You gotta help me John! Please! This isn't one of those Anti-AntiOnline letters!

You see .... I am like totally in LOVE with Carolyn Meinel! :^) She is like the hottest hacker babe on the Internet! She's older than me, but I hope she won't mind that I'm only 16. Girls my age aren't into computers. Older women who know computers and electronics are so AWESOME and any girl who can weild a soldering is like super sexy! Even sexier than Cokie Roberts, and dare I say it .... even Hanna Storm! I use the picture of her as my computer background! So you gotta help me .... I'm tired of painting "Carolyn Meinel Rules" and "Carolyn Meinel Uber-UberBabe!" in John Deere Green on the water towers and over passes in The Burgh (Pittsburgh). I wanted to make you jealous J.P. that no one was painting your name on water towers, because Carolyn is just so hot! And spelling John P. Vranesevich takes too darn long and too much green paint and usually the darn bridge is too short! Ever try to paint John P. Vranesevich in 3 foot high letters - I tell you it is utter misery! But for Carolyn, I do it out of love! Even the time I got stung by a couple dozen hornets when I climbed an old water tower by Three Rivers Stadium and knocked their nest down so I could paint the "M" in her last name!

So I want to hack the webpage and replace Hillary Clinton's picture with Carolyn's as the REAL First Lady! I wanted to do it as a token of my undying crush on her. :^) I tried a few weeks ago to do this to the FBI's homepage and found out that the FBI has no sense of humor when they kicked my front door in at 3 in the morning, thinking I was Patrick Gregory from GH. Man, they even confiscated my Memorial Carolyn Meinel Beach Towl! (They left the John P. Vranesevich Memorial Turnip Twaddler though - those bastards! On QVC it sold for nearly 89 cents! Almost cost me a whole buck!) So, now I need some tips John on how to get Carolyn's picture up on the whitehouse's webpage stealthfully without the Secret Service busting my new front door down (even though it's made by SteelCase). Carolyn deserves it because she is such a fantastic and cool and supposedly squeezably soft Klown Princess!

I LUV You Carolyn Meinel! And you're cool too John!

Chris! :^)

Just the fact that he spent the time to type up this letter scares me...

On Jan. 5, my upstream provider, Stargate Industries, received the following letter:

I have a problem - I am doing security research for my company, and am unable to reach a few sites that I need access to. I am not a stargate customer... we use @work for our T1 here in the office. But in following traceroute to where the packet dies, I find that it stops at your front door, so-to-speak. It appears that you completely block the address, or more likely a range of addresses, rather than simply rejecting anything coming from those sites. That means that your systems accept the route from other systems, and then kill it as it passes through.

This is unacceptible. If you wish to block all access to/from your systems that is your business totally. But if that is the case, your routers should be configured to reject the route request, so that it can go around your network rather than dying on your doorstep. Please have someone look into it, and let me know when this will be accomplished. I understand that the sites in question are hacking sites, but some of us have very legitimate reasons for wanting to go there. The ip's are: and

It may be that the whole 209.166.177 subnet is banned.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Patrick Stefanski

Stargate sent him the following letter:

Mr. Stefanski:

Traceroutes to these IP addresses are not being blocked by Stargate but by
the owner of the IP addresses you are attempting to reach. Stargate is
the last hop that you reach. The trace dies after leaving Stargate. Being
that you are doing this for legitimate reasons, my suggestion would be to
contact the owner of these IPs and ask them for permission to these
addresses or to unblock access to them.

Dave Good

Technical Support Representative

Stargate Industries, LLC

Uh-huh. He needs to traceroute to (which is the IP of in order to research security for HIS company? What the hell ever. My response to my upstream provider was simple at to the point:


"some of us have very legitimate reasons for wanting to go there"

I wonder if someone is trying to social engineer my uplink provider?

Oh well. At anyrate, he can go to hell. Thanks for passing this along.

Yours In CyberSpace,

John Vranesevich

Founder, AntiOnline

724-773-0940 (phone)

724-773-9041 (fax)

hi i'm Lefty of Quantum-Designs.Com, a Graphic/Web design firm in California, and would like to add Bub to a new section on our site (Security). My question to you is, Do you have a Bub Graphic in Black?

Thanks a Bunch

Ok, let me start out by saying I'm all for racial equality. I have no problem with black baby dolls, pictures of a black jesus, and hey, I was the only person around not making fun of those dancing black santas that Kaufman's was selling this year. But a black bub? Sorry, I just don't think that Bub would look good as a hommie =/

You crack me up!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this site (after I had my syschecked). Your info on how to profile hackers seems pretty solid. I especially liked the closing section -- about causing a group to explode apart. That is extremely valid.

I'm similarly vintaged to you and work with a slew of "young lads" -- and know from first hand experience, both as a parent, and as a co-worker, just how fragile their egos are and how quickly they can slip into paranoia. The more that they swagger and "talk trash," the more vulnerable that they are.

We all engage in some types of competitivity -- a way of measuring our own value against the perceived value of others. The younger and less-experienced have a whole world to measure themselves against. Unfortunately, the immaturity index also means that any "win" in a competition becomes far more than a simple win. It becomes the value index of the individual for a time -- and it's hardly enough to truly determine the genuine value of the individual. Hence, they have their own security hole within and can be taken on a thousand fronts that they haven't considered or even known about.

Anyway, I'll be checking back often. Just wanted to compliment you on the job you're doing.


For those of you that have not done so, I Strongly recommend
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