So Kevin Mitnick has signed a plea agreement and if accepted will only have be in jail 1 more year and away from computers for 3 more years. His time already in jail will be credited. So much for false imprisonment or wasting his time in jail.

Hopefully that will quiet the hacker community about this guy. But they will probably hack and whine to protest the agreement.

I think the cadet Weist got a worse deal and he didn't really do anything wrong. Why not start a campaign to help that guy?


Why would the hacking community possibly want to help out an innocent man

when they have a long list of guilty parties awaiting arraignment to take up arms for?

To hell with Kevin, free Christopher Wiest!!


This whole thing makes me sick. But as I've said before, I'm working to remedy this situation by bringing the "true criminal" to light. Look for an up coming special report....


You have usually come out to be a man of class when you write your articles. But in your recent mailbag response, you said, "We even had one "user" trying to brute force their way into our administration realm. Needless to say, he was from Brazil, a country which is connected to the rest of the internet via a long piece of yarn with tin cans attached to each end." That is the most ignorant thing a computer expert could ever say. We are supposed to have no religous bias, yet you say something that blames a whole nation for one cracker's stupidity. Should I judge you our your nation's technology based on a lamer that is infected with netbus? No, so I believe you owe Brazil, as a nation and a major contender in technology, an apology.


Well, some have written me accusing me of being a flat out biggot. But, I think that every week I take the opportunity to rag on a different country,

nationality, or a University of Pittsburgh employee, equally. Sooo, lighten up a little bit. It was obviously intended to be a light hearted statement. You need to try not to take life

so seriously. BTW, speaking of Brazilians, take a look at this next letter I received.

I didin't know you were xenophobic.

You think US is the big **** Huh!? well you are pretty ****ing wrong. You think your superior cause you are WHITE TRASH!!! Cause you are a RED NECK... haha I laugh at you. No one is superior, ok you piece of ****.

I want you to understand that. Do you get it? This is in response to your despective way of talking about the Brazilian person that attacked the network and I quote:

"Needless to say, he was from Brazil, a country which is connected to the rest of the internet via a long piece of yarn with tin cans attached to each end"

I hope a sniper killz you soon not for being american but for having such a great ego. Have you studied American history? Cause let me tell you your country also commits lots of errors. They don't care about their citizens they care about $$$$$$$$$$$$$money$$$$$$$$$ o yeah money land!!! were money buys freedom were money buys justice! I love USA. Long lives OJ SIMPSON LOL.

Yeah maybe in Brazil they connect to the internet with yarns and cans but at least their president doesn't get *******s from secretaries.

-Always Laughing @ U , for your ignorance and ego-


PS: and again I quote "Needless to say, he was from Brazil, a country which is connected to the rest of the internet via a long piece of yarn with tin cans attached to each end"

hahahhaha LOL you are so moron...

Ok, last year it was some dude named Kalid Ibrahim from

Harkat-ul-Anser with his yellow rider rent-a-truck, this year it's a disgruntled Brazilian. BTW: it's not my fault that their president can't get head.


My name is ihab khalil I am a student in Alquds university, and I want to learn more about you because I have a project and I need a lot of information , would you send these informations for me .

Thank you very Much

Apparently the Brazilian has found his gun man already.....

Hello John,

Your page layout isn't very professional and aparently you get most of your articles from News Groups (which you refer to as "Connections"). Where is all your money going to? With all that money donated to you why didn't at least you hire a decent web designer that would make your site somewhat appealing? Half of your servers aren't even up and running (ie., or whatever). Your lobby or whatever is kind of unkempt (ie., dark purple furniture and white walls). I don't know why I'm writing this, you probably won't even post it in the "MailBag" or even reply to me.

Dan Martin

Well, most of my investment money went to support a cocaine addiction, everything that I have left is going towards re-hab (can't wait to see the headlines on HNN or Innerpulse tomorrow: "JP Admits to Cocaine Addiction"). As for our news coming from news groups, I think not. As for my lobby, it's hardly unkept. We have a team of migrant mexican workers come in weekly to vacuum and dust. As for me not posting this in the MailBag, well, the reverse psychology worked, congratulations.

This is in reference to the article written by Michael Buonagurio, "Introduction to the Tactical Internet". I was overwhelmed by the amount of information presented (which is of course a good thing), but I'm left wondering where all this information came from.


Well, when we found out that President Clinton was helping to sell military secrets to China, we had Mike (who's real name is Yen Ki Li Wun Tsai) fly back to his mother land and get us all the latest scoops.

Ok, I will admit it. This is one of the most sarcastic mailbags that I've posted to date. I was in
one of those moods, what can I say. Keep writing, maybe next week I'll actually answer some questions.