This isn't a tip... But I need help... I'm 16... And I think I'm addicted to hacking... Mostly I do White Hat type of stuff.. But lately I've been craving more... Today I stole a little over a thousand credit cards... I can't find any jobs working any type of security or networks anywhere in this area, so that I will have something good to put my talent so to say towards... I would go insane without my computer... My marks at school are seriously suffering from this... And I don't know what to do.. I always realise I'm addicted but then I can't stop... Whenever I try, I get aggrivated, and angry, emmotional... Depressed even.. I just wish I could find a job to put this towards a positive note... Please, anything would help... I also run a couple companies on the net, but I programmed them to be automated, so they don't satisfy my need anymore...

-- Nathan Einwechter

Personally, I think that Jenny Craig should come up with a program to help pathetic souls such as yourself....


I charged somethings on a credit card over the internet. Nothing under $20 I'm positive, and nothing in the past few weeks. When I got the bill there were charges of $40 and $30, plus $50 more in the past week. I am ALMOST positve I did not allow or make these transactions. I asked the business whom charged me for more information, they said they did not have (even tho they should. Things like IP address's, login names, account names, etc....) My parents, whose card it was called the Feds (or are about to). I have a friend who was involved with the court's about her parents divorce, it ruined her, the court is always right. Now she is painfully stuck with the wrong parent to take care of her, and there is no way to change it. If someone got my Credit Card number how can i know who? I know you can easily fake and IP, easily find out my username, and if one can get my CC number, I'm pretty sure they can do all that. What if the feds suspect me? My parents are signing a disclaimer to give them total control. If i made those charges no one can save me, my parents said they didn't know about them, and they wanted the person who made them persecuted. What if I'm watched for the rest of my life because of this? Because I'm just another threat! I love computers and learning things about them, how the work, and understanding them at an abstact level. I don't want to be punished for something i did not do, or did not know I did.

Please Help! I want to know who did this, even if it was me, before this is taken out of my hands. I can't contact half the companies that billed me. I need, at least (but if its all I'm wholly greatful), more information about the statements. How can i do that? This is a tragic situation, even if it doesn't sound like one. Anyway you can help me, Please do! All the bills were passed, to my knowledge, under secure servers. How did they obtain the information then? Or is it even possible? How can I get all the available information (legally) for the charges? If I get Information that is foreign to my computer, How do I persecute? How do i know that they are not reading this and change everything? Everything has changed from the last time I used the internet, years ago. Or maybe its the same, I was only not aware.

Again please help, in anyway. My parents always go to the next level. Even if they do not understand what they are doing. The courts will always win. They will find everything to put me in the wrong. Everything personal i have, everything on my computer, everytime I make a call, everything I've said, and gone thru. I don't want to lose everything now that I've just found life! I'm only eight-teen! I've been going thru your site, and I feel strongly that you are the one's who can help me. PLEASE DO.

dc. jones

It would take someone that's one hell of a lot more talented than I am to help whatever's wrong with you.

If you guys move your location and oopen an outlet store your not worried that hackers/crackers/script kids will come in a beat the **** out of various staff members with objects designed to enhance pain to the bodys structure. Or will you have police come around, I would get a stun gun. Although it is sad that people "will probably" go through all that work for a "hate" against antionline which is based on nothing. People say the media hypes stuff up well they take one thing about antionline and make it a friggen hate group, I understand not liking but when you get to hate something which you barely know so much that it invokes you to threaten/use violence that is sick. I mean there is people on the net who have dedicated part of there day to getting antionline down. Im starting to think its become an obsession. Are you hackers obsessed with JP? Anyhow i gotta question What kind of stuff will be at the store? content wise? Like the stuff provided in The antioline users w4nna kn0w


Well, to answer the first part of your question: yes, we have thought about security concerns. Needless to say, we know better than most what hackers can be like. They tend to not be the most ethical and law abiding that society has to offer. So, our new offices will have very strict physical security measures in place. Things like video and audio surveillance, panic buttons, perimeter alarm systems, etc. will all be implemented. Also, our new offices are only one block away from the police station, so that's a good thing too.

As for the retail portion of our new facilities. We'll have all of the latest security related hardware/software/books/ etc. We'll have demo computers set up for people to try the items out, etc. We'll also have some cultural items, like techie tshirts and mouse pads. I'll be sure to remember to provide a list of all of the products that we're selling in our retail outlet sometime around the end of May.

Regarding "the" Denial of Service attack. Actually, its my fault, JP. No, really. And, the other day, I caused "the" traffic jam.

Think about it. Someone's on the freeway, just cruising onto an offramp, they blow out a tire. Maybe some malicious sniper shot them - maybe they have lousy tires that get hung up real easy on glass strewn about the roadways, glass left by malicious litterers.

Anyway, its not my tire, but a line is getting started behind me, and the man is descending on the situation, lights a-blazing, and I slow down to see what the commotion is. Someone has to hit their brakes behind me, causing someone else to have to stop in the middle of the intersection.

Is the traffic jam now my fault for slowing down? What about that dumbass 2 cars down that wasn't paying attention and now is stuck in the middle of an intersection? What about the police, making a mountain out of a molehill and causing the rest of us drivers to hesitate? Dammit, I want answers, not traffic restoration!

This is a metaphor JP. I spent all day in February trying to authenticate, check my mail, etc. "Nope," I'd say, "Yahoo is still down."

This causes delays JP, I was trying to authenticate. How many other people did the same stupid move? Why were these servers configured to allow stupid moves like the ones I made? But I digress...

I just had to comment - "the" hacker...the "hacker"...heh. I hope our fully-educated legal system throws the book at the little punk, make an example out of him! Maybe imprison him without charging him for a few years, then prevent him from working at 7 -11.



Damn, and I thought that my metaphors were pathetic.....