Grim Submitted The Following:

I'd like to see the feedback your getting from FBI raids and the hackers protesting it.
A special edition of the mail bag seems like a good idea??

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Thanks for the Great site. Keep up the amazing job!

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Ask and you shall receive. This edition of the MailBag is chop full
of letters about the recent rash of FBI Raids. Read On!


First I want to say, either you're quick, or everyone else is slow. You reported the
latest hacks (protesting gH) and from the list of hacked pages, there's still a number
of them that haven't been changed back. Good work! Also, I noticed most of the pages defaced
by infamous were located in New York. Going back to your "Hacker Profile", is it a pretty
good bet he lives in New York? (BTW - if he does, he's an idiot for giving it away) Or is
there some other reason?

Needless to say, AntiOnline has been on over-drive lately. We
litterally have people on-line 24 hours a day now. So, when something happens, we're
able to cover it while everybody else is sleeping, heh. As for Infamous and the "new york"
hacks. Actually, I think it has more to do with those domains just showing up in one of
his little vulnerability scanners than anything else. Pick an IP range, scan it, and it
gives you a list of vulnerable sites.


Don't know if any of your readers have dropped into this site -
I suspect they have, but just in case . . .

From: James R Muri - Boeing

This is actually an interesting link. It provides a massive list of
electronic databases - "Investigators Guide to Sources of Information"

RainDog Submitted The Following:

Well, I hate to be the little spoiler here, and I certainly don't want to deflate any of
the massive (and growing) chests of these people who are hitting FBI sites to "get back at"
the feds and "scare" them... but hasn't anybody stopped to consider that maybe many of the
fed sites being hacked are being deliberately left vulnerable in the hopes of tracking down
perpetra(i)tors? These people undoubtedly know tons of stuff about compsecurity, but they are
children with regards to truly playing the game if they think the feds are just making arrests
and not doing anything more covert.

Interesting thought. Personally, I think these latest series of attacks
have been far too embarrassing to the federal organizations to have been any sort of "sting"

I noticed my name on the fbi hit list on your page, apparently either the
feds or the peices of **** that have been narqing people out can't spell
right. For the record my handle is TRON not tr0n, please correct your list and
the fbi. And yes i do know for a fact that it is me there after not some idiot
using a variation on my handle.


People like this are just stupid and deserve to be arrested. "Hey MR. FBI
Agent, I did a bunch of illegal stuff, and am trying to hide from you. But, just so you know, you
spelled my name wrong on your list, and the media is getting it screwed up now too because of it, fix
it please!" Uh-huh.

skimmy Submitted The Following:

ok first off my name is skimmy not kimmy in your most wanted hackers section..

so it would be nice if you would fix that. Also who are you and where do you get your
infomation bro.


Yet another one. That list came from an ISP which was served it
by an FBI agent. Sorry "Skimmy", but they're actually talking about "Kimmy" and not you. But
look at it this way, you're only one letter off from being part of an FBI investigation.

XypherI Submitted The Following:

Recently I have noticed a considerable slowdown in your web site.
But in your status page it says everything is just peachy. Whats going on?


MAJOR bandwidth problems on our end. Our already strained backbone
has been pushed over the edge this past week. We're working on finding some outside sources
to mirror some content, and serve some "static data", like images, etc.

It's been a while since I've been to your site, and after getting an email update the other
day, decided to give you a visit. Glad I did! After perusing your mailbag, hack attempts,
router logs, and reading your report on security, I came away with a lot of info that I
wouldn't have had otherwise. For instance, I never even heard of or knew what a TEMPEST
attack was... something that when you think about it is really kinda scary. Your mailbag
is always good for some info, and even a laugh or two as was the case today. Speaking of
the mailbag, the one guy was upset about restricting access to the Knowledge Base. What
exactly is in there anyhow, and would it possibly be of any use to me? Thanks for the great
site, and the information that you provide!

D.J. Harbaugh

Assistant Manager

Super-net Technical Support

The knowledge base contains the secrets of the universe and life itself,
and is not available to the general public. I'm afraid that releasing that type of information
to the masses would cause the collapse of several churches. I don't want AntiOnline to be
known as the site that put an end to Catholicism.

Hey JP,

This is SpaceGoat one of the gH members who house got raided. I live in
Houston 8mins away from MostHateD and 10mins away from LoopHole. 2 people
whos house also got raided as you do know. I have reason to believe that the
FBI is coming down this tuesday with arrest warrents. Also MostHateD and
LoopHole have appeared on the channel 11 news down here with the story of
"Hackers Hassel". I am currently at a library writing this email. Supposly
my phone is tapped, and I am being watched 24/7 . I believe they're looking
for things such as Telephone confernce, information on the
hack, and credit card fraud. LoopHole wasnt a member of gH, but he did play
a big role in setting up telephone conference's. The FBI keeps goin to
mosthated's house to find out what is going down with all this DoS on and all the comotion this is causing in the computer world. I just
have to say this much. Everyone neds to start standing up for there rights,
This isnt the time to let the fbi walk all over us, we need to stand up for
ourselves, and thats what I plan on doing.. This SpaceGoat isn't going down
without a fight. Anyways use the information I gave you wisely please and
always Freedom forever.


I think it's time for NIPC to issue a warning to Librarians. He's not
the first I've talked to that's using his local library as a source for computing power after
their own equipment was seized. It's good to know that Al Gore's initiatives aren't going to waste.
Next thing you know, they'll develop the "barbrady bill". People will need to wait 3 days to use a
public computer system, and will have to have a thorough background check done.

Last night Spacegoat and loophole where raided. While this tends to be
normal in the "hacking society", this raid was quite different. This one was
closer to home. Spacegoat is a good friend of mine. While most people may
disagree hackers do not believe that they are untouchable. The simple fact is
that the general population is ignorant to what is going on behind their "Cyber
Space". About a week ago was hacked, may 27, 1999 at 7:38 was hacked in what is now called the "Counter strike". Yes, it
is true "hackers" are fighting back. The hacking community is doing what
history holds true... they are uniting because of a common enemy. In this case
the FBI.

In the past few days around 30 web sites have been hacked in protest of the
gH (global hell) raids. Sites like, and the have all been
taken down. As the FBI makes futile attempts to protect themselves they still
find that they are being rooted by 3 year old exploits such as the good ole PHF
exploit. Even worse they released a list of people whom they are after....this
also showed how ignorant they where because they listed the same people over
and over. It is like saying "we are looking for 10 suspects" but what they fail
to realize is that 5 of them are the same people. For those of us who know the
people in question... we simply laugh...I mean after all these are the people
who protect national security. Now there is a world wide counter attack on them and
they do not know what to do. I will give them some advice. Leave gH as well as others alone.
You are powerless.

We have joked around about it for years..."hackers unite". But what happens
if or when hackers do unite? We have seen a very small amount of what can be
done with a few groups get together behind one cause (freeing gH). With these
few groups, like MOD (Masters of Downloading), there as been a large impact on
internet web sites. MOD has always openly hacked sites on protest of anything
they disagree in but this occurrence is different in that "underground" groups
are showing up to protest the raids. People whom we have never herd of a
arising from the dark, to protect their own kind. Hackers are uniting. Without
any cultural byous, without any political debate, and without question. It was
once said that "If the law is of such a nature that it causes an injustice to
another....then I say break that Law". Hacking is not a crime. We will not
allow you to tell us that it is. If what we did was wrong. Then you would be
able to defeat us. But yet other have remained powerless in trying to stop

You can only go so far before people rebel. I think the FBI has reached that
limit. You do not own the internet. You did not create it. You do not maintain
it. You only depend on it. You depend on a service that is far beyond your
understanding. So now you try to lock away those who know more then you in
attempt to console yourselves. You have seen that groups like MOD will do. I
would pity you if smaller groups like ETE and GOO (Guild of Obscurity) entered
this counter attack. Censorship and Regulation has no place on the internet. It
is a place for learning and exploration. You can not take that from us.


Since this is an opinion from someone deeply involved in
the current happenings, I'm not going to comment per say. However, one word of
advice. I just can't see myself getting chills and cold sweats over a group
calling itself "Goo". It's just not one of those words that strike fear into
the hearts of the masses. Heh.

chapatti Submitted The Following:

Death to antionline ,you are the boil on my butt ,the puss in my sore , the cheese on my dick.

Um. Why exactly do you have boils on your butt? More importantly,
what exactly are you doing with cheese on your dick? This dude sounds scarry.

I am supervising security for a school and it seems that a hacker came
in and locked me out. How do I get back into the system if I am locked



Hrmf. I think I know of a school district who could stand to hire themselves
a new security supervisor. Write me back, but try to be a little more vague, and I might be able to help
answer your question.

InfInIty Submitted The Following:

I am almost offnded by people bitching at you for restricting some material in the Knowledge
Base. It is after all your information, if you feel the the rest of the world does not need
to read it, then i trust that you are correct. As for that picture of you, not knowing what
people look like is one of the bonus's of the internet, being a larger person myself, i
apreciate anonimity, and the security of knowing that i will not treated differently because
of my appearence. your site is really cool, i am however wondering why on earth everyone
feels compeled to hack your site.

As for me not posting my picture. It has very little to do with the
way that I look, and a lot to do with paranoia I developed after someone showed up to my
old apartment with a shotgun in their truck. If the Khalid Ibrahims of the world want
to "cap my ass", they'll have to do so blindly. Hehe. As for why people try to hack
my site. The simple answer, because its there.