Nicholas Ryan Submitted The Following:

Umm, you ever plan on updating more than once a week? Where DID all those millions go, anyhow?

Yes, we realize it's been a while since our last site update. Non Disclosure Agreements prohibit me from saying much about the reasoning. What I can say, is that last week, AntiOnline staff members flew to Atlanta to meet with management at ISS, and also flew to Dayton to meet with members of Klein Associates. These meetings, we feel, will help to guide AntiOnline into the future, and may be doorways into some exciting projects for us. I will, as always, announce information about AntiOnline and its projects, as I can make it available to the public.

Kid Submitted The Following:

Why are you restricting access to the knowledge base? I thought you were about making more information available to the public instead of less. This seems to contradict what I thought the point of Antionline was. I am dissapointed and believe I need to reconsider all of the good things I thought about Antionline. This really makes me feel ill.

I have learned quite a bit from your website and always look forward to the site updates. I have never used Antionline as a means of learning malovolent hacks. I've only used it to protect my network from intrusion.

Now, I am not sure what to think. I may be the only one who feels this way, I hope not. You do have a great site, I just wish that you made available all the information instead of deciding who can and can not have it.

I have never been one to believe in security through obscurity. The only information that I can offer is that "The knowledge base does not contain information about the mechanics of the gun, but rather about the people who pull the trigger". This information is not relevant, for the most part, outside of the organizations who we are giving access to it.

ice9 Submitted The Following:

"The knowledge base will provide resources and information which AntiOnline feels is too sensitive to make available to the general public as a whole."

Just who the hell do you think you are? With the above statement you have spit in the face of free information an shown all of us where you truly stand. You might as well just give up the website business and work for the federal government. You've got the right attitude for it.

This makes me sick.


As for who the hell I think I am. I think I'm the one who runs this website, and if I want to keep people like you from viewing anything on it, it's my right. Cope.

Great site! Keep up the good work.

Are the antioline domains and all their mirror sites year 2000 compliant?

Will we be able to sit blissfully in our little poorly lit worlds and enjoy AntiOnline at midnight on that fateful day while the rest of the world goes to H***?

I mean, no water? Ok.

No medical services? Ok.

Not able to get to my stash for a couple of weeks? Ok.

But, NO ANTIONLINE!?! Just the thought of it keeps me awake at night.

So, how about setting my mind at ease and posting this sites readiness status. Thanks in advance.


Patrick J. O'Donnell

Nice to know there are those out there worried about our well being. We've done extensive analysis of our systems, and had originally identified 13 "problem zones". All of those "zones" have been updated, with the exception of one of our data back up systems, which should be up to par shortly.

YoungOne Submitted The Following:

Hey John,

I was wondering why didn't you put up a photo of yourself somewhere on the web. I wanna see you. How do you look? I don't watch MTV, so please don't suggest me to go there if you had interview with them :P

BTW, how old..err I mean how young are you???



As far as age goes, I'm 20. As far as my picture goes, I'm a computer security enthusiast, not a model, which is why I don't have JP imagery plastered all over the site.

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Company Affiliation: President

Official Job Title: President

Bill Clinton Submitted The Following:

JP ,

You suck . Just like your site . No ****ing interviews . At least 10 sites get hacked and defaced every day . And the only upgrade you have in 15 days is membership for your Knowledge Based Applications .

**** YOU

projectgamma , attrition , hackernews are better . Even CNN reports more about hacking than you do .

I WILL HACK YOU . thats a promise . **** you . **** your mom ( if you know who she is ) . give your dad a ******* ( for all that your mom did not do to him ( thats why you were born )

**** YOU JP

**** YOU mercs

**** YOU antionline

You are will not be in the scene by 2000 A.D.

Promise ? OH HELL YEAH ... cause if i cant get you down ... i wil TAKE you down .

**** YOU

Apparently Bill is pissed that Monica isn't putting out anymore...