I am a Shaolin humanitarian who does some work with crippled minority women. I don't take offense at your jests. The obvious fun and humor that are shown give me a smile. Keep up the good work.


To think, a Shaolin priest that's interested in computer security! I can almost see him sitting in the full lotus position in front of his firewall praying now. Hell, what am I saying, that's something that 95% of all security admins probably do as well.

dear JP,

I have just turned 16 and got a car for my birthday and I was wondering sometime this summer
if I were to drive to pittsburgh and I came to your antionline building could I get a tour of the place?


See, I knew that our Life Sized South Park Doll Collection would become a national tourist attraction (BTW: Just picked up a life sized Mr. Hanky last week. Too cool).


I don't know if you already know, but there is a new hack group on the
rise named Catharsys. This group, which claims they do what they do in
order to stop the senseless hacking that threatens the Internet today
(yeah, real smart *sarcasm*), has hacked the famous Hackcity and
Webfringe. Everything is back now, as if nothing ever happened. And
it's probably true that neither organization will admit it, but I
witnessed the hacked pages while they were up. They weren't by any
means fancy, or written in neat HTML, but it certainly scared the hell
outta me! I visit these sites frequently for the news, as I do

Anyways, they say they are leading up to an ultimate hack, and no
information will be released until the day this is done. I was just
wondering if you knew anything of this. Thanks. The site ricks.


Read the next e-mail for the answer to your question....

Word is that your gonna get hacked by Catharsys group!...Please keep us ppl informed of this current situation please :-)

Gavin Lipscomb

Listen, I've been hearing stuff like this for years now. "Your next AntiOnline" blah blah blah. I'm still waiting.... Truth of the matter is, we run a pretty tight ship here. While I'm not saying that we're "hack proof", as I believe that no one is really "hack proof", I will say that it would take one hell of a lot more than a handful of script kiddies with their latest 0-day warez to get in.

JP ,

I am highly disappointed at you .

You harbour criminals and support hackers for only one reason --- SO THAT YOUR STUPID SITES KEEP WORKING .
Hacking into a computer is like breaking into someones house . You are not permitted to do so .

Therefore , it is a crime and hackers are criminals . And you encourage criminals --- you motivate them and fill their ego up with all sorts of **** and give them cheap Publicity . You try to portray these criminals as heros and keep their identities a secret --- JUST FOR ONE REASON --- so that your pocket gets filled up with money --- you seem to be good at using these kids and earning a living .

ALSO , I am sure that since what I have written above is NOT favouring you and that since its the truth , you will not have the BALLS to put this up on your site , UNEDITED . What else can be expected from a lowlife like you .


Ok, this is a new one. I'm now apparently running an underground railroad for hackers. Is it just me, or does this guy sound like he's spewing out propaganda fed to him by Janet Reno herself? As for me helping hackers "keep their identities a secret" just so that my "pocket gets filled up with money", I could make just as much, if not more money, by hunting down hackers and turning them in. So, I fear that your little "JP Profile" doesn't hit the nail on the head. But thank you for playing.

danm man,

i've just finished reading part of your "how to profile a hacker" and it made me sick... to think an ex-op in #hackphreak enjoys sitting around garthering info on people and analysing everything they say. But on the other hand i want to shake your hand for tricking an entire IRC channel into trusting you (or who you pretend to be). I dont know whether to pay your mexican cleaners to burn down you office or to run over there and shake your hand... wait i got it, ill just do nothing.
anyway, i gotta go, youve made my head hurt.


From one extream to another. Haha. The public's perception of me is rather broad ranged. The first minute I'm running a hacker underground railroad, the second I'm secret agent man.

Hello, John.

I have just finished your Special Report on "How To Be a Hacker
Profiler" and must say that I'm very impressed. I'm a 19 year old
Freshman at the University of South Florida, and have been an avid
follower, like yourself, of the "underground scene" for some years now.
I've crammed my noggin with all the information I can find on such
hacker "martyrs" as the two infamous Kevins, and others. I must say that
I found your report very professional and right on the money, as far as
my own insights concerning hacker groups have discovered. I'm glad to
see others like myself, who've "been there and done that" years ago, and
now use their knowledge for non-malicious means.

Great job to you and your crew.

David Clausen

Let's keep one thing straight. I never "been there and done that". I've always been on the right side
of the law as far as those sort of things go (well, as far as all things go for that matter). In my case it's more like "was there,
watched that from a distance, took notes". Heh.

I just thought I'd write you and tell you that I really enjoyed reading the
column on profiling hackers. It was an interesting perspective on the
whole underground. As someone looking to get a job as a UN*X sysadmin, I
found the information to be pertinent and useful. Good reading.

Don't let the kiddies give you any ****,

...Citizen Kang...

Yes, but let's all admit it. Kiddie **** makes for great MailBag reading =)

Hey JP,

how do you find out about all theese website hacks? I mean, do ppl just arbitrarily tell ya about it or is there some way that we mere mortals can sniff them out before they're gone?

Just Curious


We average thousands of e-mails a week, ranging from e-mail like yours, to people telling about the latest and greatest of this and that. So, when anything noteworthy happens, we usually find out about it pretty quick.

The fact that you had to write an article simply to tell the average reader of your sucky website that HNN was not REALLY hacked only proves the point that most everyone who actively comes to antionline for their premium news is a ****ing moron.

print this, woman.


The fact that you had to write an e-mail simply to tell me that my average reader is a ****ing moron proves nothing. The fact that you tried to send me that e-mail anonymously, and I was easily able to find out who you are Jeremy Harrington, proves the point that YOU are the ****ing moron. Thanks for playing, and have a nice day =)

Dear John Vranesevich,

I realize that you are probably receiving a plethora of flames concerning your "How to be a Hacker Profile" article. This, however, is an extension of my gratitude. I am a student at Case Western Reserve University and am, also (as part of my Computer Engineering degree), the Acting NT Administrator for CWRU's Weatherhead School of Management. Attending and working at a primarily engineering university, I have to deal with wanna-be-hackers on a daily basis. I am happy to see a report done on the essence and skill of discovering the identity of a hacker. I consider it a trade all to its own and just as analytical and patience-demanding as hacking itself.

I sent this just to let you know that there are those of us who do not flame. It is few and far between, the people who send letters of thanks compared to the number of times that person sends out flames.

Jeremy Smith

Now there's a first. I should print this one out as proof before someone breaks in and erases every trace of it ever being sent to me.


I was wondering if Antionline.com has ever suffered a hack attempt from a
national goverment computer? If such an attack were made, what would be your
groups response to such an incedent. Would your groups response be different
if the hack attempt was a success? Would it be different if the hack attempt
was made from a state government computer? Just curious.


PS. I don't work for the government. I don't know how to hack for that
matter, I'm just a curious computer user.

We have had literally hundreds of hack attempts show up as coming from "government computers". Obviously, these are more than likely just hackers using easily exploitable computers as jump points. We treat them the same way we do all other attacks. Log them for posterity, and move on....


Thanks for your article on Hacker Profiling, I found it informative although
frustratingly sparse in some places - so saying, I agree with your reasons
for keeping it so in the most part.
Now to inwardly digest for a few months....

Jason Banks


I got so many e-mail about my report on Hacker Profiling, that I may just do a Part II. Who knows.

These are the kindz of sites that there should be more of. Foreign relations, humanitarianism, hell, you cover everything so elequently.

This is a beautiful thing, (like our great leader) "keep it up".

- Nodes

What can I say, I'm a man of the world.....