I have some comments regaurding the "WHAT! My Kid's A Hacker?" page that you just posted.

If my parents had followed that advice, I probably would've been in deep crap when I was just getting into computers. Now I'm a successful programmer and work for a large corporation as a programmer and a support tech.

I think that most any 'hacker' will always realize that doing the 'wrong' thing isn't cool, and eventually come around to the 'good' side of things. I know I did, and I know that I never would've gotten to the point where I am if it weren't for the not-so-legal things that I did in my past.

If a kid is going to make a future for him/herself in the computer industry, and actually EARN their pay (not like *****ing MCSE dipsh*ts), they're going to start out doing no-so-legal things. All of the people I work w/ that know much about UNIX are all people who've been 'hacking' for years. You've got to admit that covering your ass is a good way to learn how other hackers think, and that is something that sysadmins need to know.

Doing things that aren't legal isn't good, but I think the problem is that it's too hard to get linux/unix installed on your own system and working really well that most people resort to hacking other peoples systems to learn things.

If I'd had an RS/6000 when I was in high school, I'd never have had any need to hack anybody elses systems....

- Epicurus

I'm a bit confused. It's OK to break the law, and potentially cost someone else thousands of dollars, because it's a good way for someone to learn who doesn't have the ability to get linux running on their own computer? Do you really think like this?

Well, what do you know? Mitnick has had his trial!

What will the great hackers of the world fight for next?

Animal rights in Africa? -Go be a member of WWF - GROW UP.

I only hope that Antionline will not fill it`s mailbag this week with that crap - it`S O L D N E W S -let`s just get it over with!? Mitnick will be out by January 2000. Untill then, let`s find something else to read about!


Well, from what I've been reading on the "Official Kevin Mitnick Mail List", his "fans" are upset that Kevin was moved to a jail that doesn't offer Kosher meals, and Kevin is apparently starving himself because of it. Personally, I'm wondering if Kevin will be hired by ZDNet to work along side IRA and Kevin Poulsen when he gets out. I had a talk with Poulsen just last week, and he says he would put in a good word for Mitnick. Go figure....


I received the following from a friend at a 'large computer company located in the south', and wanted to know if there was any validity to the claims therein. Not wanting to be one to spread rumors (or hoaxes) I anxiously await your findings.

I checked a couple of other 'sources' but haven't found anything yet...

"Subject: FW: Actual Windows 2000 bug fix


You may think your PC is "Y2K" compliant, and some little tests may have actually affirmed that your hardware is compliant, and you may even have a little company sticker affixed to your system saying "Y2K Compliant"... but
you'll be surprised that Windows may still crash unless you do this simple exercise below. Easy fix but something Microsoft seems to have missed in certifying their software as Y2K compliant.
This is simple to do, and but VERY important.

Click on "START".

Click on "SETTINGS".

Double click on "Control Panel".

Double click on "Regional settings" icon (look for the little world globe).

Click on the "Date" tab at the top of the page. (last tab on the top right)
Where it says, "Short Date Sample", look and see if it shows a "two digit" year format ("YY"). Unless you've previously changed it (and you probably haven't) -- it will be set incorrectly with just the two Y's.. it needs to be four!

That's because Microsoft made the 2 digits setting the default setting for Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT.

This date format selected is the date that Windows feeds *ALL* application software and will not rollover into the year 2000. It will roll over to the year 00. (*)
Click on the button across from "Short Date Style" and select the option that shows, "mm/dd/yyyy" or "m/d/yyyy". (Be sure your selection has four y's showing, not just "mm/dd/yy).

Then click on "Apply".

Then click on "OK" at the button.

Easy enough to fix. However, every "as distributed" installation of Windows worldwide is defaulted to fail Y2K rollover... Pass this along to your PC buddies... no matter how much of a guru they think they are... this might be a welcome bit of information!"

I'm ALWAYS leery of anything that says 'pass this along' (or something along those lines). Can you confirm that this will actually be an issue? I find it kind of hard to believe.

-- zodiac

Disregard my last email. I found the answer myself.

I should've looked here first:

(http://www.microsoft.com/y2k/) and clicked on the
Year 2000 E-Mail Hoax link before spreading the hoax myself.

Boy, I feel stupid.

-- zodiac

As Mr. Mackey from South Park would say, mmmmK

What's sexy about ethical hacking? Have you ever heard about an ethical hacker getting laid? I mean aren't women attracted to the fact that a hacker takes his fate into his own hands when he chooses to break into a system? I think its about the thrill and the danger of it all. What thrill and/or danger is involved in ethical hacking? I mean you probably have permission so what's the big deal? I think I'm gonna stick with the nonethical "**** you you dumbass sysadmin, if you can't secure your network then it's not my fault I can't resist the temptation", especially when the actions that result from it can lead me to a great sex life.

P.S. I'm not a vigin anymore!!!!!!


Cracking into systems is bad, mmmK. And, uh, people who crack into systems are bad, mmmK.