Some people have way too much time on their hands. Below is a link that was sent to me
anonymously last week. A funny as hell (IMHO) spoof on the "Being John Malkovich" movie. "Being John Vranesevich". Haha.

Hi John!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and AntiOnline's Staffers. I feel sympathy and pity for those who lost their children at Columbine. But this "Columbine Death Fest '99" and search for a scapegoat in video games and Internet Messenger to blame it on has lasted far too long, and makes me wonder that many of its participants that keep it in the national headlines might be unbalanced. I saw the CBS report and agree with you. Jacqueline Walton's comments to you and the Columbine School District's actions to the message were .... well, downright pathetic. I used to live in Los Angeles, my high school got bomb threats every other day for a year after a crude pipe bomb was found in a lavatory - Columbine doesn't know tragedy or terror or how to handle either one. Taking into context what happened with Walton's daughter, it hardly warrents an arrest for terrorism. Did Walton's daughter deserve to be the butt of a joke done in poor taste? No. But the way Jacqueline Walton is pursuing this almost makes it look like she and Columbine are trying to grab a few more seconds of national notoriaty at the expense of her daughter. I guess it's good for morbid tourist dollars or something. No, you weren't making her daughter look like a criminal and rated the "internet risk" appropriately to the context it was done in. You made it sound as "trivial" as it actually was - I think this is what Jacqueline Walton's real problem is. She and Columbine made a Mountain out of a anthill and now both look foolish .... and you called them on it with a simple reply to CBS.

Good Job John!

With all the flack I got about "not being sympathetic", I'm waiting for protesters to show up outside of my door. Jessie, stay home.

Just read your comments in the mailbag about hte CBS/Columbine death
threat, and it's hard to see how one death threat to one individual
suddenly involves the whole school.

And it just goes to show that people who use AOL (or its services, with
exception of ICQ) tends to be of lower calibre than everywhere else -
spammers, trolls, flamers etc who would get thrown off other ISPs all
somehow tend to filter down to AOL, where they then stay like a puddle
of runoff from the toxic chemicals dump.

I know this, because I find it impossible to do anything about spammers
from AOL without resorting to direct action. (spamming against cgi
forums... can only block them by blocking ALL AOL proxies, and everyone
knows their implementation of "Anti-Abuse" policy.)

cheers JP, have a safe and merry Xmas, and keep up the goodwork. Your
mailbags are a bit of laugh (this one's a bit short ?)


You know, you just may have a point when it comes to AOL peo.... "You've Got Mail". Erm, brb.


Thanks for producing a good list so far. I don't know if you are moderating (editing) or not but you have kept the topics good and on subject. Keep up the wonder work. I enjoy the conversations very much and the quality of the list members.


William Church

For those of you that have not already done so, I strongly suggest you sign up for our Security Mail List.

Ok I don't know how much money you guys make but I wouild like to know
if you would sponser me as a freestyle biker I could get some AntiOnline
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Thank You,

Ryan Smith

Heh. hehehe. HAHAHAHA

Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 23:52:19 -0800 (PST)


Subject: OPSEC



First off, I had already written to DS2 Gomez and told him that I was
taking appropriate actions for the information that he had provided to
anyone on the internet/web who subscribed or had access to that info.
I will say the same to you.

The information that you hold in your head, when printed out in an
email to an unauthorized source, can violate OPSEC. By printing the
links for various web sites that the average person with no knowledge
of those systems could necessarily link, you yourself may be violating

Keep in mind the yearly training that military personnel must attend in
regard to OPSEC. It's everyone's business. Also, every little piece
of information is part of a larger puzzle. By providing the
information listed in your email to Mr. Vranesvich, I believe you have
stepped over the bounds of prudence and good judgement.

Hopefully, my supervisors will find that the info you have provided is
meaningless, and you will not hear from me on this matter again. But,
please keep in mind, that as members of the military, you are not
supposed to represent the Navy in any way shape or form without prior
approval from a CO or higher authority. DS2 Gomez and yourself appear
to be trying to do this, which is clearly inappropriate.

chili (

"By printing the
links for various web sites that the average person with no knowledge
of those systems could necessarily link, you yourself may be violating
Hahahaha. What a dumbass. For those of you not on our MailList, there's a big
to-do over a sailor that posted information on NT security, complete with
links to public websites run by the navy that discuss proper OPSEC. Cracks me up. BTW:FYI: It's spelled

Just for shits-and-giggles, I've provided the following links to additional public Navy Webpages,
to help further "violate OPSEC": --> search word: US Navy --> Surf A Little --> Results:

Uber Secret Navy Statistics

Uber Secret Navy Imagery

Oh, I almost forgot. Did you know that your "anonymous" Yahoo account forwarded along your true IP for me to take a look at? I was able to use it to find your ISP at: A very interesting ISP "that the average person with no knowledge of those systems could necessarily link". Geeze, OPSEC is really shot-to-**** now.

I smell another Peter Farrell =/