"God, I turn 21 and I start becoming all philosophical and crap....."

Well, it's better than becoming a worthless drunk.

- reptile6

Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind.....

I would just like to commend you on your excellant site. It is very imformitive and is layed out great. I don't see why some people get so "miffed" by the information you offer on your site. It doesnt make any sense... You should however be happy that you caused such an uproar. Take antioffline.com for example. They went through all the trouble of procuring a domain, just to spoof you. Then they show you their immense egos by trying to spoof everything you do. You provide excellent info and progs etc. while they show off their "evil 31337 haxor skillz" by showing you all the domains they scripted their way into using hacking xploits and automated progs. I find it amusing the amount of attention they pay to you, even though they say you are useless and terrible etc... Well anyway, you're great, your site is great, keep it up.


Uh-oh, this letter kissed major ass, you know what's to follow next.....

Several people brought this weeks mailbag to our attention. I am mailing
you to let you know that 'Debris' is not an attrition staff member, nor
shell user. Until today, he was given an e-mail forward via the sendmail
'alias' file, nothing else. Over three hundred such aliases exist and show
no affiliation to Attrition.org. If you view the headers of the mail you
received from 'Debris', you will see the mail did not originate from here.
I know that doesn't suit your needs and would invalidate your claims of
"us" "making threats" against you. One day we hope you will strive for
honor, integrity, and accurate information. We know that is a lot to ask

I want to let you know that the alias has changed from "debris:
debris@total.net" to "debris: root" so that can make sure he is not using
the account for illicit purposes. While the mail posted seems more a joke
than a legitimate threat to us, we are removing the account just in case.

On a side note, your threat of filing a report on this is amusing. I think
you need to read:

A simple request to us and we would have cancelled the forward
immediately. It speaks poorly of your site that your readers had to alert
us of this potential problem.

On another note, over the past month or two, Attrition staff members have
received at least 1 threat and roughly 10 reports of hacked servers from
various AntiOnline.org accounts. Should we use this as a basis to say YOU
and Antionline.COM is hacking and threatening us? You may not want to be
so quick to make stupid comments about us threatening you. As it is
clearly outlined on our page, only five people here are staff, and Debris
(and Bronc) are not among them. Further, you may want to consider who you
give your free mail servies to as it they are obviously using it in
conjunction with computer crime.



Hrmf. Do you honestly think that someone would be using even our free web based mail service to help along some sort of criminal act, without us knowing about it and making sure things were taken care of accordingly? As for "debris isn't staff, bronc isn't staff, blah blah blah". If you all want to be in bed together without calling each other lovers, that's fine. To the rest of the world, a rose by any other name.......

Ray Yang Submitted The Following:


Thanks very much for the new code snippets archive. It gets really frustrating to run around looking for code to do tedious math functions (especially when one's own code done for a class in high school just got corrupted by being placed on top of a speaker by accident).


I tell you what, those Bose wave radios are a bitch.....


First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the staff and creator(s) of this website. I have been perusing since Monday, and I am already impressed by the quality of the information. ( Spelling like "PHUN", "w4r3z", and "l00K d00DZ, iM 3L337!!!" tend to distract learning anything useful, not to assume sites containing the like provided "functionality". ) I am in no way an expert in any form of computing, but I am very pleased with what I have found so far. As an 18 year old college freshman, I've juxtaposed high-school's cache of free time for computer knowledge. Even today, I stay up LATE in the night to read, read, and read about anything related to my favorite subject. I am currently working from a 400 mHz Celeron on a 66 mHz frontside bus running Win98, with NO internet connection ( Go for it and laugh, I'm used to it by now ). It may seem like a strange request, but I was wondering if there would be a way for me to download compressed archives from your site so that I may transport them to
and view them on my local machine? Any further reading material or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks again to anyone involved with AntiOnline.

Thank you for your time,

Mark Williams

"juxtaposed". You know someone's a college freshman when they pull out words like that. As for further reading, I suggest you check out our AntiStore. We have a lot of recommended reading/software in there.

Hi John:

I read an article referenced on your page about whether we want "net cops." I think the problem is that actual cops need to act on very firm evidence, and the evidence when you're mailbombed, pingflooded, or any one of the new tricks that have popped up since I last poked my head into the world of computer malice (4 years ago) is damned thin. When I went to the cops after some dufus tried to subscribe me to 50 or so mailing lists, they told me quite honestly that they were undermanned, and that evidence for what they considered a prank was quite hard to come by anyway. I complained to the dufus' ISP, who cancelled his account.

I guess what I'm saying is that ordinary computer crimes aren't something the government has the capability or the inclination to handle, and giving the government the ability to gather evidence on the scale needed to meet today's standards of legal proof is the type of nightmare every X-Files devotee worries about. I think what we need are better-educated and more responsive ISPs, and a better system for dealing with ISPs that aren't responsive -- not a massive, intrusive, and unwieldy police.

Sincerely yours,

Ray Yang

This is one of those cases of "wild wild west". People need to tote guns around to protect themselves, until society has the chance to catch up with the times. So break out your firewalls, honeypots, IDS, and, dare I even say it, "counter-measures", and hold onto your horses.