This Letter Was Submitted By: Mike Noonan

Suggestion re: Hacker-Profiler...

Can you make this available in one easy to print format?


"Two People Have Already Won A U.are.U Fingerprint Recognition System Would you like to be next? It's simple. Subscribe via the website."

What is the worst: knowing you don't win the prize, or knowing you never
can win the prize. What the heck these contests are only to U. S. A.
(and Canada, for some) residents? Why my money is good to buy on-line,
but I'm not eligible to win any prize on-line? Are you
anti-south-and-central-americans, anti-africans, anti-europeans,
anti-asiatic, anti-australians?


Blister Submitted The Following:

dammit i am webtv user and i donot know how to read you mailbag becaus e you. had make it special for dead peopl and blind people and deaf + blind people but not a special for webtv users and i would like to know why? and also pls teach me how to hack i got a webtv and want to get secret information about people whos make fun of me at my middle school (like them socal security number and credit card number) so that i can hack their money!!!!

Yeah, there were several other groups that were upset that I didn't include them in my "special edition of the mailbag". Including one which read something to the effect of "heyz biotch, whiez jew aint be givin **** soz dat me and mah homies can reeds it." Sorry Jesse Jackson, I simply forgot about the ebonic brothers out there. Oh well, I tried. As for you wanting information to hack credit cards of your fellow students. I don't remember too many of my friends having credit cards when we were in middle school. Something about having to be 18 to get one, if I remember correctly....

Simon Gauvreau Submitted The Following:

I was reading your article and you had a mention about a retaliatory security. If it means to act against the offending host I would like to know more if possible ?


Simon Gauvreau

Net Adm & Sec

Yeah, I got several e-mails about that comment. I'll have a special report up next week. Seems that network admins like the idea of beating the virtual **** out of each other.....

doug Submitted The Following:

I hear from a pretty good source that there are small microphones soldered into the motherboards of every computer manufactured after 1992. Supposedly, they can be activated by remote and pick up any sounds within a 5 foot radius of the motherboard. It also transmits "nicely" over the internet. This sounds like a load of paranoid crap to me, but my freind instists that it is common knowledge to the underground. I can't find anything on it. Is this true or is he pulling my leg?

Wow. I have a source that said something about getting a device planted up your ass so they can monitor you too. See: Cartman Gets An Anal Probe : Comedy Central : South Park

lagecko Submitted The Following:

I am looking for information on where I can buy a device known as "the password bug". This is a chip in a cable that allows the retrieval of a certain amount of keystrokes, allowing retrieval of password. Has anyone heard of this device? Or any other such device. Where can I purchase such a device?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, I have actually heard about these little ditties. Any of the CIA or NSA doobies that read this site care to enlighten us? If so, please use the little microphone and speaker that's attached to my mother board to communicate with me.

Lurker Submitted The Following:

I was noticing that in your "How to be a Hacker Profiler" series that you use the term "hacker" as a derogatory term. I consider a hacker someone who thrives on discovering weakness and loop-holes in any system (not just computer systems) just for the sheer joy of discovering them (or to let everyone else know what the problems are so they can be fixes). A "cracker" would more closely represent what you are profiling; someone who exploits weaknesses and keeps them secret as long as possible.

Just wanted to clarify your terminology.


I went on a trip with Brad Davis (full-time antionline staff member), to his home town in Tennessee. Believe me, you'll never know the true meaning of the word "cracker" until you've been down there. I actually saw a man moving his garage and kids on the back of his pickup truck. No lie.


I just read your latest installment or “How to be a Hacker Profiler” *an outstanding piece of work! On numerous occasions I have called ISP’s armed with the security alerts from my logs and explained to the sysadmin when and how someone connected to his/her network tried to penetrate my firewall. Funny how intrusion attempts from the ISP’s network magically stop showing up in my logs ;-)


John K

Network Engineer - US Navy

Yes, it's funny how that "magic" works. It'd give David Copperfield a run for his money.

Talk about your jaundiced journalism.

The reason I forwarded you my email discussion with S_D was because I hoped you'd see
and understand my comments about the implications of releasing
tools like BO. I'm not sure what your agenda is/was but that
article sure comes off as a slam against us. What, specifically,
did I/we do to piss you off, or were you just desperate for copy?
I don't have hidden agendas and, if you look at my history, I have
always been on the side of "right" in the fight against hacking.

I'm very disappointed.

Marcus J. Ranum, CEO, Network Flight Recorder, Inc.