I'm a subscriber to your e-mail List (Thank You!) [...]

My question to you is how do you feel about Animal Rights
and Pets?. Reason is, the Site below, advocates taking 'free' cats and dogs
from newspaper Ads and skinning and cooking them for "food" for this
person's 'family':

This site is owned by a 'Brother Ellis', apparently from
Missippi (Sp?), and due to my efforts in DNS Lookups and the efforts of
several thousand people on the 'Net, have gotten him kicked off 7 Web Sites so far,
one of the last being ABC TV/Disney. Any information or suggestions from
you in tracking him down would be greatly appreciated. His latest ISP,, refuses to shut him down, regardless of the threat of legal
action. (I'm not 'asking' for anything illegal here, just some help).

Thank You,

Steve Moyzis

I get the strangest damn e-mails... Ok, everyone finish reading
this week's mailbag, then go check out that site. At first I thought it was a joke,
but after reading through it, realized that this dude was for real. As for how to
find out who he "really is". May I suggest a sting? Post that you have something
tempting and exotic in his local paper. Maybe something like "young french poodle needs
home". A quick warning though, you may attrack other types of "animal lovers" as well...

All Dat Submitted The Following:

Hey guys, any word on Catharsys? I hear they are making a play for antionline
in the near future. Normally I laugh at groups threating antionline, but these
boyz seem pretty tight. Can they do it?

I've been getting e-mails for months now about this group. Personally
I think it's getting old. Mike knows that I know who every member in that group is. I don't
think he'd be stupid enough to even attempt a hack against us. Would you Mikey?

Paul Submitted The Following:

Hi, I have a few comments about Michael Bounagurio's excellent article on Chinese IW.
Try this senario, Maybe the CIA's maps werent wrong. The political fallout from that
attack will probably go on for years. Who could or would do such a thing. The list is
endless. Is there a new branch of the military forming in the near future? A NET FORCE of
elite and highly trained hackers. Seems to me the Chinese allready has us beat in this
area already. Too all the young "hackers" learn and perfect your art you never know when
your country may need you.

Got this e-mail at 9:30pm EST. What time does x-files air again?

doug Submitted The Following:


I hear from a pretty good source that there are small microphones soldered into the motherboards
of every computer manufactured after 1992. Supposedly, they can be activated by remote and pick
up any sounds within a 5 foot radius of the motherboard. It also transmits "nicely" over the internet.
This sounds like a load of paranoid crap to me, but my freind instists that it is common knowledge
to the underground. I can't find anything on it. Is this true or is he pulling my leg?

There is some truth to this. Although if I remember right, it was the ability to
activate the PC microphone. It came to light that some companies had used it or
something to that effect. It will probably take me days if ever to find the reference.
Maybe you or someone else remembers this.


Several news agencies did stories about this. Check out This Story by
Federal Computer Week.

QueenWu Submitted The Following:

In reference to one of your comments in the 5/10/99 mailbag about the groups your
mailbag now caters to, I would seriously hope that A)your ebonics phrase was created by
you in a desperate attempt at humor B) that if you really did receive that statement,
spelling and all, that you realize it was someone else making a desperate attempt at humor.
And Jesse Jackson definately has my respect, he brought our soldiers home safely. Just
wanted to say I thought you were a bit unappropriate. But then again, you enjoy that
kind of thing.

People take things so seriously. Lighten up. As for Jesse Jackson. His
trip to see Milosevic did have a happy ending to it. However, despite the outcome, I would still
question the motivation ;-)

Hey John,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note...Thank you so much for coming down
here and discussing your interesting world of online adventure. You were
really able to bring much clarity to some quite vague issues and topics.
I hope you will enjoy our show as much as we have enjoyed learning about the topic.
It was a pleasure meeting you, feel free to call anytime you are in town.


Serena Altschul

MTV News

A note to our readers: I will be auctioning off Serena Altshul's number later this week on E-bay. Seriously though,
I figured this was a great opportunity to plug an MTV "True Life" series that will be airing in July. AntiOnline acted as
a consultant for it, and MTV got interviews with a lot of well known people/groups for this one (including L0pht, 2600, etc). I'll
post the exact air date for this on the site when I get it.