Although I am thankful for the security information of your site I have some
problems with your virtual security expert. First off having that face in
my face everytime I visit is issue, but more importantly when I asked the
program "what is ipsec?" There was no information.

Ugly and stupid? I look forward to your future enhancements.



Geeze, why is everyone always dissing Bub? In his defense, he has the ability to answer some 10,000 questions related to security, hackers, hacking, information warfare, and privacy. That's not so shabby, is it? We will continue to educate him as time goes by. For those of you that haven't visited Bub yet, his address is

My name is Jerry Fitzgerald and i could really use
some help with an internet security issue.

A freind of mine, who is a police officer and
upstanding citizen in his community was raided by the
FBI for having child pronography on his computer. He
says he didn't do it and i'm pretty positive he didn't.
Do you have any idea how it could have gotten there?

Any information or web sites would be greatly

Thank you,

Jerry Fitzgerald

I guess my first question would be, how did the FBI know to raid him in the first place? An anonymous tip, an online sting, or what? I guess, theoretically, it is POSSIBLE for some hacker to have gotten a trojan or something on his computer, and then either uploaded a bunch of child-porn, or use the machine remotely to surf child-porn sites. I guess it is also POSSIBLE that the hacker then made an anonymous tip, or maybe even remotely used his machine to connect to an IRC child-porn room or something. However, that's a lot of "possibles", and the FBI would easily be able to find out if this was the case or not. Keep in mind though, the FBI doesn't just go raiding people for shits-and-giggles. If I were you, I wouldn't let my kids play around this "upstanding" police officer friend of yours....

I find it very hard to believe that a guy such as yourself would vote for Gore in the upcoming election, knowing full well the excess baggage he'll be bringing with him - Joseph Lieberman. Mr. Lieberman seems to think that violence is bred from videogames and movies. He seems to come very close in his statements to wanting to censor the videgame and movie industries. Growing up playing some of those very games that he's mentioned - well I just kinda find it incredulous that anyone can think that videogames and movies make kids kill kids. He even had the balls to link videogames to the columbine massacre. The attitude Mr. Lieberman carries resembles, at least to me, the kind of naieve attitudes of those in congress who had the bright idea to glorify Mitnick. I think Mr. Lieberman has his priorities backwards - why not look towards the home, the parents, and the communities first? If you want more of the kind of sensationalism and stupid ideas like Mitnick's testimony in congress feel free to vote for Gore.


Yes, and let's not forget, Lieberman's a.... dare I say it... jew! In all seriousness, I think the Gore/Lieberman ticket is without a doubt the lesser of the two evils. I don't trust Bush any further than I could throw his alcoholic-coke-snortin-ass. And while he's proud of it, I don't exactly think it respectable that his state puts so many people to death each month that they have a "Please Take A Number" box outside of the death chamber. Granted, I have some pet peeves with some of the technology related stances of Gore/Lieberman, but there some things far more important. (did I just say that?)

I have purchased a cable modem service from Cox@Home in May 2000.
Two weeks later I have installed BlackICE Defender personal firewall.
Ever since I have detected dozens of hacker attacks. A person which
was reported as Mark Seekins was especially annoying. Since his DNS
address was the same as mine - showing Aliso Viejo, Orange County, CA I have
looked up his phone number on the Internet. It was actually in Laguna Beach. I
called and before I left an angry message a woman replied that he has moved.
She was receiving multiple angry phone calls from other people being hacked.
And she was pretty upset. Then I called 411 and they gave me the real phone
of Mark Seekins in Aliso Viejo, Orange County, CA - 949/588-xxxx.
I called and threatened with police. He didn't replied but called back
in a minute using one of this *59 services. He said that Mark is not at home and
asked how did I got his number. Anyway, after this exchange he started to bombard my
computer every few minutes. I was blocking him through BlackICE defender, but he
was using other addresses - San Clemente and such. I called to Cox@Home tech
support and they were pretty apatic about it. I gave his DNS and IP
addresses to them. After this complaint I think I was given a real virtual IP address
and the frequency of hacker attacks diminished tenfold. But recently they
switched me to quazi-virtual IP address and it all started again. Morever the same
Mark Seekins is attacking me again. Even as I write these lines my BlackICE defender
is showing his attacks with 1 minute frequency. I am upset with indifference and
tolerance of Cox@Home to hackers using them as ISP.


Wow, that was some hard reading. Being that you're in California, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that English is your 2nd or 3rd language? At any rate, is it really worth all of the time and energy that you've wasted trying to get this ijit (yes, that's a word) in trouble? He's obviously some attention starved, insecure, emotionally unstable trouble maker that wants nothing more than to get your feathers in a ruffle. In other words, I think that you might want to be more selective about which battles you choose to fight. As for @Home, it's not exactly news that they have serious problems with network abuse, nor is it news that they really don't care about it.

I was at a Doctors office today and I read an article on you, and hacking.
This is how I found this site. I am a mother of 3 and I am blown away that
this actually happens. I do not understand how, but like everything else
there is always a way. I am very grateful to you however for trying to
correct these problems from occuring. I have only a normal in home computer
nothing fancy but it still cost me money. I would hate for someone to
take this from my kids.

Thanks again, a concerned mom in Ca

Wow, last week it was a woman sitting on her shitter, this week it's one in the doctor's office. AntiOnline is truly reaching the masses! hehe. That reminds me, look for AntiOnline later this month in Maxim Magazine and GQ Magazine.


This is one good thing you are doing for the IS Security community.


Rakesh Goyal

Chartered Engineer,

Certified Management Consultant,

Certified Computer Crimes Investigator,

Certified Information Systems Auditor

Managing Director, Sysman Computers (P) Ltd.,

Director, National Centre for Research in Computer Crimes (India)

This message was 343 bytes long, 78 bytes worth of message and 265 bytes worth of titles. No wonder overseas law enforcement isn't getting anything done in the area of computer crime.....


I just read your "How To Be A Hacker Profiler". It was very interesting and informative. Many of the same ideas have crossed my mind recently. Thinking about motive and behaviour. I'm glad to see I was on the right track.

I am a newbie to all of this and only have intentions of using my newfound knowledge for security and defense.

I have recently encountered a hacker/stalker, stalking one of my friends and thus causing problems in our online community. (Virtual Places by Although my first concern is in finding a solution to this problem; I do wish to continue futher into the field of Internet security. I believe I will be able to make a sizeable contribution in this area.

In closing I would like to invite any comments, suggestions and/or reference material you may have. Also any information on the profiling of the stalker sub-category that I believe would fall under your main category 1.


Shawn (AKA: EagleWolf)

EagleWolf, I am RabbitChipmunk, for the answers that you seek ask EyeOfHawk, he will guide you..... Wow, it just gets cornier as we go... Here's one little piece of advice that may save you some time and energy. There is nothing in "Virtual Places by" that will help you "make a sizeable contribution" to anything.

yo jp

im so happy to see that you finally managed to get your mailbag up and running again. once again my mondays will seem just a tad less meaningless.

im suprised nobody has commented on your sites "new" layout.

personally i this its two steps back, but then again i know you did it just so you can make all the 0day leet lynx hax0rs lifes hell by refusing them to browse your site.

next, mr kevin, let his name rest... i think we're all sick and tired of hearing about him day in and day out. its getting like the whole clinton/monica deal, but without the sexy cigars.

now all you need to do in order to get the leetest security related site on the net is to provide a tiny link on the main page each time we at release a new issue of our totally free non-profit online security magazine. well atleast you can add it to the eye on the underground section.


founder of

Granted, the Mitnick saga doesn't have the sexy cigars that the clinton/monica saga has. But, let us not forget, Mitnick was in prison for several years. No doubt there could be some interesting sagas there as well if only Mitnick wasn't too ashamed to talk about them.... Now, as for your "leetest security related site on the net". I don't know about that, but I will admit that I did laugh my ass off. I especially liked the article called "How to get out of jury duty". Allow me to quote from it for the benefit of my readers:

"State your name and jury number please."

"Ahhh... Mike Jasper. And I'm not sure what my jury number is. I heard 190-
something, but I was thinking it was 162. I'm not real sure."

I had just hit a home run, a towering Mark McGwire shot in the upper decks.
The judge, the bailiff and the lawyers all looked at me with the same
collective thought: This ****er's too stupid to be on the jury. And he
might be high.

The article goes on to give you several tips on how to avoid jury duty:

1) Dress for success.

While few courts require you to wear a suit, most expressly forbid shorts
or cut-offs, tee-shirts, tank tops or other so-called muscle shirts. Jeans
are okay, provided they aren't torn or patched. Penny loafers rock.

In other words, it's the exact same dress code required by the Yellow Rose,
a local Austin titty bar.

At any rate "k-rad-bob", here's the link that you requested b0g Issue #8.