In regards to the University of Pittsburgh's inquisition against skilled computer users, I would like to make a few statements about my ordeal in the student judicial system which "snupe" has pointed out. Mr. David Schatz who led the prosecution against me is a fool. The man brought 5 co-workers with him in an effort to hide his lack of skill and intellect. He had no idea what a cgi-bin probe was, nor spoofing, nor what permissions were. His knowladge base was less than informed as well. Thier entire prosecution was based on "he just did it, we don't know why or how, but we just know". It seems "knowing" was the one thing they didn't. systems are invaded on a daily basis because of lack of security and proper administration. I sincerly don't know how David Schatz even got his job from the knowledge he put forth. The only possible way I think of is from the saying "In order to get ahead in this world, you've got to give a little". I think snupe and JP would agree.


Yeah, you're right, I do agree. I remember calling Pitt 3 separate times over the summer to get comments about different times that they were hacked. On one occasion, I called them to see what they thought about their Allied File System getting devastated, their response "We're showing no red lights here." Uh-huh. Some people have written in wondering if I'd ever stop posting Anti-Pitt e-mails in the MailBag. No, I don't think I will. If I can convince just one student not to waste their time, energy, and money by going to Pitt as a CIS student, it will all be worth it. Besides, Pitt is a perfect example of why "security through obscurity" doesn't work.

Hey John,

I was on a reading binge a few days ago, and I noticed that every single article, story, or blind guess I read about computers had the prefix cyber-

What the HELL is with that?

Cyber was a prefix confined to Gibson books and game geek meetings, now news networks such as ABC, the BBC, and Reuters are talking about "cyberattacks" "cyberterrorists" and (get this) "cybercracking networks"

Are there not enough prefixes in journalists vocabularies, or did they find an on-line copy of "The New Hackers Dictionary" and decide to create a new term?

Excuse my cyber-rant here, I just feel that my cyber-opinion should get cyber-posted on the cyber-net, because after all I am in that cyber-culture and I know that all my cyber-friends want to cyber-hear what I have to cyber-say.

Yea, my cyber-ass.

- Ryan

Haha. "CyberCracking Networks". Wired News is a big one to make up words. If I'm not mistaken,

they were the first to coin the phrase "Hacktivists". Personally, I would prefer the alternate wording "Crackers who are desperately seeking a way to rationalize their crimes after the fact" (*cough*cough*enforcers*cough*cough*). Although, that's probably too winded of a phrase to include in a headline.

Hey John,

What do you do about all the hack attempts that you get? I thought hacking was a felony. Do you report them or try to find out who's responsible? Inqiuring minds want to know.

I'm new to computers, but I have learned a lot on your site.

Take it easy dude, Tom

No, we don't turn over that list of hack attemtps to the FBI once a week. To be honest, the only

reason that I post them on the site at all is to show how pathetic some people are. I mean, don't you just wonder what type of person sits in front of their computer trying phf attacks against all of our servers, followed by Back Orifice ping checks? We even had one "user" trying to brute force their way into our administration realm. Needless to say, he was from Brazil, a country which is connected to the rest of the internet via a long piece of yarn with tin cans attached to each end.


I really enjoy your web site and I am learning alot about network security, hacking strategies, and am just having fun reading the hack attempts page. What I am wondering is if your organization objects to hack attempts on your system. My fascination is purely educational and I am hoping to be able to improve the security of the network I maintain. My company is growing exponentially and we have no security measures deployed now other than firewalls and anti-virus protection. Again I can not thank you enough for your cool site and the information you have made available to me. When work gets to be too much and all the users are flooding the help desk I get out Service Pack 6 which is a dead blow hammer and think about who I would like to apply it to first. Then after i have settled down I point to your site and loose myself in the comfort and entertainment of AntiOnline. If you have the time please reply to my inquiry regarding attempting to hack your system.

Your friend and fan

Richard Golodner

Do we object to hack attempts against our system? Well, I certainly haven't handed out invitations. But, being the type of site we are, and being as hated as I am, it's something that I've come to expect. We average somewhere around 100 seperate hack attempts a day. Some of them are simple phf scans, some of them are far more advanced. But, on the bright site, being the butt of thousands of attempts a month allows us to gather pretty interesting research data, and allows us to really put some of the new products out there to the test =)

I'm glad to see your article.

The United States is in a very SUBTLE WAR with china and has been for a very long time.Only the U.S. does'nt know that the war even exist. As in the ÄRT OF WAR" it states all warfare is based upon DECEPTION- Your chinese friend could be "pretending to be your friend but really your enemy". The Chinese are exploiting thr friendliness and nativety of the AMERICAN people have no CLUE,that this WAR even exist. THIS IS FACT NOT FICTION- Just another CHINESE SCIENTIST, caught selling nuclear secrets to HOMELAND- ALSO from "THE ART OF WAR" is BE SUBTLE, BE SUBTLE, BE SUBTLE until your caught REDHANDED. EACH Chinese citizen in AMERICA is a POTENTIAL SPY, don,t kid yourself FOLKS, I have the FACTS, AND I watch them closer then they watch me, go read SUN TZU's "THE ART OF WAR

understand it, THEN DO AS I'VE DONE. THIS COUNTRY BETTER BEWARE, They are working themselves into very IMPORTANT positions in our COUNTRY only to do HARM. ASIANS and CHINESE UNIFY in STRENGTH, ONLY to INSTILL----DIVIDE AND CONQUER TACTICS against YOU, very subtlty i might add, I've STUDIED


COUNTRY.We are stupid enough to give them all the knowledge to DIVIDE AND CONQUER US. THANKS I wish I was wrong, but I have been watching, listening, and reading to long.

THANKS - jopap

Well, HOOKED on PHONICS worked for ME !! Thanks for YOUR COMMENTS.

I am completely disgusted with the results of the US vs. Wiest case.

This is another example of how the military and other government agencies have a tendency to just railroad individuals, and ruin promising careers. I have read much information about this case, (I live in Colorado) and I think that the people of the

jury did not understand all of the information that was presented to them. I hope that Christopher Wiest's appeal processes go smoothly, and he will get to tell someone who understands this stuff what really happened.

Thanks for the great coverage, and as always,

I'll be back to the AntiOnline site checking for more information as you folks get it.

Geoff Hannam

I can't tell you how disappointed I was in this verdict. It's a shame that a guy's future has been derailed like this simply because a jury didn't understand the evidence that we put before them. AntiOnline is launching a full investigation into what "really happened". Look for an in depth article on this in the weeks to come.