Do you know where I can get some mexicans to clean my office???

And,our president is in touch with the younger generation,otherwise he wouldnt of slept with someone,just a tad older then his daughter....
..BTW..Nothing wrong with tin cans,and yarn,I communicate just fine like that..

Isn't that how AOL,started?

I don't know if AOL started that way, but AntiOnline sure as hell did.


Thanks for the page showing the latest hack attempts on your site. I find it
extremely amusing to hop on and take a look at what's coming your way.
One point on this...and I'm sure others have thought of it as would
probably be very beneficial to some sites out there to check out this page to
ensure that hacks are not coming from *their* site. Case in point...I *highly*
doubt that someone sitting at the keyboard "" is really trying
the HTTP Auth Attempt against you. (3pm, 22 Mar 99, as reflected on the page).
It's perfectly obvious that has some problems right now. I look at
that and just chuckle.

In any event, have you thought about putting together a simple script that will
strip this line and attach it into an smtp dump out to the site that's hacking
you? As a security guy who spends most of my time responding to hack attempts
against my site, I would be extremely appreciative of a simple email, generated
by a machine or no, to let me know that I might have a know,
network neighbors and all that. Or is the network neighbors concept something
that has disappeared off the net completely in the past couple of years? Ahh,
but that's a different topic of conversation altogether....



Funny you should mention this. The US census actually contacted us after seeing a "hack attempt" from their site. We provided them with no
further information other than a definition of what "HTTP Auth Attempt" was. As far as
this "network neighbors" concept goes, it all sounds too Microsoftish for me to want to have anything to do with it.

mmmBEER Submitted The Following:

Ok some people really need to chill. There is something wrong with an internet that takes everything seriously.

I personally thought that the Brazil comment was funny. I've often referred to the internet connection here at UW-Madison to that of my tI-85 connected to the phone jacked with a piece of tinfoil.

It's obvious people like this site, or they wouldn't look here in the first place. If you checked your logs you'd see I come daily to see what's new, and every Monday I laugh at the pathetic hax0r wannabes that write dumb things.

Your sarcasm is much appreciated in what would sometimes be a boring topic. Some of your articles, however, read worse than my quantum mechanics books. The light-heartedness is good, and isn't taken with more than a grain of salt.

Sheesh people, have a beer on me... well not on me, but have one anyway.

- mmmBEER

PS. you national freaks can find me on EFnet, that'd make for a fun discussion.

I wasn't sure if I was going to post this or not. There's just no winning for me. I know damn well I'm going to have the entire Pittsburgh Chapter of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) knocking down my door in the morning over this one.

acedeth Submitted The Following:

great ****ing mailbag.

I would love to see some old early 80's before-they-were-named hacker flame wars. "I'll **** up your mom's credit rating and cost your family your house." "oh yeah? well I'll trash your family's house and use your dad's credit card to buy **** for his "mistress" and send it to your mom" "oh yeah..." hehehe. Reminds me of the ****heads on Q-link.
I bet you could "dupe" these fools with an optional "Visa CC# field" on your mailbag page if you're ever low on cash.


Look for a new feature coming to the AntiOnline MailBag next week!

Dear JP,

I couldn't believe what I was reading when I saw your replies to the mailbag.
I thought you were a person taking a the good cause of defending the little guy from the the harm of big brother but you proved me wrong!!!

All I could see was a ****ing racist who thinks that his country is the best in the world when you ****ing know that it is NOT!!

You owe an apology to the brazilians, mexicans and arabs for your stupid comments.
Please don't let your your ****ing ego to take over the good service your web site provides. The next time if you don't have something relevant to share just SHUT THE **** UP!!!



Ok, I'm sorry for saying bad things about Brazilians, Mexicans, One legged black women who get pushed around in their wheelchairs by Shaolin Priests,
and University of Pittsburgh CIS Staff Members. Well, I'm sorry about everything except
the last one....

jose Submitted The Following:

I come to your site every now and then to check up on your weekly mailbag section. All I can say is you are ****ing hilarious.

P.S. Keep up the good work.

At least someone appreciates my sense of humor. Even my mom called me last week to tell me how disappointed she was in it. HI MOMMY!

BaudKnight Submitted The Following:

Your article on how you are securing your network worries me. If you are giving out information on how your system is configured, that seems to me to be asking for someone to find its weakness and hack your network. With as many attempted hacks as you say you get, obviously this should be a concern?

The idea is to have no weaknesses in our network in the first place. Then we won't have to worry about anyone finding them. If there are weaknesses, they will be found, trust me. As for the safety of our network after our report, so far so good....

Hi John,

I just finished reading thhis weeks "sarcastic" mailbag (and laughing my ass off, BTW). I especially liked the presidential head crack . Anyway, I just wanted to say 1)Screw all these ppl who don't like the new layout...IMHO you could set up one of those lame-ass geocities sites and it would still kick ass merely by content. 2) I really appreciate the effort you are putting forth to help out Cadet Weist. We all know that the gov't could screw up a wet dream and it's nice to see somebody call them on it for once instead of sitting around with their thumb up thier ass bitchin about.Keep on Keepin on, man. and finally, what's your secret for making such great, long-lasting friendships with foreigners?hehe.

Anyway, sorry for such a long message, I just felt you should know that you have at least one die-hard follower. Keep up the good work and please, whatever you do, keep making script kiddies look like the idiots they are!

-Chico Viars

We got an incredible e-mail from the mother of one of Cadet Wiest's friends. I had tears in my eyes while reading it (yes, even the cold hearted JP has a soft side to him). Keep reading....

The purpose of this note is to formerly request permission from you and
antionline to use in part or in whole the 4 articles concerning Cadet Chris
Weist in an effort to clear his name and honor and with the hope of amnesty
or reinstatement to the Academy and full duty.


Our son, C3C Patrick W. Ashdown, and Chris were very good friends and no
doubt shared a curious interest in computers. Of all other cadets and as
Pat's close friend, Chris felt the compassion and the need to express
himself and on behalf of Patrick's friends, his honor and dreams at the
Academy Chapel at our son's funeral service on 29 April 1998.

Our son was killed at the Academy on Friday evening, 24 April 1998 at
approximately 4:40 PM, MST when he fell from atop of Eagle Peak just outside
the Academy. Though it's been 337 days since his death, it still hurts
very deeply. This note is extremely difficult to write. I've had to stop
several times. He died for no reason, no purpose.

Patrick wanted to fly so much, it was a hate/love relationship with the
Academy. His goal, like Chris's was to succeed. Patrick's dream is gone,
our son taken away from us but another cadet's hard work and dreams should
not disappear because of a poor sense of judgement, a foolishness a another
example of military investigative shoddiness.

We never got the complete investigation report from the USAFA concerning
Patrick and the local Springs reporter, Diedrich wouldn't or couldn't push
for greater inquiry. The FBI wouldn't make in an inquiry because his death
did not actually occur on a "military or federal reservation." Our son
loved the outdoors. To simply say he slipped and fell 250 feet is

I've written our congressman, incl. president Clinton asking for more
information. As a result there was a token presidential and congressional
inquiry. A little more attention was paid to us by the Academy, but we still
had to file under the FOIA and got nothing more. But no answers they give
us will ever satisfy us or bring our son back. And, I fear, we'll never know
the all the facts.

We'd like to do something for Chris, in Patrick's memory perhaps. I would
like the case brought to our congressman's attention or higher to request
another review or rehearing of the facts or even allow his attorney to be

We wouldn't want to see this injustice continue. We want Chris to live his

Patrick's older brother Bob, received his Army commission one month after
his death. It was a proud occasion for us, yet a lonely one. He presented
his first salute silver dollar to Partick's memory. Bob married this past
weekend. Again it was a happy occasion yet a lonely one. Monday he is off
to his first assignment in Hawaii where his bride will join him in June. He
has a purpose in life and must be allowed to live it.

Please carefully consider our request and allow us to use the information
you supplied in the articles.


Tony & Linda Ashdown

To "aka HOG", if you're reading this, I hope that this makes you realize how pathetic of an individual you really are. Let me just say, that I am working to make sure you get what you deserve, and that Cadet Wiest gets his honor restored to him by the Air Force. To the Ashdown Family, let me just say, permission to use any and all content on this site, granted.....