This week I have a scarry, Country-Music-Singer/Gong-Show-Contestant/Matt-Drudge-Related-Columnist turn hacker-ezine-author story to report. Keep reading....

From: "D..."

To: (

Not a bad site, I followed a link from Mike Jaspers site and ended up at your site. I found it quite enlightening,



Well, being the logical guy that I am, I decided that I'd e-mail this mysterious "D..." and find out exactly who Mike Jasper was.....

From: John Vranesevich (

To: "D..."


Thanks. What's the url of the page that has a link to us?

Shortly there after, I got this e-mail back from "D..."


Excuse my ignorance, (what`s a URL) is it, if that

is a URL then that is the one. He writes a column every week that`s posted

on the net and he has a very caustic slant on life. I think he`s good, but

he`s probably not to everyone`s taste. He is also a singer/songwriter and I

think the songs I`ve heard by him are great! I hope this has been of help

and I hope I`m not dropping him in it, as it`s free advertising for you.


Here's where things get scarry. There, on Mike Jasper's main page, was a link to both AntiOnline, and to B0g, that weird h4x0r ezine that I linked to in last week's MailBag. Guess what? That funny article "How To Get Out Of Jury Duty", that I mentioned last week, and that was posted in this B0g ezine, was written by none other than, you guessed it, Mike Jasper. It turns out that Mike Jasper is some sort of singer/songwriter that was once a contestant on Chuck Barris' Original Gong Show. Some how or another, he became a website columnist (who is listed at I'm still not sure if he is actually writing for B0g as a freelance-hax0r-columnist, or what. I e-mailed him asking for an autograph and the scoop, but have yet to get a reply. I'll keep you posted.....


got any mp3 or Napster on your system?

- Mark


Think you could send me something that steels passwords cause i need to hack?

- Chet Hayes



What's the deal with

Why do you make so much subversive material publicly available?

Isn't that just a touch irresponsible?



Recently we noticed you posted an article on us, about are defacement of . We would like to say that the image of hitler was to
make fun of the US goverment , not to offend anyone or anything. Hackweiser
would like to apologize to those who it may of offended, tho we know that
most of are veiwers got the real message of the image. hackweiser brings
the message of global domination and anarchy online. We are not racist nor
facist. But yet hackers who feel the internet is going down the shiter.
We would be createfull if you could post an article on the real message
of hackweiser and the hitler image. Not its first opinion. Peace Not Greed.

phel0n of Hackweiser.

"brings the message of global domination and anarchy online. We are not racist nor facist.". ****, I thought I was reading a Microsoft Press Release for a minute there....

From: "Ripped_edge"

To: (

Subject: Education


I'm too lazy to read all that spin on your site, but, I was wondering what kind of education/background do you have?

I don't have any.

I am asking you guys advice about any good undergraduate schools for security
related programs. I will be graduating from my 2yr associate's in CIS soon
and I am wondering if there are any schools or institutes you can reccomend.
I plan on going into the network security aspect of it all and just want a
program that is right for me. I love all the hard work you guys do and I
appreciate it. I have been watching you grow for almost 2 years now and it's
a great thing to see. Just looking for some advice and any help would be
greatly appreciated.

- Norm

See my answer to the above e-mail. I'm REALLY not the one you should be talking to for that type of advice. However, I will leave you with these two pieces of learned wisdom. #1. Don't, I repeat, Don't, go to the University of Pittsburgh. It is an enclave of totalitarianism. #2. Go to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) - the home of CERT. They're having me do guest lectures, so they can't be all that bad.

From: DraX

Subject: For MailBag


JP, How do you feel about Antioffline?....

I was asked this question twice this week. Once via this anonymous e-mail (a yahoo account), and once by an FBI agent. A coincidence? I think not... At any rate, I've linked to AntiOffline ( several times. Their spoof of my "How To Be A Hacker Profiler" is especially funny. It's scarry how much time people spend on me, it really is. Besides, according to the survey on their site, I am "feared" more than Mudge, Mixter, and Mafiaboy combined. Now THAT's uber-leetness.

how sad you maye have caught my partner in crime but you will never cach me, he was dumb, i am not.

you wont get me,ever see anyone predict the future?

well i am back in cyber space to advenge my friends arrest.

and i predict that and a fue us government systems will be taken down permintly. see antionline servers have many server holes in it, i will release a worm that will eat thru many systems in the U.S in new years, it will be the best crash ever. thousands of systems will be gone eaten from the inside out, i will release it in 30 days, and it will be done eating when the ball drops on new years eve.

catch me if you can, see i love to cause anarchy and chaos. it is fun for me to watch people and there hard work and money go down, the government is nothen but money hungry pigs who must be delt with.

i hate communitys. see the us contury is just a haven for criminals, myself i am someone who just does this for fun i havent been caught before and dont plan on it. you think kevin mitnick was a problem wait till you see this!


yt cracker

I should go get a job with US Customs. I could track the movement of crack-rock shipments based on the origin and timing of off-the-wall e-mails that I get like this....

Just to say that "AntiOnline" is a great website, the best so far...!!

I have found it to be very informative about the malious hacker community, and it certainly has opened my eyes to what really goes on out there.

Sinced i have been logging onto this website i have learned an immense amount and hope that i will be able to use my new found knowledge in a future job.

I've no wish to become a hacker, but to become i'm sure a growing number of skilled people to stop hackers, as a "Intrustion Prevention expert".

So to everyone involved within AntiOnline, Keep up the good work and carry on putting so called IT professionals to shame, the ones who think that they really know everything and gets paid lots for sitting on their asses.


Karl Vincent from United Kingdom.

I get paid a lot to sit on my ass all day. That's nothing that you should be looking down on. "Intrusion Prevention Expert" == "sitting on your ass all day and getting paid a lot".

Good morning, I am an detective with a Sheriff's Office and have recently
been assigned to computer crimes investigations. I have no formal training
and with budget cuts may not be afforded the opportunity to attend many. I
am reading everything I can get my hands on and want to thank you for the
information I get from your site.

Detective Name Left Out To Protect The Innocent

Is it just me, or are you starting to notice a trend in the weekly mailbag?


I believe I read you were using REBOL for some of your web based coding? Is that what you are using for your border logs and hack attempts on the site?

I have a lab at home, with several seperate subnetworks, connected by Cisco routers. I currently use a *pain-in-the-ass* way of pushing router logs to a web interface, on both Apache and IIS webservers. Would REBOL be a good solution - what do you use?

Thnx (when/if you get the time to answer)


Actually, that mess is all done in Perl. I use REBOL for our "Eye On The Underground" page. For the router logs, I just have a syslog server set up that outputs logfiles to a custom perl script which in turn posts it to our website. The hack attempt page utilizes proprietary plug-ins that we wrote for ISS' RealSecure.

From: phib3r0ptic


Subject: Webtv Port Corruption

Early this week customers using the WebTV Network could not print. This
made many many users mad. They tried calling 1-800-go-webtv and got a
recording saying, "To protect our lines, the lines have been shut down
due to a emergency". later when contacted WebTV will not disclose if
this was planted, or was a code error. WebTV printers are still on the
fritz and still pulling their hair out. While snooping around some Zuh,
(SECRET), Chat servers, one person claims (c0w) of webtv/computer status
he set a code of error in the upgrade. true or not, is unknown. But
Webtv call's it a Printer driver corruption.

Hope this helps


Be on the lookout for webtv hax0rs with the nick "phib3r0ptic". Actually, that last sentence was more informative and useful than most of NIPC's Cyber Alert e-mails that I get...


Just read an article about yourselves in Vanity Fair, Great, good to
see there are some good guys out there too. I can see the buzz in cracking
but is a shame they have to take it too far and stuff around with peoples
livelihood and National security that's pushing it just a bit to far. I am
so sick of the likes of my Mother freaking out about me on the net and
herself refusing to go on because of all the stories denoting the negatives,
there is so much good , clean, informative stuff out there. Also so it could
be such a huge business advantage for a small country like mine but again
people are reluctant due to bad publicity. It is for this reason I would
like to head in the direction of IT security and on a smaller scale maybe
make a difference for businesses in my country. Keep it up.

Kind Regards

Joshua Smith

Actually, committing computer crimes IS a business in your country. And geez, people are still reading that Vanity Fair article. Apparently waiting rooms don't update their shelves like they used to....