking
idiot, but that he is a sell out. A sell out in the worse possible way, he sold out me, he sold out you,
he sold out his country. In this day and age, terrorism is a seriuos threat, and the fact is, people die.
I'm not exactly sure what kind of information chameleon had acquired, or was attempting to acquire,
but what I do know (according to antionline's reports) is that the information pertained to the security
of the united states of america, the country in which we live. Everyday people in our armed services put
their lives on the line to defend our country, so that you, me, and even sellout little ****ups like chameleon
can live freely. The fact that chameleon would even consider taking money from a terrorists shows
you what an unscrouples low life he is. I'm curious as to how much money he was willing to sell out
his country for.. I dont think you should portray chameleon as an elite hacker, I think you should focus
more on how he was willing to sell out his country to terrorists, and he should be shunned by the
"hacker community". I say that in quotes simply becuase chameleon never had any respect from
people other then windows kiddiez from #hackphreak and the media, who doesn't
really care whether or not someone really has any skill, so long as they can make a nice story and get ratings..

thanks for the time.. just wanted to let you know how I chameleon is trully pathetic...
I hope the government uses him as an example, and punishs him to the full extent of the law..
I only hope we are so lucky to have this low life scum spend the rest of his days rotting in a small cell.
Besides, i'm sure eric corley (aka emmanuel goldstien) would love to try making some money off "Free Chameleon"
bumperstickers... however I doubt anyone would want to support some lame script kiddie that sells his country
out to terrorists.


For those of you who don't recognize the name, frys has been around the scene for quite
some time now. I've known him for years. He'll be appearing in an up and coming special report that we're doing
called "Facing The Age Of Digital Terrorism - On A More, Personal Level" Hah, how ironic.

I really appreciated you posting Chameleons story. It shows a story of a mostly
'typical' hacker. In NO WAY am I trying to be trite or derogatory. A person who grew up
struggled to fight boredom in school and unhappiness at home. He did have a moral sense and
he wanted to make a difference. I believe that the point that most impressed me was the lack
of childish animosity towards the FBI. YES they were jerks etc but in all the things that
seemed to be the most annoying for him was the treatment of c's family. I really admire the fact that
he was able to compliment the FBI for making an attempt and stopping a potentially dangerous situation.
I am glad to hear of a man of this stature and depth. In our days of shame lack moral leaders(Clinton)
at least there is one person who wants to try and better himself and the world we live in.

Thank you Chameleon for restoring some of my hope for this world of ours.


Hrm. I don't think i'm going to comment on this one... Heh.

GOD I LOVE THIS SITE... hehehe... thanks for all the nice up to date news...
I dont watch much TV (all that KennyS tarr CRAP! makes me sick) NOW THERES A

I am glad that politics only partially hurt the online world unlike the deep scars it leaves on the physical world...
I thought HFG's hack at NYT was to the point... but my politics teacher (who informed me of it just before I noticed
it at your site the same day) seemed somewhat outraged in his quiet unspoken way... I do believe that if the rest of the
hacking community would work on the way things are "displayed" during such hacks, the negative publicity around
hackers would diminish significantly... you tell me...

I agree with this weeks mailbag stuff... that rocks man... especially the last message, I FULLY AGREE! Kevin Mitnick
ROCKED and it WOULD be cool for MTV to help him out... but that would be NICE... and NICE is not the 'hip' thing to
do... at least not from their point of view... it might lower their ratings... but then again, they stopped playing any kinda metal,
and now they make hackers look even worse than the previous media crap, so were screwed (lucky I got a decent reputation
THE LAME PART IS THAT one of my old friends likes Kevin only because of his reputation in the media (he thinks that
being a public threat is awesome... and when he gets busted for something idiotic, im not gonna help him outta that)


Well, it's funny that you should bring up one of your professors. There seems to be a GREAT
interest in college professors around the country in the scene now. Not just compsci professors, but sociology, psychology,
and several other types as well. I've been asked to speak at several universities, but haven't been able to set up a tour yet
do to constraints in my schedule (the development of the new site is taking up much of my time. erm, did i mention a new site
again?). Despite what they'd have us believe, I guess there is a place for college drop outs in this world after all =) Who knows,
maybe I'll be dropping in on a CompSci class near you in the not so distant future. Wonder if Pitt will someday invite me speak there? Haha... The
irony of it all. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my job....