Hey !

I can't keep myself from laughing about the stories of "hackers" on AntiOnline. The thing about DefCon in your Mailbag is really funny. Please write a review about the events on Defcon.

Ah, and this story about the harvard-student was also good. Some guys got really pissed off when you closed it.

First I searched for some help getting NT a bit more secure, but now I read AO just for entertainment. :-)

Go on like that, you bring some life into the "hacker scene".

P.S.: By the way, why do I have to enter an email-adress to send something to the mailbag?

Well, just make up a fake e-mail address like everyone else that writes in. As for any stories on Def Con, we have a few things planned to go up this week, so keep checking back ;-)


Here, finally, the Distributed Computing idea is doing something else cool.. eg. SETI@home...
So, why the hell do some lamer script kiddies have to hack their page?

You would think some things would have such a universal geeky appeal that they would go unmolested.

I guess not... makes me sad.. I do believe that the Ethic has gone the way of Chivilary..


Yes, sad but true. For those of you that didn't see it,
one of the official SETI homepages was indeed hacked. Here's a copy of the mirror from
the AntiOnline archives. Wonder what excuse this hacker would come up with
to justify his actions? It helped to send a message about security to the
rest of the world? They were making a political statement? Who knows....

our admin died and she took our nt cd. now we
cant get into our server because we do not
have the password - ANY password. All we can
do is run DOS. Otherwise, a widow comes up
asking for a password with "Administrator" as
a given user name.

We have tried "getpassword", but it is not
executable from DOS.

PLEASE help.

I will commit suicide if I do not find an
answer to this problem by 12:00 midnight
tonight, Monday, July 05, 1999.

- crescensky

What's today? ****, it's the 12th, we've lost another one.....

Keebler Elves own you FAG.

- system v

I don't know about that, but their town-house crackers sure rock.

umm jp, im sick of you posting all these ****ing lamers complaining about the harvard ****. its not news, its bullshit kiddies trying to complain and be babies to get attention. its not like you jp. stick to the goddamn technology stories d00d.

be cool


Yeah, you're right, it's getting old. But, no need to fear. I'm sure I'll piss off someone new this week, and there will be something different for people to bitch about =) As far as the tech. stuff goes, we have a few things in store for you in the near future

I have to give you credit. On HNN, the following text was posted...

"Harvard University has graciously shipped a 17.2GB hard drive that should contain the complete Packet Storm Security Archives to Ken Williams. Ken has told HNN that he is received to host the site and hopes to have it back online soon."

In your mailbag, you wrote this week...

"The 32 year old student will get a back-up in the mail from the ISP which shut down his site. He will post his site online again, along with a statement about how he overcame all of the troubles that the 20 year old net criminal caused him. He will thank all of the people that he played as a fools for all of their support, and will continue on with his life, which is no longer ruined."

Granted, you are probably the biggest, self-serving blowhard in a scene filled with them. You thump your chest as if you're the only site there is. However, every once in a while, you have these moments of lucidity that amaze me and allow me to keep my (albeit little) faith in you. Go on with your bad self!

Ok, I admit it. I didn't come up with that prediction on my own. My psychic friend told me all about it, right after she said she saw that I would die before
my 78th birthday. That got me kind of depressed, but she said not to worry, because I would
be re-incarnated as a turtle and live to be 102.

I've been a quiet reader for about as long as i can remember..

It seems you've been taking a lot of heat lately about your recent decision
to take a stand against people who call themselves 'hackers'.. i think
they're just feeling that you're a threat to them and they're responding in
their typical immature fashion.

Whatever happens with all of this antionline stuff, i just wanted to say
that i've enjoyed the service you've provided the internet the past few
years, and i appreciate the way you express your opinions, whether or not i
agree with them. i think that's what makes the internet a great forum, it
brings people with different opinions together to talk. it's too bad people
have to hate you for it. just think if we all thought and acted like
'hackers' it would be a pretty boring world (and we'd probably never get
out of the house).

On a totally unrelated note, what other hobbies do you have other than
computers? Keep up the good work, most of us out here appreciate it.

- Trevor

Well, believe it or not, running this site can get somewhat
stressful at times. So, I enjoy doing things that keep me sane, like walking, reading,
and laying back and listening to some good music.


Just wanted to say that I think that the subtitle("Oh My God, They Killed Kenny!") of Done Wiseman's article was just as good as the article per se. Howcome Kenneth Williams is feeling so sorry for himself? Well - it wasn't like that the space station Mir dropped from the sky and hit him in the head, like it did with Kenny.

BTW: Is it possible to buy the life size South Park Characters anywhere on the Internet?

Thanks for a great site.


Check E-bay auctions. Every now and then one of them will sneak up. We just got ahold of Mr. Garrison. A hard find, let me tell you.


I'm plucking out my nose hairs as I read this.
It hurts a lot.


Thanks for sharing that. Really. I appreciate it.


How much do you know about communist hacking activities from the Cuban Regime?


I could tell you all about it, but then I'd have to have you shot. Are you up to it?

ok... so i'm for ethical hacking. But how do would you feel about, say, hacking a mail order bride service to get a, say, kosovar lawyer into the states without having to live with Mr. Bud-Wifebeater.



I don't know what is up with all of the weird e-mail I've been getting this week. Apparently some sort of Congressional Legislation must of gotten past that gave nut houses grants to get their residents access to the internet or something.

Blort Submitted The Following:

I have been Visiting your site for quite a while now and by far my favorite section is the mailbag, where idiots of the world can unite in making fools of themselves by trying to flame you on your own ground. It seems rather childish to me that all the hate mail you get is about how much people dislike one thing or another about antionline, but they obviously keep coming. Weird.. When I find a site I don't like I tend to quit visiting it rather than try to shove my ideas down the webmaster's throat because I know it won't make a damn bit of difference in the end, just another piece of mail in the trash bin.

Oh yes, the MailBag. A lot of people write in saying that they enjoy it. Unfortunately, some people out there take it WAY to seriously, keep reading.....

Gunman Submitted The Following:

Having witnessed the events surrounding PacketStorm, and the fuss Attrition have made regarding AntiOnline, one thing has become apparant. These people who call themselves hackers are no more than pathetic little children, they bicker and argue amongest themselves because of some loyalty they have towards the net 'underground', perhaps the only place these sad people can join in a group. They have no sense humour, as demonstrated by Attrition, when they quoted JP on their page, several of the quotes were obvious jokes, yet these people took them seriously. They have a problem with AntiOnline because it generates profit. But they dont realise they could be doing very well for themselves working in the computer security industry, working to fix problems instead of breaking into webpages because they think they have a reason, such as the spate of attacks during the recent war in the Balkans (they demonstrated again they have little understanding of the situation there). They are hypocritical, no-hoper loners, s
ad little people who believe they are the rulers and rightful owners of the internet, claiming they are protecting free speech whilst destroying anything that goes against their ideas, and they are sheep, blindly following everyone else, free Kevin ? Whoever started that should have copyrighted, because so many people have seen it and copied it onto their pages because they thought it looked good, again with little understanding of exactly who Kevin Mitnick is, or what he did.

Alot of the problems they have with AntiOnline also seems to be jealousy, AntiOnline is one of the biggest security pages around and although i dont always agree with the views printed on the pages, there is no denying the site is well designed, secure and most of all, useful, the news is often more reliable than the biased views printed on these so-called hackers sites.
Get a life people, go outside, meet people, realise that out of Cyber space, you are nothing, you are the pasty faced goon who gets beaten up at school, and try using your skills for something more productive.

Haha, this is something that cracks me up everytime I see it. This letter gives me a good excuse to post it. Attrition has up a section which proves "what a racist", I am. It's under the Negation: The Truth About AntiOnline section. So, here it is. What Brian Martin calls proof of me being evil, and what I like to call:

The Best Of The AntiOnline MailBag

As Taken From: http://www.attrition.org/negation/racist.html

"Well, some have written me accusing me of being a flat out biggot. But,
I think that every week I take the opportunity to rag on a different
country, nationality, or a University of Pittsburgh employee, equally."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"Ok, last year it was some dude named Kalid Ibrahim from Harkat-ul-Anser
with his yellow rider rent-a-truck, this year it's a disgruntled
Brazilian. BTW: it's not my fault that their president can't get head."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"As for my lobby, it's hardly unkept. We have a team of migrant mexican
workers come in weekly to vacuum and dust."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"Well, when we found out that President Clinton was helping to sell
military secrets to China, we had Mike (who's real name is Yen Ki Li Wun
Tsai) fly back to his mother land and get us all the latest scoops."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich (JP), 3/22/99

"Believe me, you'll never know the true meaning of the word "cracker"
until you've been down there [Tennessee]."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich, 5/10/99

"Your person on the street will know the word 'hacker,' but if they
hear the word 'cracker,' they may think you're a racist."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vransevich, 5/19/98 (zdtv article)

"Hrm. Maybe you're right. Of course, I don't have any African Americans in
that picture either. Erm, no handicapped individuals. No Chinese either.
Maybe I'll try to have someone draw up a picture of a one legged black
women being pushed in a wheel chair by a Shaolin Priest."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranasevich, 3/8/99, responding to a reader
mentioning no females in the AO picture

"Sorry Jesse Jackson, I simply forgot about the ebonic brothers
out there. Oh well, I tried."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich, 5/10/99

"Ok, I'm sorry for saying bad things about Brazilians, Mexicans, One legged
black women who get pushed around in their wheelchairs by Shaolin Priests,
and University of Pittsburgh CIS Staff Members. Well, I'm sorry about
everything except the last one...."

-- AntiOnline Founder John Vranesevich,

Oh well, I guess some people just can't take a joke....

DeadMessiah Submitted The Following:

Cult of the dead cow does stink, There a bunch of dipshits that released one trojan virus and made it big time for some dumb reason. Noone ever heard of cdc till Bo came out, Know there working on getting more attion by putting out a new version of bo. You have to admit that they suck and always will suck

AnonyMouse Submitted The Following:

"One million dollars and a monster truck"

I couldnt care less what their motive for releasing BO2K is, i just love their sense of humour, its nice to see some hackers who dont take things too seriously.