Attention John V.

Just writing to inform you.

there will be a ''Anti AntiOnline" rally at defcon this year
and I will be speaking at DEF CON against you and your actions towards
the underground. Kens justice will be served.
this has all been confirmed by Jeff Moss who I am also working with.

I have started to see press releases speaking out against you
and the media is getting the impression 'you are not what you claim to be'
since your recent actions against Ken.
I hope you do feel completly ashamed at your actions as the /jp
directory on kens server was NOT filled with any matieral that was offending
your family /business or yourself.

your claim that it was is inaccurate and invalid.

Even Computer Security Professionals, (not including yourself
as you are not a professional in the industry)
like Jeff Moss speak out against you
because of you and your actions.

You may re-produce this email, or cut and twist it as much as you like
to post to your 'mailbag' as HNN have been sent an original copy.

- Dave Shanley.

First off, if my claims were invalid, Harvard wouldn't have
shut the site down. As for me "not being who I claim to be". Well, I claim
to be a security enthusiast, and since I do this stuff full time, that makes me,
by definition, a professional. Although I don't claim to be the world's leading
expert by any stretch of the imagination, I think the fact that nearly every malicious
hacker on the planet has been trying to break into our network this week, and has
been very unsuccessful in doing so, shows that I'm at least on the rigth track, don't
you think?

As for the Anti-AntiOnline rally.

HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, but that is one of the funniest damn things I've heard in a long time. An
entire rally at a major convention just to bitch about me, people need lives.

For some reason that 'Hacker Community' sees me as a threat. People wouldn't take me very seriously, or my mission against malicious hackers, if all of the hackers out there
were saying how much they respected me, now would they? This rally will be like a bunch of
pot heads bitching about the police, and little more.

mrkool Submitted The Following:

I was wondering if you would be willing to make a comment as to
what has been happening with antionline and Harvard University?

Well, I bet many of you expected to see dozens of letters in
this week's mailbag about the whole PacketStorm incident. Guess what? I'm not
going to do that. This will be the last letter I'll post on the subject, so if that's the
only reason you're reading this, feel free to stop after this one. I think that I can sum up the course of events with this PacketStorm stuff
in one response. Here it goes:

A 32 year old student posts pictures and derogatory statements about a 17 year old girl,
along with her address, and distorted pictures of her 20 year old brother, who is an evil
net criminal only out to make money. The evil 20 year old net criminal
is upset to see that a 32 year old student would post such a thing about his sister, and sends an e-mail to
the ISP of the site to get the material taken down.

The ISP shuts down the 32 year old student's webpage, thus ruining his education,
job, career, and entire life
. The 32 year old is outraged, and gets
his buddies, all who have way too much time on their hands, to help him out. They do. The
evil 20 year old net criminal gets all sorts of spam, phone calls, and hack attempts.
His ISP is forced to firewall his connection because of all of it. No one can read the 20
year old net criminal's side of things
, so the 32 year old student is played as a poor,
defenseless little victim who's life was ruined by an evil 20 year old net criminal that
has ruined dozens of other lives as well.

Soon after, the 20 year old net criminal's site comes
back online, and the ISP that shut down the 32 year old student's site makes a couple of
. Everyone realizes that the 32 year old student and his friends have been playing
them for a fool
, the 20 year old net criminal writes a short little ditty in his mailbag,
and chalks the mess up to yet another interesting 'life experience'.


The 32 year old student will get a back-up in the mail from the ISP which shut down his
site. He will post his site online again, along with a statement about how he overcame
all of the troubles that the 20 year old net criminal caused him. He will thank all of
the people that he played as a fools for all of their support, and will continue on
with his life, which is no longer ruined.

The 32 year old student's friends who have too much time on their hands will continue
to post dozens of pages of interesting fiction on their sites about the 20 year old
net criminal, until they either get raided by the FBI again, or get sued for libel.

The 20 year old net criminal will continue to run his site, and destroy people's lives.

The End.

How was that?

Brian Submitted The Following:

I was looking through the always amusing hacked pages archives and was
wondering why hackers cannot spell. It seems that on 9 out of 10 hacked
pages there are a few words spelled incorrectly. It amazes me that people
can hack into these sites, like the White House, but cannot seem to spell.
What do you say to this?

I donut no. I kant spel eather.

I happened to be reading,
and I followed a link to antionline, and was denied because of where I was being
referred from. I can't believe that this referral generates much traffic,
so all I can think is that this is some sort of immature way of shielding
yourselves from critisism. I hope this isn't so.

- Billings

You want to see immature? I'll show you why Attrition is on our
denied referer list. He has several links on his site, such as the one below which was
designed to trigger our IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), and post this pathetic
message in our logs. It has nothing to do with 'being afraid of competition', and
everything to do with squashing an annoying bug that keeps buzzing in my ear. And
until I decide to start up a temple of hate of my own, I don't consider Attrition

As found at:



- Chris Fletcher

It's a pedigree miniature pincher, and I hope it dies too, heh. Seriously though, you wouldn't think that
a 7lb. dog would be much of a guard dog, but he is. Whenever I see him go running up the stairs and
hide under his blanket, I know someone's coming.

I couldn't agree more with your stance on hacking.

They claim to believe in freedom of speech, yet they attack sites
(which takes away the site admin's freedom of speech). In my opinion,
this has gone too far. If they really want to speak their mind so much,
why don't they just register for their own domain, and put their own opinions
there, but defacing another site just destroys what they've been working for.


purg productions

That's the wonder about the internet. Everyone has an equal opportunity
to express their views on things. If you can't afford your own servers, there are those out
there that will give you free space to post your ideas. There is no need to go defacing other's
pages. If your ideas are worth reading, people will go to your page to read them. If not, well
then, maybe you need to re-think things.

Hello JP,

I have been visiting AO for quite some time now and enjoy the new exploits and the mailbag
section. I have to agree with your new stand. But in the same breath the old stand and
page were what got me into AO to begin with. Oh well, we all have that certain "lifestyle"
we have to maintain aye!

I have never submitted to the mailbag before but I just had to comment on the site that
someone posted as a clone to AO. You have to admit that is some pretty funny ****. Talk
about someone(s) with to much time on there hands.

Anyway my comment/suggestion would be PLEASE make the mailbag as long as it used to be,
the more the merry-er right?


- Casey Htisac

There seems to be an epidemic of people with too much time on their
hands lately....