Subject: The Credit Card Hacker


You're awsome! Great article!


Well, I think so, but apparently not everyone agrees. Keep reading....

Hi John,

Just got a call from the Secret Service in CT. As you may know, they are on
the Maxus case because it involves credit card fraud. The SS guy (name withheld to protect the incompetent), was bad-mouthing the veracity of your report and even your claim
to be helping the FBI.

Have any experience with the SS?


And you would think that this SS guy would be kissing my ass for solving his case for him. Heh, ungreatfuls. He's probably just pissed because he's stuck investigating credit card fraud cases in Connecticut and not protecting "Eagle" in DC. Oh well.

Dave the Knave Submitted The Following:

John, were you interviewed on CBS News this evening
(Jan 10th)?

They were covering the story about a Russian teenage
hacker who got credit card account numbers off an
on-line CD service (I think it was CD Universe).

I believe I saw your face & name, as well as this web
site on a screensaver in
the background.

I'm in my mid-40's & don't listen to or buy much music
anymore, so I wasn't a visitor to the on-line CD site.

However, I can see that if I use an on-line service
targeted by a hacker, I'd be vulnerable. Since most
hackers are young, I'll avoid sites that are used by
younger people. This won't protect me from an older
hacker, though, but I suspect older hackers have other
interests than grabbing credit card accounts.

Yup, that was me on CBS. I learned a long time ago
about the value of including complete URLs on screensavers when you have
camera crews around ;-) As for your comment about "younger people" being
hackers, don't jump to conclusions. We know that at least one individual
in Maxus' credit fraud ring is in his 30s.


Just wanted to say I saw you just now on the CBS Nightly News. You have done very well for yourself. I am happy that I have been a visitor to your site for awhile now. Although a lot of things discussed are over my head, the fact that a young man like yourself is into helping the cyber world be a safer place is very comforting to me.

I hope that your presence on TV and your excellent web site encourages other young people that there is a whole other side to hacking, mainly the security end. Because of you and others like you, some young person might decide it would be better to find the hacker that stole the credit card numbers then be the hacker that breaks into cyber space for the sole purpose of committing a crime.

Thanks for protecting the CyberKingdom !

Charles R Davis

Thanks for the kind words. I hope that the younger generation that's starting to use the internet now can realize that there are ways to learn about computer security, other than affiliating themselves with one of these "hack groups" that commit illegal activities on a regular basis simply to impress their peer group.

BsCaBl Submitted The Following:


the one site that didnt have the "aol/time warner merger"
plastered all over it

Nor did we even mention Bill Gates last week, heh

Max Submitted The Following:

Dear sir,

I was a little late for the echelon day, but I am really interested, is there any possibility that we can have a new one. can you hack my site? it's new so i dont mind. Any ideas about aol hacking? like private rooms? intercept Im's...

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome the newest member of FHOA, The Future Hax0rs of America.

Hi, John--

You know the part on the main web page that says "Antionline is looking
for a few good men (and women)"?

Take the "(and women)" part out of the parentheses. You'll increase your
odds of hiring (a) women and (b) men who like working with women.
Otherwise, it sounds like the women are an afterthought. Nobody wants to
be second choice.

All the best,

Laura Killian

Well, that's pretty much because they were an afterthought. As for this "(b) men who like working with women." I really don't want that sort of person in the office, I'd get the living hell sued out of me.