Carolyn Meinel Submitted The Following:

Michael Schiffman's article about me is almost entirely fictional. For starters, I don't live in a trailer park, but in Forest Park Estates, 4 Fawn Rd., Cedar Crest, NM, in a large home with an indoor swimming pool. While I do own a manufactured home which was transported to its location as a trailer, it is not in a trailer park. It is on a permanent foundation on five acres in the Estancia Valley, which I use as a rental property and occasionally to pasture my horses.

Just in case you were wondering if Schiffman has access to the FBI's files on me -- try getting those files yourself. You will find that the FBI won't give them to you. Do you remember the White House FBI files scandal? Even the President of the United States doesn't have the right to look over people's FBI files. So it is a real stretch to think that Schiffman has the power to review other people's FBI files. You folks who want to see what the FBI really says about me will have to wait until I'm dead and use the Freedom of Information Act to get this information.

Perhaps Schiffman is telling the truth that he and I have met face to face before. Perhaps at those encounters he was not as heavily tattooed, perhaps he wasn't a blonde, and perhaps he didn't appear to suffer steroid poisoning. So I'll give him credit for getting that part of the story right -- but I'm taking this on faith. All I can say is that when several hundred people introduce themselves to me during a hacker convention, it's hard to remember them all.

Actually, Schiffman's story has one part that that I know for sure isn't one of those "blonde" things. I do have a daughter named Virginia -- who doesn't answer his emails. Perhaps a new hair color and set of body markings might help?

Needless to say, we got a TON of e-mail about both Carolyn's articles, and about Schiffman's article. Keep reading....

nipolit Submitted The Following:

After reading antionline article "debunking the debunked" I have decided to revise my assessment as follows:

carolyn p meinel -> lonely and insecure woman

mike d. schiffman -> prideful and insecure (man?)

as for the "hacker community" in general; they're all fairly immature.

I used to break things like windows and cars when I was a kid too, but then one day I decided to abandon the playground fights and grow up.

JP, I know you can post better stuff than this hissy-fit drivel.

Well, we post a VERY wide range of things on our site. We try to make sure there's always a little something for everybody. Some people like to read about the "happenings of the underground", much like the pieces written by Carolyn and Mike. Others, such as yourself, are more interested in the actual "security information", and of course, our site is filled with that too.

From the Debunking the Debunked article by seƱor Schiffman, I noted something that removes a bit of credibility from the rest of his article.

Here's the quote -

"No dear friends, these are powerful psycho-reactive mind-altering chemicals such as sertaline hydrochloride and diazepam. This woman has serious mental problems that require medication and treatment."

Diazepam is the official substance name for a rather common item. You probably know it by it's brand name, or trade name - Valium. When this became a powerful psycho-reactive mind-altering chemical is beyond me.

Diazepam is as an anxiolytic, a sedative, and a muscle relaxant. It's found pretty much anyplace.

The other drug he mentions, "sertaline hydrochloride", is mispelled. It's sertraline. Sertraline goes by the brand name of Zoloft, and is an antidepressant.

Zoloft blocks serotonin reception to the brain. Serotonin problems are really quite common.

Neither of the drugs is a psycho-reactive mind-altering drug.


Apparently half of our readership is on either "Valium" or "Zoloft". We got dozens of e-mails from people describing what these drugs really are, and what effects they have on the mind. Scarry....

ragman Submitted The Following:

I'm glad you printed route's little article. It's always nice to let your viewers know both sides of the story (althought I have to admit this is a rare thing indeed for Antionline).

Hey, I'm always inclined to print both sides, when both sides are submitted to me in printable form. Mike's article was the first article about Carolyn that someone sent me which didn't include the words "Crack Wh0re" in it.

james Submitted The Following:

I would like to begin by stating that I am not a hacker or a cracker, just someone who tries to keep as informed about the scene as an outsider is permitted to be, considering the topics which are presented in the various 'hacker news' sites and some other personal digging. What I would like to comment on is the whole "HACKER WORLD vs. CAROLYN MEINEL" and other ridiculums which present themselves on a regular occasion in these people's community. Jesus freakin Christ people, don't you have better things to do? I mean, I was under the assumptiong that hackers were the smartest of the smart, the keenest of the keen.

I would contemplate the stuff they have proven themselves capable of, and have been envious of their abilities, which drives me to learn more, as quickly as I can. Now, I don't agree with hacking the webpage of the FBI 'because we can', considering that's the same logic most child molestors use.

The surest sign that one's capacity at intellectual verbalization has been expended is when said person resorts to personal attacks. Now I must admit that both Carolyn Meinel and all her loyal fans are guilty of it, it is apparent that her fans seem to resort to these tactics more often. Attempting to sway someone's thinking about a person based on a mimimally informed perception of siad person's mental equillibrium is simply ridiculous.

How clever that Mr Schiffman is able to recite the brand name of the drugs she uses, for whatever reason she does, but have you any idea why she takes them, or what the drugs' benefits and disadvantages are? You say they are 'psycho-reactive mind-altering drups'. Sorry, but that term cannot describe the effects of a drug. 'Pshychoactive' is a correct term, and Mr Schiffman, coffee is psychoactive. Until you become a trained and certified physician or psychiatrist, why not try to keep a handle on your psychological diagnostics?

Now, I'm not taking sides here, because frankly, I don't give a **** about anyone involved, but I do care about the hacking community, because they are the people who are truly advancing technology. Why is Windows actually becoming more secure of an operating system? Hackers. Why are Unix and Linux becoming more popular again, despite their backwardness in the gui experience? Because hackers use these os's and because smart companies hire these hackers. Why are web servers like apache and even other less significant servers becoming harder to crack, and more secure? Because of hackers.

You guys are making a mockery of yourselves in the media, taking the focus away from your talent, and towards your childishness. If Bill Gates were to release a statement to the L.A. Times saying "Steve Jobs runs his business poorly, because he smells like a gorilla." who the hell would be able to take him or his company seriously? "Carolyn Meinel can't hack because I say so. Forget that no one broke into her box at defcon, that's inconsequential, we don't do that stuff anyway, she's just crazy folks, that's all you need to know". Now I realize that her website has been hacked numerous times, but let's face it folks, if you had the majority of the hacking community wanting you either gone, forgotten, dead, or all three, I think you'd have problems too. Mr Shiffman, if as many people tried to hack your site as do Carolyn's, I think you would fall a few times yourself.

It's such a shame, because it seems that hackers, or at least the one's who crave media attention, only want to boast about their abilities and debunk those of anyone else. How many hacking sites around have tutorials, or hacker-to-nonUberbrainiac explanations about coding etc? Not ****in many. Now, this may be because as Mike Schiffman, or Route, says, hackers 'don't get out of bed for less than $100 a day'. For a group of people who seem hell bent of free software for all, and freedom of speech and all that, you sure don't like sharing what you know.

Anyway, like I said before, I'm an outsider, lookin in, so I'll obviously be discredited no matter whay I say anyway. Sure hope you ladies and gents of the hacking world get your **** together and return to what the world needs you for, which is hacking, and leave the personal attacks to your little brothers and sisters in kindergarten.

Lotsa love.

Yes, Carolyn's website has been hacked many times. But if you look at it that way, Mike's website, aka Phrack's Website, has been hacked as well. You can add Defcon's Website and The RootShell site to that list as well. Hrm, can't add AntiOnline to that list though =P At least, not yet anyway, heh (fingers-crossed).

slush bucket Submitted The Following:

JP is cool.

JP is neat.

I bet JP,

has real nice feet.

His web site is,

really cool.

He takes all script kiddies,

back to school.

The hack attempts,

are very high.

But look, no hacks,

to that JP guy.

They want to 0wn.

They want his pr0n.

But JP's still here,

singing this song.

Hrmf. The next Vanilla-Ice? Scarry.

need some help Submitted The Following:

i want to getting into hackinging and pirating and **** like that where's the best place to start i need help, so i can disrupt the computer world.


Something tells me you're already disrupted enough for all of us. No doubt he'll get caught doing something stupid, and claim that he did it in the name of civil liberty in China (*caugh*caugh*BroncBuster*caugh*caugh).

BitWiz Submitted The Following:

What's with the "KewL Doodz" black web page look? While I have good eye sight, this ridiculous white and green on black (with skinny courier no less) makes my brain ache.
The entry page is nice black on white (not to mention the form I am typing in) yet the letters section adopts the DoOd look.

There is nothing that bugs me more than people with old, outdated browsers bitching about how a webpage looks. If you want things to look pretty, ditch that old browser of yours that you've probably had for a year, and download something newer. Don't expect people to hold back using advancements in technology, to accomodate people too lazy to upgrade =P


Were you aware that sitting on bicycle seats places undue weight on the
arteries and nerves that feed the male reproductive system, restricting
critical blood vessels and causing possibly permanent damage.

About two years ago noted Boston urologist Irwin Goldstein concluded
were that more than 100,000 American men had been left permanently
impotent from cycling, which Goldstein called the most irrational form
of exercise. And the phenomenon affected mountain bikers, stationary
bike riders, even young novices.

The trouble, Goldstein asserted, wasn't so much the perilous support
bar on men's bikes, but the seat -- especially those narrow racing
saddles with the elongated nose which, he claims, puts dangerous
pressure where it was never intended.

"Every single day I sit in a chair and I face people who were made
impotent, whose only crime in life is that they sat on one of these
objects -- I won't dignify them any more than that. They're men in their
20s and 30s, and their lives have now been made miserable." Goldstein

You may want to reconsider those, I believe you put it, "Ub3r C00l"
pieces of furniture.

Jake Armitage

=/ The bike seats by the servers are more for decoration than anything. Needless to say, I don't spend any time actually sitting in front of the servers. Our workstations have nice, comfortable office chairs. HOWEVER, funny you should send this. Brad and I went out and bought racing bikes this week. I got a larger seat installed on mine (for comfort, glad I did after reading your letter). Brad still has the original, pencil-thin seat, so I guess it just sucks to be him....

Chip Submitted The Following:

Is there any way that I may be able to access the Knowledge Base. I was really learning some things before it was secured.

Nice try, but the knowledge base was never open to the general public =)

JP , first off .. HI long time no see ;].. this is the first time i have even wrote into your "mailbag" and i would very much like for it to be replyed to / posted on your site.

I hope you still remember me , I'm sure you are in contact with so many people just like me that it would be easy to get all of us "little people" confused..

I'm an ex-script kiddy , Who now would like to get into the Network Security Business , I have extensive knowledge of network protocols , Unix/Linux/FreeBSD/Windows9* and Windows NT.. what would YOU recomend doing?.. Im curently 17 and in 11th grade in high school.. But i dont really think i need high school , My computer skills far exeed that of alot of sys admins , and given any chance in any company i would shine like a brand new quarter [ "do good" ] but being that i've spent the last 3 years playing with Unix by myself cracking into sites and adming my home box its not really like i have any certs to show for myself.. Should i take the MCSE ? [ Microsoft? bAH , ] or get other certs? , Im really ready to jump right into the work place and see what I can do.. its rather annoying living in this ghetto ass town with only 1 local ISP where the admin is a complete moron.. I want to just jump in my car , Move to new york , put on a brite smile and a polo shirt and say "Hi Im A Computer Guru , Look What I Can D
o.." and see if anyone hires me , but bah..

WELL , i'm sure they're are tons of people in the same situation i am , if the world has so many computer jobs , how come we cant fill the slots now? :X..

Well, you actually bring up a good point. What you're basically asking, whether you know it or not, is "How Can I Build My Resume"? Like many computer gurus, you don't have a college degree or certification to write down. What you need to do, is come up with "Proof" that you know what you know. That's all a college degree or certification really is. So, how do people "prove" what you know? Try becoming a published author. Get articles posted in trade journals, or for starters, publish them on your own webpage. Try giving lectures at local trade shows, or VOLUNTEERING your services to a local school district or library. Join a local user group. That would be a great place to meet other people who have interests similar to yours, PLUS it's a great place to meet people who could some day act as references for you. Basically, being able to show that you have EXPERIENCE will be even more benificial to your future career than being able to show you have a certificate. There are many college graduates that have trouble getting jobs because they lack the experience.