Hey guys! First I just want to say that i love your site and i really
appreciate the service. Right now, I'm doing a directed study project
under one of my professors on network security and i plan to test a
bunch of tools that crackers use. I was wondering if you knew of a good
scanner for the redhat 6.1 linux platform that would be good for a first
time analysis that i could write a report about. Thanks!

Jason Nesbitt

I love it when I get the chance to plug another one of the sites that I run. Visit AntiCode.com to download security related files.

You guys @ Antionline.com are a discrase to the world.
I am disgusted with you JP and your website.
I hope you burn in Hell for your evil-ness

- Junkie

Geeze. People in the middle ages thought they had it bad. I'm being damned to hell for simply running a website. Here's a concept that many people don't seem to understand. If you don't like AntiOnline, don't type its address in your browser and you won't have to look at it. Cool, huh?

I really love your informative site and especially this page:

So i was wondering, what do you use to make this page?

What programs do you have to detect these kinds of things?

I'd like to have something like this for my own computer.

Thanks in advance.

We use a product called RealSecure by ISS to do our hack attempts page. We have a custom app that takes data fed to it by RealSecure to generate the html.

Hi John

When I use my ISP to surf the web, what kind of info do they generally gather about my wanderings? I have heard of ISP logs and wonder what they consist of and how long they last.


Cool, yet another opportunity to plug. Check out our Fight-Back Section, it gives you more info on these sort of things, along with ways to protect yourself.


Hey. This has nothing to do with any controversial subject but I just thought it was interesting. I think that the best analogy for a hacker and a cracker would be the movie "Face Off". In that movie there is a cop and a criminal. Both of these people are very skilled in hiding, shooting and tracking each others moves. They are able to get around and break out of jail, and avoid the police. The only difference is that the cop is the good guy and uses all of his skills to fight for the good (white hat). The criminal uses is amazing skills to commit crims (black hat). Glad to see the mailbag back, I thought I was addicted until I saw some of those pathetic letters.


shawn michaels

Thanks for the e-mail. I never get tired of hearing hacker/cracker analogies. If anyone else is holding onto some good ones, write in with them. I'll share some of the best in next week's MailBag.

Sure got a kick out of the SlashDot "interview" last week. If those questions had been any more loaded, they'd have been busted for DUI. Looked like a dozen variations on "Have you quit beating your wife yet?" to me.

Then they have the unmitigated gall to be "disappointed" that you were too smart to take the bait. What a bunch of LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS.

I suppose it was foolish of me - but I *did* expect better from SlashDot. I gained considerable respect for them with their coverage of the aftermath of Columbine. But they lost mucho credibility in my eyes by jumping on the "JP is a weenie" bandwagon.

You know, JP - I hate to appear such a butt-kisser by supporting you and Carolyn and AO all the time, but your opponents are such a bunch of . . . well, *weenies* that I just can't help myself.


Yeah well, let's just say that I need to be a bit more careful about who I give personal interviews to in the future. heh. On to another subject. I tried to find a letter in my in-box this week that would give me the opportunity to plug my upcoming lecture, but was unable to. Sooo, I'll just use yours. I'm going to be giving a lecture in New York City on December 3rd as part of the "Digital Detective Workshop". It's titled "Virtual Fingerprinting: How to Create Hacker Profiles". I'm going to be talking about some of AntiOnline's controversial (who, me, controversial?) hacker profiling techniques, and a bit about our in-development "Omnipotent One" automated profiling system. You can find more about it by reading this release we sent out a while ago. If any of you AntiOnline readers sign up, send me an e-mail letting me know you're going to be there. I look forward to seeing some of you in person, preferably unarmed.

Sometimes administrators get lazy about security. Forgetting to review logs, brushing off user complaints as "system hiccups" etc.

Your pages on your security policies serve not only as a reminder of what we need to do, but also as advice on what we may be missing.


Brad Shaw

Well Brad, please keep in mind that there are far more dangerous things than "system hiccups" that can take place. We at AntiOnline are far more worried about "network farts" than we are worried about "system hiccups".