SJG Submitted The Following:

I noticed that you refer to ICQ as 'evil' in response to an earlier note about a security hole. Is AOL's Instant Messenger a security concern as well?

Thanks --


Yes, AOL's Instant Messenger is evil too. Apparently this is news to
a lot of people, keep reading.

Hi JP,

I have followed your site for a while now and always found it entertaining. You have been very informative in the past and I look forward to seeing more of you and your teams work.

You have stated that "ICQ is Evil" but I have yet to see posted any valid reason for this. You refer to it as a Trojan, but why? What capabilities are incorprated into ICQ that isn't published?

A lot of people I know use ICQ to keep in contact with each other. It's hard to advise them that it is Evil without valid reasons.



Maybe I'll add something to our "Fight-Back!" section to explain to
people why ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger are evil. For the time being, check out the
following links:

Why ICQ Is Evil As Posted To The Bugtraq Mailing List.

Why AOL's Instant Messanger Is Evil As Posted To The Bugtraq Mailing List


I understand that you're very busy with Antionline. I can appreciate the
fact that you receive a lot of mail and probably can't or don't respond to
much of what you receive.

I would just like a brief response to a query about your past articles,
features, and stories concerning milw0rm, analyzer/enforcers, MOD/chameleon,
etc. Are these going to be reposted to your site? If there are no plans to
repost these could you at least let people know why? Research about people
variously involved with different aspects of evolving technology has never
been larger.

Any reply would be appreciated,


Vic Lans

Yes, we have plans to bring back most of the old content. We're going
to have to port it all over to a format that our new system can understand. That will take
a great deal of time to do, so I'm not sure when we're going to get around to doing it.

Do not put me on the Who RU page. I am extremely serious - I've tried to
take a middle of the fence stand on your site, and it's done nothing but
cause me grief. I hope that you'll respect my wishes.

Richard Windmann

I had never heard of this guy before, and had no intentions of
putting him on AntiOnline. However, one strange thing. Just moments after getting this
e-mail from him, I got another person e-mailing me wondering who this mysterious Richard Windman was, and wanting to know if I could add him to our WhoRU section. Hrmmm...

wefwef Submitted The Following:

Hey. I really like the direction this site has gone. Okay, so we no longer get much dialogue of you and the people who just cracked, but who cares? Your brief coverage of people in the scene is intriguing, your "fight back" section details how to see if you are being attacked, and I see new stories here almost everyday. It was inevitable we would have to help companies secure their networks(especially the government), kind of funny how no one cares about the FBI or NSA until a bombing or high profile robbery occurs. I haven't really had a chance to contribute much to this site, but hopefully I can help someday.

Keep up the good work, your new site blows your old site away.

Well, many have written in complaining that the site hasn't been updated
very much lately. We've been doing a lot of "behind the scenes work" with several organizations, and have been working on developing some interesting little ditties. Hopefully,
we'll be able to talk about some of what we've been doing on the site soon....

Red_Diamond Submitted The Following:

I use to go to your site to read about what was happing in the hacking world and you guys use to have good texts and ****. and were kind of a hacking site. i still go here to read what's happing. but why do u have to put down on hackers. i'm only 14 and still learning but i'm past the lamer stage. Now when ever i go to your site it's alway got **** on how to protect yourself and fight back. and all that ****. what fun is it to have people informed.

Congradulations on feeling that you're "past the lamer stage". I'll rack this up to a case in point...

First, Great site, love your work. Keep it up. Keeps me informed.

Second, I was looking over the WHO R U section of the site, and I couldn't help but notice that Russ Cooper appeared to be wearing a Novell shirt in his picture. Can you confirm this? If so, this appears to be VERY Ironic. Make me almost think I should switch to Novell..

It's a conspiracy I tell you JP.



Yes, it does indeed appear to be a Novell shirt. I'm not exactly sure
why he was wearing it. I have a theory though... I've been to a bunch of different trade
shows and conferences, and at most of them, there's a booth or two that's giving away free
stuff, including T-shirts. I've found when the laundry piles up, and I don't feel like doing
it, I'll wear shirts like that, and even, dare I say it, University of Pittsburgh Tshirts. T-shirts like that are also great for cleaning spilt Pepsi off of the floor when there aren't any
clean rags around....

Selico Submitted The Following:

I was wondering if you ever considered making any of your documents available as downloadable PDF's or DOC's.

Printing out entire webpages is inefficient.


Well, let's face it. The cost of running AntiOnline is pretty high, and I have a certain lifestyle that I like to maintain (I like to have money in the bank to buy
food with and stuff, call me greedy). Information is provided free of charge to our users. Soooo, the only way we keep going is by having ads running on the site. No impressions, no ads, no money, no AntiOnline. The facts of life. Heh. In the knowledge base, we'll be putting some of the larger tutorials and the like up for the military and law enforcement guys, but that's the best we can do. We could make a 'pay per view' area where we have documents in that format, but I hate sites like that (*caugh*caugh*WallStreetJournal*caugh*caugh*) and am not about to move AntiOnline in that direction.

Dear JP,

I've been reading your profile of a hacker part one. It's
brilliant! What I want to know is: Is anybody listening to you?
Makes me want to become a hacker profiler. Really nice work.

Thanks for the enlightenment,


Is anybody listening? I'm not at liberty to say at this point in time (heh). I've been getting all sorts of nasty e-mail from people claiming that AntiOnline is really part of some clandestine society. Considering how open I've been about our change in direction, I don't see us being very clandestine.....

Just dropped a note to say howdy!

I am from New Castle PA (went to Westminster College a few years back) and
now live in Cincinnati.

New Castle was a nice town since the outdated phone systems in many areas
gave much opportunity for extracurricular activity (old crossbar systems in
many areas for years.... buncha hicks)

I didn't know they had computers in Beaver!

Great site!

Bill Pitzer

MCP, MCP+Internet, MCSD, MCSE+Internet

Well, with the exception of the local school district, AntiOnline has more computing power than any other organization in the area. Hardly anything to brag about though. Our mayor, Bob Lynn, is in the Guiness Book Of World Records, for being the longest running mayor in any city in the US. He's nearly 90 years old now, and has been active mayor for well over 50 years. Scarry....


I know you constantly get **** on by people everyday who call themselves "hackers" when the truth is most of them are a bunch of script kiddies that couldn't hack through a paper bag. I just thought would send you this letter of appreciation for breaking through the general silence created by people like us. I think that was a very brave and commendable act. I will visit your site often.


D. Bradley (decipher)

Yes, it's true. Not everybody loves me. Keep reading....

adslkfj Submitted The Following:

Go to <-- Someones been making fun of you.

Someone's been making fun of me? Surely you're kidding! I find it
funny that so many people think that I'm important enough to spend $70 and spend so many hours just to put me down. Oh well, there's no such thing as bad publicity as they say.