I was doing some 'peaceful scans' trying to see exactly what servers existed in
AntiOnline. There are some strange names for the servers.. (i.e. Starvin Marvin)
Who came up with these names and why??

There servers that are available to the public are named
after South Park characters. Starvin Marvin, Scuzzlebutt, Mr Garrison, Cartman,
Kenny (kenny is the name for the Mac we have sitting around. It was an appropriate
name, because the Mac dies about as often as Kenny does).


carolyn meinel

mike schiffman

You guys are great, call me...


Jerry Springer

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! BTW: Whoever hacked Jerry's website last week,
not cute. Some things are sacred and should be left alone.

To Whom It May Concern

In reviewing our company Y2K plan, Antionilne is a resource we use. Is
Antionline web site, Y2K compliant? There is a concern that we will not be
able to get information if we had to. If yes, do you have a compliance
statement. If no, do you know when you will be Y2K compliant?

Thank you for your time.

Vince Grauso

We released a compliance statement several months ago. We're all
set for Y2k. However, I can't guarantee that our town, with its 82 year old mayor, will
be ready.....

KnightMB Submitted The Following:

In response to what james submitted in your last mailbag about hackers "making a mockery of
yourselves in the media". I agree with him 100% and would also like to add my $0.02 on this.
Software companies (like the one I work at) very often have to hire people to test software.
I'm sure Microsoft pays a lot for software testers (other than the free yet paying beta
testers??) and companies with Unix, Linux, and Mac software must have their software tested too of course. I'm sure Bill Gates is laughing all the way to the bank when hackers find exploits and holes in Windows, as well as the other heads of Unix, Linux, and Max software companies. The only thing I see hackers as; is exploited beta testers for software giants. They don't know or don't want to believe it, but hello to all the hackers in the world out there, someone is making a lot of money off of you guys/gals!! Even if a hacker breaks into a site and points out it's weakness, that's more money made for a security company. Just like anti-virus
companies making money off of the morons that write viruses for the heck of it. If there were
no idiots writing viruses, then there would be no anti-virus companies making money off of us. If there were no hackers in the world, the software/hardware security industry would be extremely small as well. It's interesting how it's possible to make money off of anything, especially the abused computer world. If there was a new treat of people selling keyboards that transmit wireless information to foreign sources, you would see about 20 companies selling software to detect the keyboard, transmitters to track where the signal is coming from, news reports of kackers, and all this other crap of people claiming to be the ultimate kacker because he had what you typed in your last e-mail to your wife. Hey, maybe this will be the next computer craze, kackers watching everything you type. I hope atleast one person gets to read this long outburst of words. Perhaps someone will read this and say, "Maybe I should qui
t submitting all these bugs to Microsoft since I don't ever get s*** back from them except,
we'll look into it"

Well, I'm sure if Eric Raymond were here, he'd have
some strong disagreements with your letter. I suggest you read his article, The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

reveal Submitted The Following:

Oh Boo-****ing-Hoo. Kevin Mitnick, the criminal (regardless of his crime, he IS still a
criminal), is forced to live in the same conditions as all the other criminals. How ****ing
sad. *sniff* This will take me a while to get over.

Ok, I'm over it.