To Whom It May Concern:

I am really happy with what you have done to the site in regards to the
"Denied IP" list and the "Hack Attempts Explained". I had a few
questions pertaining to those pages. What software are you using at your
Network Monitoring Stations? Does that software run your logs through an
"HTMLer" that automatically formats them "live" for the site? I am
interested in developing my own type of live reporting, but for a
different set of logs. The HTML and coding is not a problem for me,
however, I am interested in the ways you have accomplished it (i.e.,
logic, flow, etc.). Any help that you may have would be greatly

Oh, this is not a question, but a comment.... What's up with the
crackers and the HTTP PHF Vulnerability Check(s)? Have they not learned
that it doesn't work like it once did? As far as retaliation to people
that are trying to hack your site, it would be nice to develop
software/hardware that could "lock" the connection directly back to the
cracker(s) computer(s) and perform "auto trace" functions and mapping
functions. Anyway, thank you for you time and assistance in these
matters and I look forward to hearing from you.


Chris S.

As far as the logic and flow of our hack attempts and router logs pages. There is very little logic or flow to anything that I do. We use RealSecure to sniff the network for the hack attempts. Everything else (including the program that htmls for hack attempts) is proprietary stuff that I wrote in my spare time (I get bored a lot, can't you tell?). As far as doing all of this fancy "auto trace" and lock stuff on people who try to hack us. That would be a gross waste of both bandwidth and processor ticks.


Great site. I am an Infosec Engineer and am always finding interesting tidbits that I can use...thanks!

In your series of articles on your security practices you mentioned a combination of water and fabric softener to stop static. I could not find reference of it at the link you provided. Can you PLEASE post the receipe on your website? I live in Static Cling Hell and can really use it!


"Those who dont know history are doomed to repeat it"

Keep reading....


I was reading your site security pages and noticed the comment about
squirting your carpets with a solution of fabric-softener and water to keep
down static. We have a serious problem with static at this site.

What fabric softener? what concentration? how often do you apply it? Do you
change any of these depending on humidity level? how many "squirts per
step" or whatever (density of mist)?



I must of gotten two dozen e-mails like this. Use a 1 part
softener to 2 parts water concentration. I don't have a formula on how many squirts,
or what to do if it's humid. I just squirt the stuff from a bottle onto the damn floor. People make squirting fabric softener onto the floor this complicated, it's no wonder they have a problem when it comes time to doing a task like securing a network.

Don Smith Submitted The Following:

Hey, just wanted to say that the site looks great, it's been awhile since I checked it out and it's even better now. The Hacker Warfare game/project is an incredibly cool idea! I think I'll give it a shot, maybe I'll actually learn something :P Even though I've been working in unix systems since I got to college, I still feel like I know next to nothing about it... anyways, thanks for putting up a site worth reading!

Well, you know that since I put in this nice letter about our site, that a nasty one is to follow. Keep reading.....

Hey JP,

Few things,

Why is there a member of the KKK in antionline's new logo?

Why do you mirror hacked pages that tell you where your ****ing gay sellout
ass can shove it?

What happened to You weren't able to find a freeware cgi or

What about AntiCode? You realized winuke.c is old already?

Well, answer these questions bud, id like to see the answers


Ok, before I start answering those questions, a brief word about who Debris is. Debris is a member of "goat security", the group that tried to convince everybody that they hacked Yahoo, and claimed that 2600 was next (neither hacks ever happened, btw). Here's a point by point answering of his questions:

There isn't a KKK member in my logo, it's a little boy with a dunce cap on (surely you should have recognized that).

I post mirrors of all hacked pages I get my hands on, regardless of their content (If I didn't post them, you'd be writing in bitching that I was censoring, no doubt).

I'm still working on Ask Bub and AntiCode. I'm one person, and do what I can. If you hate my site so damn much, why do you care, anyway?

As far as the freeware cgi, he's talking about our new discussion group. He's probably pissed that it's not freeware, because he can't just download the source and try to find ways to hack me through it.

As far as the winuke.c comment, I have no idea what in the hell you're talking about.

On a personal note, I'm rather concerned about Debris, and everyone else that has this sort of pre-occupation with goats for that matter.....


I am a computer teacher and I would like to know how to find a social
security number on a person, I would really appreciate it!


Here's an idea. Why not ask one of your students? I'm sure that one of them could help you....

Dear JP,

I come to your site for many reasons.

1) To learn about things that arent on the 6 o'clock news.

2) Get the real story, minus all the lame stuff on CNN.

3) The mailbag, oh the mailbag is a good place to have a laugh. You have many upset kids(z) emailing there lost thoughts to you.

They accuse you of being some sort of evil person, helping hackers stay out of jail (thanks NeonSurge) and how you are a some evil empire terrorist. The internet was made for the purpose to share information, and now they are harrassing you for doing an honest thing and informing them of hacks or other, that are happening around the world. Last time I check this was not forced down there throughts, they do have a choice to hit enter or not to.

I also find it humourous that these 'idiots' that mail you constantly, saying how much of a loser you are or whatever they do, but it is funny. I wouldnt be gambling when I say, those people are the one that are visiting your site the most(stalkers maybe). reading ever snippet of information. Sorry JP, I dont read it all. i am busy and I read what really interests me.

I think an idea is to put at the top of your email submission page:

"if ya dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all".

We all know you kiddies can swear and get mad, but at the end of the day who cares, and BTW, JP always gets the last word! AND WE ALL LAUGH AT YOU! idiots!

In closing, I like to read your site for insight and humour. Your mailbag is funny. You have a cocky, rude, mean, evil, obnoxious personality... And that is why we come back every week. keep up the good work!


As far as the stalkers comment goes... I've always wondered who those people are that I see peeking into my windows at night. I always just assumed that they were FBI agents... As far as my personality goes. Well, what can I say?

JP -

I just recently visited your page, and I must say, I like this version
better than the old one. I also enjoyed your article on "How to be a
Profiler Hacker." It was rather different from my normal reading and
some of your ideas made sense. Keep up the good work!

I also wanted to inquire about the furniture in the lobby area of your
office. You know - The big chairs that look as if they'd glow under a
blacklight. Where by chance can one like myself get those. They'd look
great in my apartment. Thanks!

SmoKe -

Ah yes, the furniture. I'm glad at least someone out there has my sense of style. We have a prefered members card at Spencers. The local Spencers loves us, and they are always ordering cool stuff. We go there once a week usually, just to see what's new (This, BTW, is where we got our life sized south park doll collection).


I don't know if its just me or anything, but, I've noticed that a lot of people love to flame you. And, they all say the same thing at the end, "you probably won't put this in the mailbag". Doesn't it seem to you like these stupid ****s are just simply trying for attention and want their gay ass comments there for everyone to see? I mean, why don't these dumb****s get a ****ing life and stop saying **** just to be seen, and, make themselves look like stupid asses to everyone.


PS: bet you don't got the guts to post this in the mailbag, hehe, just kidding, i don't give a **** if it goes in there or not - just a simple comment to you or your staff - whoever reads it

Well, this was a ****ing god damn good letter. I don't know what the ****ing hell either. I mean, ****, I wonder if it was ****ing letters like yours that made the bastards at AOL ****ing add this god damn site to their ****ing "no users under 18 allowed" list. Oh well, **** it.

On a personal note, I know that my mother, who reads this MailBag every week, will be writing me in digust over my last reply.

A little bit more about my mother. Many have written in and asked me how in the hell I became such a rebellious bastard. Well, read this next letter, and you'll find out. My mother has started a cause of her own. She is pissed off at Sams Club and Walmart, and is willing to tell them so.

I went to Sam's Club yesterday to get some groceries. I paid this
"club" to get the privilege of shopping there. The store is like a
warehouse where I can buy in bulk - it saves me time, I can make less
trips to the regular grocery store. It was a pleasant experience until
I tried to leave the store. "STOP". They asked for my receipt, started
looking through my cart, matching items to my receipt. I am irritated.
"Why are you doing this?", I asked. "We put this big yellow line through the
receipt so that you can't go out and empty your cart and then come back
in and refill your cart with the same stuff and pretend that you paid
for it, and we look through your cart to make sure that the cashier
didn't miss anything." I am insulted, and I tell them so. "That's our
policy.", is all they had to say.

I am extremely pissed off at Sam's Club and Lowe's, Comp USA, and any
other store that greets me with a smile at the entrance, (unless
of course I am making a return to Walmart in which case they grab my bag
, staple it shut and escort me to customer service), who do all they can
to make sure I am finding what I'm looking for , who are very friendly
as I check out and pay for my purchases - and then "search" me as I try
to exit the store. ( By "search" I mean they check my reciept to make
sure that I have paid for everything in my bag and or cart.) What is
that? Of course, it's not just me they "search", it's all of their
"club members" and "valued customers". Am I the only one who is
insulted by this policy? What happens if I get a good running start
and just barrel through the door without stopping? ( I asked this of
one Lowe's employee who told me that she would call the manager and by
the time he got up front I would probably be long gone.) So what's the point?
If I am a shoplifter I am not going to stop, and if I'm not a
shoplifter then what good does it do to search me? All they succeed in
doing is pissing people off. Why do people put up with that crap? The
next time I go to one of those stores I am not going to stop. I'll run
them over if I have to. It's not like they don't have security
cameras, metal detectors, undercover security people following you
around the store (you can always spot them, they look like they're lost
), magnetic tags on every piece of merchandise and people standing at
the door with their arms crossed whose faces would crack if they
smiled. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! When are people going to wake up and speak
up. I am not afraid of causing a scene and it's about time the rest of
you quit walking around like a herd of cows. It's just not right. if
we keep putting up with this crap what's next? Maybe they'll tag your
ear when you walk in the door so they can track you through the store.
I'm afraid that this is just the straw that broke the camel's back for
me. Everytime I pick up a paper or watch the evening news I see
the average citizen's rights being taken away, one by one, so that nobody
notices. It is the minority running this country not the majority. I
talk to my neighbors and they see it happening too, but what can they do
about it? We all have our own little lives and our own little corner of
the universe that we live and work in, and we can all do something
everyday - speak up - stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
This is my little way of protesting something that I feel in my heart is
wrong, but this is only the beginning. I have five children and I have
brought them up to believe that if a million people say a stupid thing ,
it is still a stupid thing.

I will not go with the flow here, I will become their number one pain in
the ass if I have to, won't you join me?

PS I know this is not the appropriate forum for this letter, but hey, I
have connections.

Deborah LaComb

I love my mother.