Hello John,

I just browsed your Web site, so I thought I'd take a few
moments and write.

It seems to me that information about surveillance would be
very interesting to people who visit your site. They might
enjoy reading the free articles at our Web site, located at

We publish an online magazine called Spy & CounterSpy.
It's a practical course in countersurveillance skills in
support of freedom, democracy, and fairness.

Please have a look at our site. I hope you'll consider
adding a link to it from your Web site.

Best regards,

Vickie Nickel

Wow, great site. The unofficial "Official Two Thumbs Up Award" from Antionline for that one ;-)
I'm all paranoid now. Wonder how much big brother is watching me? Feel bad for anyone assigned to such a task. I'm less
fun to watch than watching grass grow.

Hello JP:

Really like the site. You've been very helpful in the past,
and I would like to ask if you have heard of anyone getting
a forwarded email saying that Bill Gates and his MS gang are
working with Walt Disney Jr. developing a new email tracing
program that tracks everyone the letter is forwarded to using
a unique IP address log book? It says if the letter reaches
13,000 people, 1300 will receive $5000 and the rest will get
a free 1 week trip to Disney World the summer of 1999.
This can't be on the level! Is it just a run of the mill
chain letter, or is it something more sinister?
BackOrifice is on our minds.


R. Miller

Mathematics Instructor for Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Well, I've never been to Disney :-/ At anyrate, someone happened to forward a copy
of this spam crap to me, and I took a look at it. It didn't have any funky javascript or any such thing attached to
it, so it's not a virus or anything. Nor does it have any way of recording IPs (other than via the HUGE forward list
of addresses that is appended to the top). More than likely this is just someone who thinks that they're very funny,
and likes to waste bandwidth. Reminds me of the Yahoo hack done by h4g1s. The one where every person that
visited Yahoo was being implanted with an evil, mysterious "virus" that would wipe out the planet if Mitnick wasn't
released by Chrismas =) I'll chalk this one up to a bad sense of humor too.

I'd appreciate it if you could pass this on to the appropriate people.

Due to a flood of media attention recently, we are in great need to *skilled* people.

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: This is a serious opportunity for anyone 16Yrs.+
with skills in the areas of hacking, phreaking, exploitation, network administration
& ComSec. Rent-A-Hacker is a computer security and data protection company
that performs security audits for a wide variety of corporate clientele. Point your browser
at rent-a-hacker.com to learn how knowledgeable hackers can earn money for what they
enjoy doing... legally!

Serious Inquiries Only.



Hahaha. Well, I posted it. He asked me to. What happens to him
because I did is his own fault. Please Note: AntiOnline has NO affiliation with these people.
AntiOnline does NOT endorse their services. AntiOnline has NO idea who they are, how
reputable they are, or if they even know what they're doing. I just got this e-mail, thought it was funny,
so I am passing it along to you.

Dear Hacking Community,

I am an Aussie college paper journo looking to write an
article on the seemingly new trend of politically-motivated
hacking and would very much like to speak to someone who
has been involved in an activity of this sort.
Please note that this piece will not (I hope) be the
typical superficial overview that begins with stories of
twelve year olds getting into N.O.R.A.D etc.

I am more interested in questions such as: To what extent
do 'protest' hacks signify a maturing of the hacking
movement? Have they always been around? Are they just an
excuse to be used now that penalties are stiffer? Will
they become more and more common?
The publication I work for cannot afford to pay
interviewees, but I can personally snail a copy to a P.O.
BOX or something.

Adam Williams

Staff Writer, Opus newspaper


The man asked me to post this in the MailBag, so there it is. This is for all the hackers
out there that think the only way they can get their voice heard is by hacking high profile websites. Contact this man
and share your thoughts on infosec with him.

Dear sir,

Do you know if it is possible to have a web page that cannot be
downloaded? For example so that pictures can be displayed yet
cannot be copied. Is there some kind of encryption program
available that will allow for this kind of security?

Thank you,

George KAY


Nope, that can't be done. If the graphics were encrypted, you wouldn't be able
to view them with the browser. If you can view it with the browser, you can steal it, that simple. HOWEVER.
If you're worried about people stealing your artwork and claiming it as their own, surf the net a little bit. There
are SEVERAL programs which allow you to stick your "digital fingerprint" inside of a graphic, which allows you
to prove that you're it's creator. I've even heard of a few online artists organizations that are making huge repositories
of graphic registrations. Check it out. I'm not the artist type, so I don't have any details on hand.

Firstly your page is exellent but I do have one concern. Is this legal
as I don't won't to get taken away and put away in a federal prison
for viewing it?

From Ralph

Well, our country hasn't gotten THAT bad yet! Geeze. You're not going to get into
any trouble for looking at this website. As for how legal it is for me to run it? I think it's perfectly legal, and
several high profile attorneys agree with me. What i'm doing here is NOT trying to promote criminal activity
in ANY way. I think anyone that's read the site for any length of time can realize that. I have good intentions,
and I see no reason why any authority would want to quash them.

Well, I know this will never make it to the mailbag sense you censor it(hipocrite).
Anyways, just letting you know that although you think you are all high and might
cause the Gov hits ur site daily and you have contacts with hackers, big wh00p.
When hacked.net returns they will kick ass on reporting hacks, considering the
cover all hacks and you only tell about the hax0r groups and all that ****.
Carolyn Meinel is a stupid dipshit whore and her book sucks as does her
site and her gay ass mailing list. Just cause you wrote a book full of out-dated,
gay ass hacking crap dont mean ****. Well, back to Anti-AntiOnline land...


Wow, can you sense the maturity here, or is it just me? As for me "censoring" my
MailBag. Well, of course I do to some degree. If I posted every email I got on here, it would literally be
the WEEKLY mailbag, because that's how long it would take you to read it. Now, so that you all know,
this guy is upset at me because I didn't archive one of his hacks, which, just as this email, was equally
immature and pointless. Oh well. It's my perogative. As for your remarks on Carolyn's book. I have this
STRANGE feeling, that you never read it in the first place. For some reason I don't picture you as the type
that finishes a book from cover to cover.

I've been an avid fan of your site for a while now,

and I can say with impunity that you guys are on top of the ****in' game.
It's impressive to see a site that is so quick to respond to
what "culture" calls the underground.

Allow me to tell you an honest truth,

when I found out - a month or two ago - your age...
I was shocked, let me just say - very impressive.
I imagine you don't put ass-slobberin like this in the mailbag;

but I hope you know I mean what I say

you guys are the best.


Nope, you were wrong. I post "ass-slobberin" stuff like this all the time. Haha.
I have to balance out the letters I post from people like "mp" above =)

this is regarding you story on the "hot" mail exploit there is
this girl I know and I have a crush on her and her hotmail had
this same thing done to her so when she asked me about it I went
and read your story and the guy who did this to her was using
her hotmail to get her introuble. so I did the same thing to him
that he did to her and got her hotmail back and showed her how to
protect herself from it. not only that but now she is my girlfriend.

so to antionline thanx for helping me find my true love.


Wow. AntiOnline, computer security resource center, and match maker
services ;-) If you end up getting married, let me know, I'll post your pics on the site as our
first successful couple :P

Greetings JP,

As always, I admire your site and its contents. I am
bothered by the childish hacks of LoU. Just about any
monkey with web access can break a webpage with minimal
talent. I am really disappointed that LoU have wasted thier
time breaking into a server without any real reason. Its
punks like that which give the name hacker a bad name and
draw unwanted attention to us (Hackers) as a whole.
If your going to hack, hack for a good reason then just because
otherwise you will get busted by deputy dawg just because


Magnetic Ink

Someone's been reading Ira Winkler's articles from ZDNET haven't they? He's famous
for his "trained monkey" speeches and articles. He even called me a trained monkey in one of his articles (well, not me,
but my userbase). Oh well, if I ever meet Ira, I'll be sure to tell him what he can do with his monkeys.