I would just like to agree that BlackICE is "the best" security tool i have used on my home computer. Not only the fact that it blocks intrusions, but the information that can be recovered from them. I have yet to date see another program that can supply this much security. Im just wondering why the word of this program has not been spread farther faster.

Well thanks for listening


Well, good question. From what I understand, NetICE is a start-up company that doesn't exactly have a ton of cash on hand, or a lot of employees either. I think that the product will catch on (and has been, it's gotten a lot of press lately I see). Some people have written in wondering how much we're getting paid to push and plug the BlackICE software. Truth be told, not a cent. Network Ice is not an advertiser on any of the AntiOnline network of sites. However, they put out a damn good product, and I'm glad to be able to recommend it to our readership.


I am going on a trip to Sweden over the x-mas holiday break. I was
wondering if there is an article on your site with the status of the y2k
problem over there. Thanks for your time in advance.

ps - love the site


Hrmf. Good question. To be honest with you, I've heard nothing about Sweden in all of this Y2k mess. Brave man heading over seas though. Best of luck. My ass will be locked down in AntiOnline HQ doing strange Y2K rituals in hopes that our small town of Beaver doesn't get blown up by the nuclear power plant that is about 5 minutes from here. I'll let you know how we made out in our January 3rd Mailbag.

hi john.

i don't mean to be a nuisance of any sort, but when the new site was to
premiere, i remember a claim along the lines of "the new site will be
updated three times a day." now its rare if new articles/content (aside
from the eye and 3rd party stories) are added every couple of days. who
knows, maybe you've got some big behind the curtain type of project
you're working on, or maybe you finally just decided to enjoy yourself.
either way, what gives?

Matt "fletcher" Albiniak

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, the site is updated several times every day with our security news links section. As for regular articles, you're right. We have slacked off. I hope to pick up on those some after the new year. We've been working on some interesting things, but for now those are all "behind-the-scenes". Hopefully within the next few months, we'll have something to show for it ;-) But, I have been out doing some lectures, and when I get back from CA I'll have a bit more to share. Unless I'm told not to, heh. But, never the less, we have been working on updating things like AntiCode, and on making Bub smarter, and hey, hits are up. Always a good thing.

blackshadow Submitted The Following:

I've just read your section on hacker profiling...
It's a great work and antionline is a great site. I have a question for you.
Antionline is a website and a high end network. How do you earn money and use it for a system [the omnipotent one] that is earning nothing?

You're right. Our Omnipotent One system is still in development (and heavy development at that), and isn't "earning anything" yet. Right now we're funded by ad revenue (we get a lot of hits, what can I say), and by contracts that we work on. Keeps the bills paid while I work on the fun stuff ; )

Hi all...

I have 2 questions:

1. We are currently evaluating SurfinShield from Finjan. I would be interested in any information or insights you may have on this product.

2. We are currently looking for a product to control the use of instant messaging services such as AOL and ICQ. Surfinshield seems to stop the download of these products but doesn't appear to stop users who have already installed it.

I realize these are fairly general questions. Any info would be useful.


..Dave Stockwell

PS: Great site. I've learned much from it.

You're coming at this one from the wrong angle. Do you have a Cisco Router in place? I suggest you use that as your "first line of defense". Learn how to configure access lists & reverse-reflexive access lists. This can be used to take care of anything that you deem a "misuse" of network resources, and help secure you at the same time.

Hehe, in reply to the comment posted in an earlier mailbag:

"flatwhite Submitted The Following:

[snip big paragraph]

And you also waste my time and yours by sending me this mindless bullshit. What is wrong with your head?"

I recognize that paragraph ... but I couldn't remember where I heard it before ... was it a book? A comedian? A chain email?

I finally remembered what it was. Our English teacher read it to us Junior year.

It's part of an actual entrance essay to Harvard. Whoever wrote it actually got in. The point was that you don't have to stick to a conventional essay for it to be a good essay. Interesting, huh?

- Taylok

It's scary as hell, is what it is....