Hey JP

I would just like to inform u of 3 vulnerabilities i
have found on your site and servers so...

Heres the game we are going to play:-

I will give u 72 hours to find and fix these
vulnerabilities, after the 72 hours is up i will check
to see if they have been patched... if they have good
u won the game... but if they are not (evil grin)
antionline is no more!!!....

Your choice John.

The Informar

(allways watching!, alllways waiting!)

Greetz to all at ADM & Attrition

Hrmf. I got this letter on Tuesday the 7th. As far as I can tell, AntiOnline
still exists.

I enjoy reading articles and news at www.antionline.com. All-in-all it's a
very informative site regardless of one's political views. However, your
response to one individual inparticular in the Weekly Mailbag seems to
suggest a less than professional standard on your part, Mr. Vranesevich. You
made the following comment: "...this is coming from a man that's probably
sitting on a camel with a towel on his head. I guess it's true. If your
nation doesn't have an infrastructure, there's nothing to take down."
I would like to ask you a few questions Mr. Vranesevich, are you a racist?
Are you at all familiar with the politics and history of the Middle East? Do
you really believe that these nations such as Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi
Arabia, etc. have no infrastructure whatsoever despite having been around for
thousands of years? And contributing to your language, your mathematics,
your astronomy, your religion, ad infinitum...? Please, I'd love to know.


Keith Harkleroad

Heh, I got dozens of e-mails like this. Obviously, these people haven't been reading my
mailbag for too long. It is AntiOnline's policy to discriminate against all religions and nationalities
equally. People are far too sensitive in this day and age, and need to lighten up a bit.

FS Submitted The Following:

John said, in a reply to an e-mail that admittedly could have used some English grammar and spell-checking: "And this is coming from a man that's probably sitting on a camel with a towel on his head. I guess it's true. If your nation doesn't have an infrastructure, there's nothing to take down."

What an insulting, unintelligent comment to make. Don't have enough brains to hit anywhere else, let's insult this person [who made a possibly valid but not very eloquent observation] for where he [maybe] comes from.

Wake up, Mr. Vranesevich, intolerance is no longer funny or acceptable, in any way, shape or form.

No, intolerance isn't funny. However, people's over-sensitivity is a riot, rofl.

voting online... of course.

1. We are not living in a democracy. We operate under "represented" democracy. We "elect" a "representative."
True democracy only exists when we all vote on the matters we care about. The Internet is the key and will be used for this purpose. Is there any doubt that this is inevitable?

2. Your comments on security are funny. Do you really think the current voting procedure is free of corruption? Do you think security worries stop technical development?

Actually the whole point of voting for a person is outdated anyways. Soon politicians and political parties will be replaced with simple votes on topics by everyone involved vie the Internet. Sorry buddy but your thoughts on the subject are irrelevent...and so are mine...

Sit back and watch as technology cuts through the mess.

Well, from where I sit, technology seems to be making more of a mess
recently than it's been cleaning up. We need to take a step back think a little bit about security.

And as for this statement
"Sorry buddy but your thoughts on the subject are irrelevent...and so are mine...". Let me guess. You're old?


Every now and then I get an e-mail like the one above that makes me realize: Yes, there really are
still people in this country using LSD.


I saw you on TV having Toshiba Portege 2030 computer. I have the same. It came without CD disk drive. I tried to download CD sofrtware from my other computer using the direct parallel cable connection. Both host and guest computers recognized the connection. I followed the instructions up to the point the my screen would show the SHARED files. But there is no further direction how to proceed at this point. In any case, I want to download files from my CD to the Portege.
I would appreciate any help, as you already solved it having the same computer.

Thank you


Actually, it was a Portege 3010. I solved the problem of it not having a "CD disk drive" by going out and spending $150 on an external one. Problem solving at its best.

Hello Mr. Vranesevich,

I read your article on online elections. Having worked on the Census 2000 Decennial web site, I had to consider what you put in your article and more. I am writting to you because I felt that you are generalizing too much and in effect saying that since banks get robbed, don't put your money in any banks.

Clearly there are a lot of issues to be considered as there are very real issues with the way we have collected ballots in the past. Voter id verification comes up in paper ballots as well. In Virginia last year, they tried to pass a law to verify a voter with their drivers license. That was defeated (Democrats defeated it saying it was a privacy violation and would harm minorities). Where I vote (I voted on Super Tuesday in Maryland), there was a very minimal verification done - name and birth date.

The bottom line is that internet machines can be made secure, you can defeat DOS's, the data can be protected using encryption and individuals can be positively identified over a network connection. If an individual doesn't want to participate over the internet, they can always vote in person using the old way.

My vote is yes with the caveat that it is done in a secure manner and safeguards are implemented so that it is not possible or very impracticle to fix an election. I think that this can be done.

Robert Thomas, CISSP

FOB-3, Room 1364

Washington, DC 20233

"you can defeat DOS's" Ok. A gig/sec will take down Yahoo, but not the Census 2000 website? Is that what you're saying? And I'm still having nightmares about "Mitnick for President". Urgh!

Hello My name is hektik i recently hacked 2 websites www.index4pc.com and www.gs-security.com i would like it for you to put them in your hacked webpage archive



I was sure to send an e-mail to index4pc and gs-security telling them the true e-mail address of their attacker. What does this look like, Attrition.org? I think not...

Did the antionline network get ddos attacked? Guessing from the Border logs and intrusion
attempts i would guess so eh?

- ReDPriest

We've been ddos attacked a total of 13 times now. That's on top of the 120 average denial-of-service attacks that we get each week. You can tell how much we're loved....

Hi John

Just thought I'de share some great quotes that I've had the 'pleasure' in hearing during my years in IT. If anyone ever wondered why there is a problem with IT Security maybe this will share some light.

"This Internet thing is just a fad, it will never catch on" (CE of a Telecomms company)

"I work for the Army doing IT Security, We are un-hackable" (NCO of some Army IT function).

"I don't see a need for any IT Security" (IT Director and Doctor in Telecommunications).

" Our information is secure I,ve just had fitted 50+ floppy disk locks" (Security Manager, Major International Telecomms Co. based in Scandanavia.

"What's wrong in fitting this modem to this networked PC? No-one knows the telephone number" (Head of IT, Multinational Company and ISP).

All the above are genuine.

Rgds Robin