Dear Mr Vranesevich,

i live in Germany and i read articles of your webpage on a quite regular
basis. Today i read the article about the "Jam Echelon Day" and your views and
opinons about it.

I think that you are right in thinking that the emails wont be able to
really jam the system, but i think that you this article is contra-productive to
the people working for privacy and freedom.

Years ago, i heard of this system the first time, and i read some more
articles in german intellectual newspapers this year.

The existence of a worldwide tapping system is not proved at this
moment, i have to admit this. But official reports of the European Parliament
show that there is something like Echelon.
And: It might be a little bit naive to think that the Echolon system
works on "Altavista-like-basis", but to take this as a sign for the non-existence
of Echolon is naive too.

I think that there is a system like Echolon and that this is system is
even more powerful then supposed.

Please apologize my bad English...



Well, I never said that I didn't think Echelon exists. In fact, I am pretty confident that it does. However, I don't think that the actions of a few thousand hacktivists will do anything to clog up that system, nor do I think that the NSA, nor any other governmental agency for that matter, gives a flying ***** about what the opinions of these hacktivists are.

CraKHousE Submitted The Following:

well jp first things first great site it kicks ass keep up the good work. next i would like to say that your story on I'm Sorry To Tell You, But was so right on the money its not even old isp who i was once connected with had a system vulnerablilty and i let them know about the vulenerablity so there data can be safe. and i didnt even act like an ******* and say your system ****in sux i explained the problem in detail.....guess what i get email saying that my account has been canceled and that they said there is no problem. what the **** is that !! but you were right when you said just mind your busniess. well to end the story there web page was hacked and they hopefully learned a lesson (and no it wasnet me that did it )

For future reference, and incase anyone else plans on sending in an e-mail, please include specific names of any company / individual / that is involved, so that I can be sure to link to them and provide any appropriate commentary in the MailBag ;-)

justaguy Submitted The Following:

hello. i'm just a guy. all my life i've simply taken things
as they've come. i'm 18 now and am finally beginning to
question,"why?" i've thought for quite some time as to how
i could obtain the answers to my questions and the only two
answers that came back were to either run into certin
restricted buildings with a semi-automatic weapon and demand
information as to why. or learn to hack. being as how the
first solution is definitly out of the question, i'm writing
to inquire as to where to start. where do i begin to open to
myself the information that is ritefully mine as an american citizen?
if you can help than thank you very much. if not. i appreciate you taking the time to read my long and boring letter.

Ok, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "information that is ritefully mine as an american citizen", but you're starting to sound a lot like a young militia man wannabe. I would strongly suggest against running into a building with a semi-automatic. Information does you little good if you're dead. I would also strongly suggest against hacking. Information does you little good if you're in prison. Just ask Kevin Mitnick. If you're interested in the type of security that the government uses, and how it protects itself, why not work to become a government contractor someday? Then, not only will you learn their methodologies, you'll also be able to help advance them, it would all be legal, and to top it all off, you'll be getting a paycheck. Sure beats ending up in jail, where the only thing you're guaranteed to get is a nightly delivery from a big fat man named bubba.

Stephan Submitted The Following:

I'd just like to point a couple things out to the various people that write to you saying that you are an evil and horrible person for not advocating the hackers.

A) Kids, hacking IS, in fact, illegal. Pardon me, but if you're getting pissed off because someone is doing a bit to help enforce the law, your moral system needs an overhaul. Banning hacking is not a particularly unjust thing to do - it doesn't interfere with freedom of speech any more than banning vandalism. Let's not prosecute the vandals, either, because they're only leaving their message. Nevermind that it's on national park land, taking away the beauty of untouched wilderness for thousands of others.

B) Hacking is merely an easy way out. It's a simple matter of why take the time and energy to promote a site of your own when someone has already taken the time to promote one? Just hack theirs and you can have thousands of people see your work! As much as I'm not for "Free Kevin", Goldstein DID actually do a lot of work promoting and talking up his site. He has my respect for that. Do you actually think that people who are interested in freeing Kevin did not know about it already? You think that they NEEDED to have the bright yellow page shoved in their face when they went to read the latest news on their favorite website? Come on, a little thought will tell you that was popular enough without your little Free Kevin banners being smeared all over sites that didn't ask for it.

Just give John a bit of a break here. Hell, this is still a security site with a lot of information on it - I'm sure the hackers among you can find out security holes in systems from this site. Just because he isn't handing you hacking tidbits and such doesn't mean there isn't a wealth of information stored in the various Anti-Whatever sites. And John, keep up the great work.

In keeping with tradition, I wouldn't dare post any kind words towards myself or my work without providing the not-so-kind words from someone that thinks i'm Satan incarnate.


just wondering how you manage to convince yourself your in the right regarding every charge against you. you referred to attrition again in your mailbag today, what i was wondering is how is it that their site contains a whole bunch of allegations regarding you, backed up by information, while you resort to calling them names such as crackheads. it's funny you post the link to that ny times article where you are are qouted as saying you gave information to the fbi that led to the raid on brian martin. did you forget to mention he was never charged with anything? i was wondering why you feel that you know more than the fbi.. innocent until proven guilty? oh wait if i go by your line of thought then .. jp you too must be guilty of bribing that hacker... i mean after all attrition gave information on you.. and has numerous articles of proof as to your implications into the matter.. hmm.. can't wait till your skiny ass is behind bars... you'll be some big boys bitch.... your picture was hillarious btw.. you
try to look tough.. but a skiny geeky 20 year old, you still are.. i guess woman and a life don't compare to south park and irc... oh well.. i guess i'll send this.. doubt you read or print nething unless it is favorable.. or easily defendable...lates


Well, for starters, I always print things that aren't favorable to me. It's one of the trademarks of the MailBag. Secondly, if you think that this letter of yours is some piece of intellect that is "not easily defendable", then to be frank you are a pretty egotistical fellow. Allow me add one little remark as well "did you forget to mention he was never charged with anything?". I think it would be better to read "did you forget to mention he was never charged with anything, yet?" Oh, one more thing, as of today I am no longer 20. Damn I'm getting old =/

Craig Baltes (newworldman) Submitted The Following:

I am currently working in a Network Operations Center for the Navy. I will be ending my service in approx 12-13 months and am interested in the network security field. I have administered 11 TIS Gauntlet firewalls for about 2 years. I have some experience with various *nix's and Windows NT. I was wondering if there are any certifications or courses designed with a focus on network security. If not could you direct me to any resources that will help me prime up to enter this field in a year or so ( I have read/reading o'reileys "computer security basics", "building internet firewalls". Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated and hopefully help me enter this seemingly fun and lucrative world.

Craig Michael Baltes

Information Security is one of those fields where experience is FAR more important than any little certificate. Granted, if I were going in to have an operation, I'd want to make damn sure my physician had his PHD. However, if I wanted to hire someone to secure my network, I'd choose the guy with experience long before I chose a guy who was fresh out of college or with a pretty certificate given to him by some Sally Struthers like institute: "Get your associates degree in TV/VCR Repair, Furniture Upholstery, or become a certified Information Security Expert".