John thats bold of you to put the article re: the "hacker leaders" online,
including real names and whatnot and the link with the ex-spook. Nice job,
excellent reporting and writing.

Later, Curt R. Wilson

Well, what can I say. I'm at the point now where I don't care what these people think of me. I figured that people would be interested to read that nearly everyone in the "oh mighty hacker hierarchy" has at one time or another worked for the former Deputy Director of FEMA. Weird if you ask me. I've already gotten legal threats from half of them. It's kind of funny to have criminal suspects threaten legal action against you.

HOWEVER, this is the AntiOnline Mailbag. If I post one good letter, you know there will be several nasty ones to follow. Keep reading.....

punkis wrote:

This is in response to your article titled "What Kind Of Hackers Head
The Culture" on 4-22-99.

Ok, this dude ran his damn mouth for about 6 pages. I'm not going to make you all suffer through the boring crap that I had to. Here are some of the few points this guy came up with to "defend" his friends.

"That same year, FEMA, partly under the direction of Fred Vilella, was
reportedly planning courses of action which would entail the rounding up
an estimated 400,000 undocumented immigrants in the case of a military
invasion of central america, and gathering an estimated 21 million African
Americans to be placed in concentration camps in the event of rioting."

> I notice that in the article you cite no source for these accusations.

> Worse, you imply Mr. Vilella was involved as well as others like Peter

> Shipley, Mike Schiffman, and Brian Martin. It is apparent that these

> people had nothing to do with FEMA's actions in 1984, yet you put their

> names in the same light.

First of all, anyone that can read would obviously understand that I was not saying that any of the "hackers" helped Fred Villella in his 1984 actions at FEMA. Secondly, it didn't take a genious to figure out what a shady character Fred Vilella is. Take a look at the following if you're that interested:

washington post, april 27th, 1986, Sunday, section A12

NyTimes Aug 5, 1984, page 36 "Us Official Quits Under Fire"

The Nation, Oct 12, 1985 by Bruce Shapiro

"These individuals have arguably been the biggest names in the hacker
culture, the true "head of the hacker hierarchy"."

> What do you base these claims on? They are less active in the hacker

> community than hundreds of 'known' hackers. They are quoted less in media

> than yourself. They do not participate in MTV specials on "hacker subculture"

> or anything else that

> would support your 'argument'.

Ok, now your just being an ass. Most normal people would view the editor of phrack, etc, etc, as being some of the most prominent members of the hack culture. As for you mentioning my name. I don't now, nor have I ever, claimed to be a hacker. He goes on and on for another 3 or 4 pages like this.....

In the future I would hope you research your stories a little better. Feel free to offer any proof of the issues I have brought up. Otherwise I feel a retraction is on order....

The proof is in the pudding. As much as I admire your attempts to stick up for your friends, I stand behind my sources, and my story.

Re: What Kind Of Hackers Head The Culture?

I just finished reading an article of yours, and let me say that I am
apalled. In your article you make obviously unresearched claims about
people whom you do not even know that are so incredibly false that I
cannot decide wether they border on slanderous or laughable. I know
everyone mentioned in your article ranging from casual aquaintance to
close personal friend. The information you have published regarding them
is false and parallels the ramblings of Caroline Meinel. In the future you
should act like a real journalist and actualy RESEARCH your own stories,
rather than writing hersay down as truth. I have never been a frequent
visitor to AntiOnline, and if this is the sort of crap that passes as
content here, I think I'll keep it that way. Thank you for your time


What do you mean unfounded? The dudes all worked for the former Deputy Director
of FEMA, who had to resign because of all the controversy he got himself into. It's FACT. There's
no misinformation there. Apparently I got a lot of feathers ruffled with that story. Maybe I should
dig a little deeper and see what else I can come up with.....

Vital Chaos Submitted The Following:

In your last mailbag posts you stated to have any whom had a nice English teacher to write. Well, I had one. In my senior year in high school my teacher was the prom queen four or five years previous. She also enjoyed hitting on me... to prove this to you I got an A in the class and you have just seen an example of my horrible english.

Ok, so she wasn't a bitch, she was a whore (Did that last comment go to far? Last thing I need is to loose corporate sponsors. Oh well...).

Ron Trunk Submitted The Following:


After spending some very exciting and fulfilling moments reading your router logs, I have a question: If your software detects a hack attempt, why isn't the source address blocked by your access lists? I would think that as soon as you detect an attack, you would block all further attemps. But instead, I see many hack attempts from the same source. Are you gathering data instead?

Who, me? Collect data? For something like, a hacker profiling system? No, of course not. heh.

shadowspawn Submitted The Following:

how can i get into the knowledge base?

what's in there?

why no answers?

i didn't know that some people still believe that passing knowledge must trade with a price...

and that price deemed by the hoarder of the knowledge...

Oh, get off your damn soap box (An expression that my old highschool history teacher, Mr. O'Brian used to use. Although, I'm not sure if he used it because he would lecture ideals often, or because he was barely 5 feet tall). The knowledge base is the ONE area of the AntiOnline Network that's not open to the general public as a whole. I'd hardly call me a "hoarder of knowledge" because of it.

QueenWu Submitted The Following:

After a pretty bad day i came home, jumped on the computer, and checked out your site. As I read through the mailbag, I saw the "kosovo song". I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I was laughing so hard I was crying. And not necesarily because of the content, just the overall..err..well OK damn the whole thing really sucked. When you said "tone-def" at the beginning, I said "It's probably not that bad". Well I was in for a surprise, but one that brightened my day. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but in school we had a "music" class, where we learned essentials such as notes, and more importantly, RHYMING. LOL. Well at least it was for a good cause...

See, I told you it was bad. When are people going to start listening to me?


I realize this e-mail isn't related to hacking in any way, but I thought I
e-mail your group anyways. This week, co-workers of mine were on a particular
website that sells computer equipment "at cost." Due to an
error on the site, the price of a 10-pack of 8.4 GB Maxtor drives was listed as
$140, when obviously the price should have been MUCH higher. Needless to say,
they ordered multiple packs of drives (some ordered and have received up to 40
hard drives -- hey, we're computer geeks!). When Onsale finally got wind of
this the CEO apparently called some of them begging for them not to accept the
shipments. They all gave the same response to the CEO -- "Sha right!" --
Wayne's World.

Well today at the site, a set of home audio speakers that
sell for $1,700 were listed as $0.00. Yes, ZERO dollars. All you had to pay
was S&H of $3.95. Those of us that missed out on the hard drive blitz more than
made up for it with this glitch. One guy ordered 80 sets. But Crutchfield
caught on very quickly and now is threatening to NOT ship the speakers. We have
already contacted some lawyers and so far their belief is that Crutchfield is
going to have to cough up the speakers.

I'd appreciate your readers' opinions (legal and otherwise) on this if you
decide to post this anywhere.

Please list me anonymously. Love the site!


Needless to say, and are now in my bookmarks =)