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Now Letter us all spell together children J A I L

Here is a reality check for Global Hell and company from the First Internet Bank of Reality. This is not the 60's and the net is not Vietnam......

These people have Badges, Guns, the Law and lots and lots of patience.
The Faxed subpeona is called a blanket subpeona that prevents the ISP's from destroying evidence. As a Network administrator in Houston I would not destroy 1 single log.
They have this little itty bitty Law called Obstruction of Justice and I cannot raise the type of money Bill Clinton did to defend himself against the department of Justice.

When Mindphasr and everyone in Global Hell have to raise $50,000 to post bond and they and there parents go broke trying to keep there ass out of Jail. You have to ask one question.

Was It Worth it???????????????

Let us know in a couple of years...........

Let's not forget. No charges have been filed. Yet.

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Hey John I've been growing up with your site for years now. I just want to thank you for all the information and stories that reverberate in my head during the hum drum of the work day. I got a question for ya tho. All these people trying to hack your site, and you challenging them (Challenging them in a way by just having a site), what would happen if a hacker did rooted you, destroyed you stuff - what would be your reaction and what would you do -- anything legally --- that is if you caught them.

Thanks again


If a hacker got access to a sensitive area of our network, such as our
internal knowledge base, we would press charges when we found him (and I mean when, not if). As for the kiddies that
try to phf our webserver everyday, we just ignore them, and make pretty little "Live Hack Attempts" pages out of their efforts.

sup JP,

just wanted to let you know how much better the coverage was on antionline during the fbi raids of gH etc...not to mention any names but you guys blew the ever living **** out of 'the hacker news network' which ran a vague article on this subject and not to mention has squat for content compared to the depth of the reports during this 'raiding season'
keep up the good work and the REAL NEWS COVERAGE of the underground community


Thanks, we do our best to provide our users with ORIGINAL content.

this goes out to all the retard hack groups caught up in the FBI scandal..

all being supposedly, 'in-the-know', and *supposedly* having some clue about
the computer security environment, you must surely be aware of the
consequences for unlawfully entering a system that you do not have rightful
access to.

yet, in all your wisdom, you still take it upon yourself to break into every
server you can, uploading a moronic web page as to serve your thirst for
glory, and whimper like a little baby when you get what is your rightful

how can you call the FBI, `the enemy', when YOU blatantly hacked into
several servers, against federal laws, the FBI are simply implementing
consequences which are stated in black and white..

as for those calling for a `hackers unite' syndrome, that is the most
idiotic thing i have ever heard, what do you want to protest? HEY! DONT GET

get a life gimps.

Mike D.

Please see an editorial I published last year, "Revenge Of The Script Kiddies". By the way, I know the MailBag has been dry up to this point. But, keep reading. I won't disappoint you.

A dedicated reader Submitted The Following:

Hello JP, and great stuff you have here.

While going around to the news sites, I came across a story about hackers at:

And I found a sort of funny typo

"The primary risk to the government is not the loss of confidential data. It's the pubic image loss," Shumway said.

Now be careful the next time you misspell something!

Yes, who cares about confidential data, as long as society believes that the governmental officials have big schlongs.

JP -

Reading the editorial "AntiOnline To Join 'Hacker War'" totally
changed my perspective on hacking. I do now realize that hacking
dosen't do the world any good. I think I will learn how to stop hackers

Thanks, and great article


Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I feel like starting a camp fire and singing "Love Lifted Me". It almost made me cry. Apparently, I'm not the only one. Keep reading......

I was reading that article..and I've been a little emotional lately, I
though back on my life and how I almost went downt that road, went into
deep though..noticed a few tears down my face..

You've said it how it is.. The hyprocrits..There in everyday life, on the
net they are everywhere..I hope you post shows them what they are..and help
them realize what there doing..

good luck on future ocasions!

your friend,

Sean Alexander..

When nothing else could do it, love lifted me......

Just to clear things up for me. Does the knowledge base contain information
(such as names, addresses etc..) about Hackers and Crackers that may or
may noit be wanted by some company or agency...


Ummmmmm, could be. (I actually remember that line as part of a saturday morning cartoon. Write in if you know the one I'm talking about, and maybe I'll send you a pen or something).

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With your change in policy, aren't you afraid of losing your connection to all those hackers out there? Sounds like you've decided to become a 'cyber-cop' for lack of a better word. What hacker in their right mind would want to speak to you ever again?


Good point, and not one that we didn't think about either. We have in place a VERY EXTENSIVE network of individuals who come forward to us with information because they too, want to see things get better, not worse. We also have set up a rather vast infrastructure of data feeds, which are utilized by special data collection agents (which are all being developed by AntiOnline and affiliated organizations). Now, if that last statement sounded very vague, and like a pathetic attempt to dance around the issue, that's because it was.

you can suck on my dick and die

I'm not sure, but if this is a cause and effect sort of thing, you must go through a lot of girlfriends.


I just read your article "A Change In Our Mission." I am very
pleased to see you and Antionline take a stand on this. Just don't back
down on this one. You have my support. Let us all strive to make our cyber
world a safe place.


I was totally ASTOUNDED by the number of individuals that contacted us offering their help. Even some of the "biggest names" in the scene want to help us "clean out the garbage" as one of them put it.

While viewing the Hack Attempts at on 3rd June - 22:15pm GMT

I saw this entries...

E-mail Decode Attack -

Other Undefined Hack Attempt -

Who is this?? Is it done by one of your staff or someone who has the shell accounts on your ? I thought you do not allow your user to try to hack your website?


Those are what we call "False Positives" being fed to use by RealSecure. Heh. I'll update our log2web programs when I get the chance, to have it filter out some of these falsies.


I have just returned from training in the field of "Information Systems Operation/analisys" or whatever you would call it, and since I have been a little restricted from conventional internet use(being on DOD computers and all..) all of your new articles, along with your new site(good job) is very interesting to me. I have a theory about the FBI, DOD, etc. hacks.. and since I've been kind of close with them for the past 6 months I can tell you one thing... the hacks are not due to the "m@d skillz" of the hax0rs, nor are they some sort of government sting operation to finally rid the planet of hackers... to put it bluntly, the training sucks. I was what you would call a typical "script kiddie" before enlisting, but now that I've seen DOD systems from the inside out, I can tell you that there is an extreme lack of "skill" in their security personnel. One of my blocks of instruction, which I am wish to not name or say much about, involves a "secure" messaging system, and would work EXTREMELY well, if the designers didn't store a few passwords in plaintext on the host computers.

On the other hand, in my opinion the DOD is actually more competant than even I believed, and anything of great importance will not be accessed, sure a web-site or maybe a few topology maps, but I can almost assure you that anything capable or major damage will not be accessed from the outside. From the inside.. well thats another matter.. but let's just say that the Big Brother system is a reality when you're on the job, and that the focus of the Information Security Officers is on DoD employees... trust no one?

I hope that made since, need sleep, make this anonymous.

DOD is basically having the same problem that most companies are having now. They worked very hard to keep the nasties on the outside from coming in, but have done very little to deal with the nasties which may already be on the inside.

Hallo antionline!

I read about the things that are going on in a german newspaper
(Sueddeutsche Zeitung). Just want to give you my moral support.
You are right: Wake up and piss, the world is on fire !!!!!!!

Bless Ya


HAHA. This is my first exposure to the phrase
"Wake up and piss, the world is on fire". HAHaha, every time I read it now,
I crack up. Look for it's use in future mailbags...


I know that you are receiving A LOT of e-mail due to your recent announcement. I will keep it short...I hope.

I want to address two things. First, I applaud the stance that you are taking in this "Hacker War." It couldn't have been an easy decision for you knowing how you try to work with both sides of this little war: Those who hack (crack), and those who are hacked (cracked). You have now pissed off a lot of people, and I believe that you are capable of dealing with their so called wrath. Still, that couldn't have been an easy thing for you to do.

Next, I want to make a statement about young people and their glorified view of hackers. I am a fifth grade teacher in a school district outside of Pittsburgh. After three years of teaching, I have noticed several of my young students obsessed with "Hacking." This year, one student talked about wanting to break into several sites for fun. He also mentioned how someday he wants to create a virus. Thankfully, he is young and naive (for now). I tried to explain to him that he was talking about a serious crime and serious jail time: Not fun! As it turns out, his idea of hacking (for right now) is trying to figure out his father's CyberSitter password. Here's to hoping that he realizes his mistake in the years to come...



I would like to commend Don Wiseman on his article regarding hackers. I thought it was very insightful and I could relate to his words. I think he hit the nail right on the head when he states that most of this hacking going on are by children. It is my belief that most of the so called hacks goin on now a days are by script kiddies who picked up a neat little shell account and compiled some neat littel c code written by a real hacker and use this code that any one can get and compile and go out and reak havoc on websites etc and proclaim themselves eleet hackers. One thing we need to remember is that as teenagers most of this kiddies are in serious need of attention. They need to have the feeling of acceptance of their peers and show just how cool they are. In one breath they claim the freedom of information on the internet and the second breath they say lets DoS the FBI site which i might want to goto to get some information, but i cant cause its being DoS'd cause the kiddies are fighting for this so
called freedom. It's hypocrisy at its height. all these kiddies know what they are doing is wrong, if they didnt why would they have the understanding to cover their tracks in syslogs? So, if you go into the game knowing its wrong and you know if you get caught its your ass, why start screaming the law is wrong. **** the way i see it you know the game play at your own risk, dont cry when you crap out. well again, way to go Don Wiseman, your article is on point.