Cheryl Paine Submitted The Following:

Just one question JP .... uh, where's the link to the MAILBAG on the main webpage. Really do miss it, it was one of the fun parts of the site.

Well, um, I guess if you're reading this now, you don't need that question answered so, um, yeah...

Stephan Submitted The Following:

I'm impressed - your website is very professional looking and is starting to look like even a bit of a news site. My only complaint is the complete lack of uniformity. Click on the "Hack Attempts" page - it's the design before the current one. Click on a hack attempt to get more information? It's two designs back. Is this being fixed or was it an oversight?

MOST of the site looks good, anyway.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You people don't cut me any slack do you? Heh. Well, it took a week, but all of AntiOnline, AntiCode, AntiSearch and AntiStore now have the same, uniform look.

Monkeeyman Submitted The Following:

Your new design is fat. Looks more professional and stuff.
Fat man, FAT!!

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Blah. It would have been more impressive if I had found that Arsineo Hall animation that I was looking for. Oh well......

can u send me a 'puter I really need one to **** up my friend cuz he ****ed
my girlfriend, please


With friends like that, who needs enemies, huh? Now that you lost your GirlFriend, you'll probably have to change your handle to something more appropriate, such as "MastaBeta". BTW: Don't hold your breath on that computer thing.....


For an hour or so around noon today (and at other times in the past), I've been unable to get the antionline web page on a web browser. I tried using accounts based here at Princeton, at UCLA, and at USC, and in all cases wasn't able to get to the web page. Is there something weird going on?


Well, I would claim that it was a conspiracy by all of the major universities to keep their students from visiting such a "bad influence" as myself, but alas, I can not. Truth be told, our primary "proxy" server for the site has gotten overloaded a few times in the past week. We've reconfigured some things, upgraded some things, and kicked a couple of things, and all seems to be well now.

---OSALL web page--- snip ----

The amount that PSS was purchased for is not public but itīs assumed the figure is well beyond the early six digits.

Williams will not be returning to work at PSS, saying he has received an excellant job at another security firm.

-- snip ---

i'd say you've done him some good


Heh, not that good. According to press reports from ZDNet, the actual amount is around $125,000. At one time he actually had the nerve to say that I was a sell-out for getting an investor. Hahaha.

A question for you:

I have a freind who recently fell out with her partner. The reason for the fall out was he had put a snooper style program onto her pc, so he could see exactly what she was up to, who she was talking to (on line) and so on.

She dumped him (what a prat he was) and brought a brand new machine.

She has now discovered that he has managed to get the same programm onto this new machine of hers.

What can she do to stop this from occuring again and again and again...short of shooting the man! (which i understand she is very very tempted to do!)

Any ideas anyone? (in terms of what to protect her machine with, not what ammo to use!)

Any help would be great



I hate people like that. At any rate, tell her to quit running pretty little programs that people are giving her in her e-mail. That's the most common way to distribute "Trojans", which it sounds like your friend is falling victim to. You can read our Fight-Back! section for more details on trojans, and for links to programs that will help you remove them. As for this guy that keeps pulling this crap. Have her stick a tape recorder on her person (micro-cassette), and see if she can get him to brag to her about doing it. What he's doing is a Felony, and although prosecutors usually don't go after cases unless there's big money damage, it seems that the local judicial system is starting to become more accepting to these types of cases, and if she has a taped confession, all the better for them. Some may say I'm being harsh by suggesting she pursue legal channels, but what this guy is doing is no better than if he were sitting outside of her window at night, or following her every where she goes. It's a form of stalking, harassment, and an invasion of privacy, plain and simple.

Tarik Submitted The Following:

I liked your rating game when it came out, and now I have an ISP to add to it. does not get an F, it get's a ZERO. I reported to them an abusive user who made attacks on my computer in excess of 100 times in a few minutes time period. He tried killping, teardrop, syn was a big pain. And when I alerted his ISP to this, and sent logs along with my letter, to back things up, they replied that there is nothing wrong with "pinging" someone, and to write back when I had a legitamite reason to do so. Needless to say, I was quite unhappy, and still am. But I would feel better if your readers knew about them, and to watch out. You won't get much help from these guys.

Well, feel free to have them call our offices, given permission, we'd be glad to set up a demonstration for them on the affects "pinging" can have on their systems.

Dear AntiOnline,

I just want to say that I really enjoy your site, and I am really sorry that you guys are a target for "crackers." And no wonder; you are exposing and telling just what kind of lamers they really are. For once, a site that teaches us little folks out there it is NOT just the criminals that have the knowledge; we can have the knowledge to fight back, and better yet, learn the rules and codes of conduct that makes us true hackers; people who do not stand for hurting someone else. That means not breaking into their system, even if it's to look around. Not to give someone a virus, or freak someone out by defacing a webpage because they have a certain point of view.

I really enjoy looking at eye on the underground and your anticode section. I have learned more from this section than any underground pages out there. I get a hearty laugh at the defaced webpages, yet have a sick feeling in my tummy on just how common it is. Thank you for what you have taught me, including your staff and the contributors.

I first got interested in computer security when I contracted a nasty virus, and it wiped my HD clean. It took me two days to fix it, and once i installed everything again, I looked security up. Lo and behold, I found my goldmine. A place that actually exposes these criminals. I go to this site everyday just to see what's new, and to see what is new in the underground.

Again, thank you for your help


Ok, I don't want to hear it. I post everyone's bad letters all the time, so kill me if once in a blue moon I feel like posting a nice one. I'm glad you learned something Jack, and thanks for writing in.