Kris Kane (IRC macro) Submitted The Following:


Do you prefer cotton or silk boxers while sitting all day?

More than what most of you want to know? Probably. More than
what I want to tell most of you? Yes.

I have a question, and perhaps you could help me. I remember reading somewhere that you can tell what webserver is running/and its version. Can you shed some light on how to do this?



A simple HTTP Get request would do it, but I suggest that you download
a utility called "Grinder" by Rhino9. I think you'll find it interesting.

I just read interview with atrition staff on, and i can
just ask you: Why are you having some sites on your reffer denial list? As
they say this is really unprofessional of you. That means that you want to
hide something. Dont get this like attack on you, and please answer my


Yes, Brain Martin is screaming that I'm unprofessional
because I put him on my denied referer list. Because I have something to 'hide', as he says. Truth be known, the
reason attrition is on my denied referer list is because they put up a bunch of links on their sites
designed to trigger our network monitoring stations, and bring up snide little messages from Martin himself.
I wanted nothing to do with him, or his silly little games to become some sort of 'Cult Hero' as he calls himself, so I blocked
referers from him and all of his little goons. I know his heart is broken, but he'll just have to cope.

yo****ingmoma Submitted The Following:

listen you little ****ing pimple faced non pussy getting little fat redneck willy wonka ****ing narc.
You were a aol punting looser back in the day. Now all you are is a ****ing little bitch ass narc
that hides behind a ****ing web page. You need to grow up and get your facts striaght cause
you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground.

I know all about you and your little lies. Even from back in the ****ing day i knew about
you. You hacked aol punted even acted like a ****ing lamer. Now some hackers pissed you
off so you decide to ****ing turn to the dark side. I wonder if the feds know about the
original antionline. THe ORGIGNAL ONE. not the one before this. you need to ****ing grow
your bitch ass up and walk the right ****ing path.

Not one foot planeted in the hacker world and one in the fed world!

Well, those of you that have read my MailBag for awhile realize
that this is, indeed, the first time that I've ever been called a "little ****ing pimple faced non pussy getting little fat redneck willy wonka ****ing narc". Congrats
on the originality. Secondly, since when was law enforcement the 'dark side'? Finally, I need to grow up? BTW: I've never used AOL before, and don't plan on experimenting
with it anytime soon. I hear it can screw you up for life, even if you just try it once.....

I've noticed during surfing through your site, you keep a very detailed log of DOS and hack
attempts. I was wondering if these people are prosecuted or pursued for these attacks..


Usually these attacks just get logged and thrown into one of our
databases. However, when I'm in a bad mood, I'll make a few calls and get an account
or two cancelled. So, if you want to try to hack us and get away with it, DON'T try it
on a Monday morning. Heh.

I use ICQ and it seems the person who is hacking my computer is getting in through there...
I will not give up ICQ

Can Icq be a security risk?

I run a computer for my business that I also use for "fun" on I cant afford
another computer just for on-line..

This computer has pay role and all financial records on it for the company.

Is there a software I can use to prevent further hacks but also let me receive file
transfers from friends and get mp3's and pics and such off the net ???

Your speedy reply would be appreciated...

I went to my ISP and I do have the IP address of one of the hackers,,they say he is from
Montreal ...But not sure what I can do as far as legal prosecution .. I just want them to
leave me alone...

Please Help Me!!!

Desperate In Connecticut,


First of all, let me start by saying that ICQ is evil. Secondly, if
you're using the same computer that you keep financial records on to trade warez with, you're
destined for troubles. Finally, if your wife or girlfriend catches you trading pics, you'll
have a lot more problems on your hands than just a couple of little hackers.

As for the hacker 'getting in through ICQ'. I suggest you read our Fight-Back section. Particularly, the
sections that deals with trojans.


Just a small note on your decision to change priorities, lots of people seem to be pissed that you’re cracking down on hackers and crackers. May I suggest that most of the people that complain about your decision are script kiddies, and lesser hackers? The one’s that are afraid they will be caught?

With any luck, the people whom you help catch, are not really hackers. The kinds of people that hack to have fun and perhaps help out an Admin rather than destroy are the people that want to know more about everything, and are constantly searching for knowledge. I am guessing that they will not be the people that will be caught, but rather the “I-hack-because-I-have-something-to-prove” kinds of people. Besides, if I were an administrator, I would be glad to have someone hack my systems, if he/she didn’t destroy anything. I wouldn’t be inclined to report them. ‘Leave things better than you found them’ seems to be a good motto.

Just my two cents.