What do you think of what HFG wrote about you in their source code at nytimes.com?

It said that, and I quote:

"AntiOnline. No wonder people give you ****. You don't cover all the hacks you hear about, and you help glorify these amateur glorified script kiddies. Eat our dust."


The HFG were upset that I hadn't archived a few of the hacks they had informed me about.
In actuality, I never got their heads up, do to mailserver problems. But, I have this strange hunch, that things have
been patched over ;-)

I just wanted to let you know that you spelled "consequences"
wrong 3 times in your article about MTV's fraudulent
hacking page. I would suggest that a founder, such as you,
of a widely read and popular site, Antionline, would at
least use spellcheck before letting thousands of people
read your articles. In case you still don't see it, you
spelled it "consiquences," when it should be "consequences."

Thank you!

Philip Pape

Heh, you don't have to look very hard to find spelling errors on this site. It's part
of my charm ;-) When the new site goes up, we'll have server end spell checking and the problems will be
gone. erm, did I mention a new site? hrm, maybe I did. Details coming soon.

Hi, This is not directed at you JP, I just wanted to share a little of what I see happening.

Well, I just wanted to say that security companies and groups are not doing much to help the lay
people of the Internet. It appears that security is targeted at system administrators of big networks.
But the normal home user doesn't know the reason why his ICQ died or why he got disconnected
from the Internet. I feel that it is important that security organizations do more to help them, especially
with the introduction of Back Orifice and NetBus. These backdoors could very well mean the destruction
of some poor persons PC. I know it's hard to spread the word without all the technical jargon.

Benjamin Koe

Well, as I often say, corporate trade secrets or sensitive military data make
a much better target for crackers than my mother's chick soup recipes ;-)

I think it would be interesting to read an article/editorial/etc. on
your own interests in computers on Antionline.

Stupid Internet User

My life is boring, trust me. heh.


I heard rumors about a BO like apps called DIRT and used by FBI to investigate on paedophily...

do you have more details about it?

Thank you



Check out The Codex.

John, I really enjoy your site a lot. It's informative and
interesting--definitely one of the all-too-few sites that
aren't monumental wastes of bandwidth. About the MTV thing,
if they really wanted to be hip, they should help Kevin out
by getting some high-profile press to look at that. That whole
affair is just outrageous!

BTW, I really love the hate-mail you post. Anyone sending mail
signed 'some one who hates ur kind' is pretty pathetic. Just
think... 10 years ago this would have been a snail-mail hate
letter written in crayon. Oh well. C'est la AOL...


Well, since you like my hate mail so much, take a look at the next letter!

Are you serious? I thought your editorial was a parody at first, but you never
let on that you were joking! I can't tell from the level of intellect, are you old
enough to remember the skits on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with the whiners?
With all of the real problems we have in this world, I think the travesty is your
taking up time an space whining about this minutiae.

Wondering how much you got paid to write that crap,

Joe Jones

I run AntiOnline out of my parents living room, and have outstanding college bills. BELIEVE ME,
if I was out to get rich, I'd find one hell of a better way to do it than run this thing. Leave me alone. (although, this may
change soon when the new site, erm, did I mention a new site again?)

I visit your site often (like you haven't heard that opening line a billion times) and would like to thank
you for all the time and effort you put into it. I am convinced that AntiOnline is the CNN of the WWW
as far as computer / network security information is concerned .... no nonsense, no hype, just the facts ma'am. :^)

The MTV marketing ploy was silly. Personally, instead of JF .... they should have used JP. :^) To MTV, this is
all fun and games. Something that the Pepsi Generation might look at and say "Neato Burrito!" and think that
hacking was as cool and harmless as skateboarding. I wondered after their publicity stunt, what MTV would
think if someone "real" like Zyklon, MoD, or the "real" milw0rm got ahold of their system. I remember when
our library web server was hacked into over a holiday weekend, it was so embarassing and we felt so violated.
Mainly because they destroyed all of our web content and replaced with pages of racial slurs, hate messages
aimed at ethnic groups and individuals, and hundreds of images containing illegal child pornography and extreme
violence against women.

We never found out who did it and nobody claimed to do it. It was so senseless, since our web content was
aimed at promoting literacy programs and children's reading programs.

MTV's publicity stunt only fosters such insensitivity. That it's cool and the "in thing of the 90s" to hurt
others, slander individuals electronically, and destroy things that are not theirs to destroy. To make statements
of hate while hiding anonymously, because their too cowardly to stand up in the crowd and make a statement
using their own real name and their own website registered to their real name. There are no real Kevin Mitnicks or
Phred Phreaks out there .... just a bunch of mediocre Mitnick-wannabes of whom Kevin probably wouldn't even
associate himself with because they are (in their terminology) "lamers." (JP is *not* a lamer!)

Maybe MTV's next stunt could be scaling Mount Rushmore and spray-painting "F-U" in big black letters across the
monument to promote an upcoming VJ rock climbing contest event sponsored by Krylon. Or taking a sledgehammer to
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to advertise a post-60's Protest Song concert weekend. Or showing a VJ spray painting
anti-semetic slogans and swatstikas on the white crosses in Normandy for a halloween music countdown. Hey, it's cool to
trash national memorials to get your ratings up. But they won't because "it's just not right" (and the fact that there would be
hundreds of storming their studios with pitchforks and torches). And what was so right about staging a fake hack that
many people take just as seriously as someone desecrating a gravesite?

Hacking isn't a game. It's not cool. And many cases, like hacking Amnesty International, it makes the hackers look
like total heartless, uncool, dweebish imbiciles. There are lots of security admins out there who aren't stupid and pay
attention to advisories and AntiOnline. They treat their sites as seriously as Las Vegas treats security in its casinos.
Ever been to Las Vegas? Ever try to CHEAT in Las Vegas? Las Vegas security comapnies have this unofficial
slogan - "cheaters, come on in .... we're waiting for you." Even MoD once even pointed out that nobody is ever
anonymous out there.

Anyway, thanks for the great site JP. AntiOnline is not lame by any stretch of the imagination.
And you're not a "little piss ant man." :^)

Hopefully you post this on the mailbag page. :^)
You deserve the Kudos!


I posted this because of the excellent comments about MTV. Really, I did, honest... =P