Its me again, Sucoyant. Here is a list of your vulnerabilities.

- rwwwshell.pl

- phf BUGTRAQ ID 629

- Count.cgi BUGTRAQ ID 128

- test-cgi

- nph-test-cgi BUGTRAQ ID 686

- nph-publish

- php.cgi

- handler BUGTRAQ ID 380

- webgais

- websendmail

- webdist.cgi BUGTRAQ ID 374

- faxsurvey

- htmlscript

- pfdispaly.cgi BUGTRAQ ID 64

- perl.exe

- wwwboard.pl

- www-sql

- view-source

- campas

- aglimpse

- glimpse

- man.sh

- AT-admin.cgi

- filemail.pl

- maillist.pl

- jj

- info2www

- files.pl

- finger

- bnbform.cgi

- survey.cgi

- AnyForm.cgi BUGTRAQ ID 719

- textcounter2.pl

- classifieds.cgi

- environ.cgi

- wrap BUGTRAQ ID 373

- cgiwrap

- guestbook.cgi

- edit.pl

- perlshop.pl

- _vti_inf.html

- service.pwd

- users.pwd

- authors.pwd

- administrators.pwd

- shtml.dll

- shtml.exe

- args.bat

- uploader.exe

- rguest.exe

- wguest.exe

- issadmin/bdir.htr

- CGImail.exe

- newdsn.exe

- fpcount.exe

- openfile.cfm

- exprcalc.cfm

- displayopenedfile.cfm

- sendmail.cfm

- codebrws.asp #1

- codebrws.asp #2

- showcode.asp #1

- search97.vts

- carbo.dll

- whois_raw.cgi

- doc

- .html/............./config.sys

- ....../

- no-such-file.pl

- newdsn.exe #2

- _vti_bin/shtml.dll

- _vti_inf.html

- showcode.asp #2

- ism.dll

- site.csc

- main.asp

- catalog_type.asp

- config.sys

- achg.htr

- aexp.htr

- aexp2.htr

- aexp4b.htr

- ExprCalc.cfm

- openfile.cfm

- GetFile.cfm

- startstop.html

- input.bat

- index.asp

- visadmin.exe

- PageServices

- ss.cfg

- get32.exe BUGTRAQ ID 770

- *******.pl BUGTRAQ ID 770

- tst.bat BUGTRAQ ID 770

Be carefull. u are quite vuln.

- Sucoyant

Wow, it's a good thing that there are uber-white-hat-hax0rz out there like Sucoyant looking out for me, or I'd be in trouble!

Why does Bub resemble Mr. Glad?

- Curious in Connecticut

Even more Bub bashing. When will it all end? You people are going to start giving the guy a complex.

John --

I have yet to receive an email from you.

But, I'll tell you the scoop anyway. I write my column for my own Web sit. I don't really write for b0g.org, but they asked me if they could reprint one of my columns and I said sure.

That's about it. You know everything else, it seems.

Thanks for the plug,

Mike Jasper

Well, this clears up last week's "Mystery Of The Country Music Singing Hax0r" I guess. It's kinda strange that b0g will go out and deface websites and cause all sorts of damage to a person's system, yet won't print an article without the author's permission. Oh well, keep reading...

yo jp

i dont know if mike emailed you back yet or what heh,

basically hes just cool with me publishing his previous articles, but as of yet he does not write anything for b0g.

other then that it sucks to be at work

and if you ever want to publish something in b0g, being poetry, ranting, articles, anything, you know we want you to so just go ahead


yours in cyberspace



(yeah i know thats your line but i cant help but to use it heh)

You're right, that is my line... And, I have this strict policy of not affiliating myself with people that break into military servers, so I don't think you'll be seeing any submissions from me in the near future.

Hello John,

Linda wanted to know if your friend Chrlie is married or involved? Seems ,she has got the hots for him ever since we went to the beach. Do you still have that old truck for sale, if so how much and what year is it? I have a friend at work that is looking for an old truck like that. I bought one of those pools that is above ground , the kids love it , it keeps them busy. How is the family? The viagra web site that I was telling you about last saturday is www.limp.cc I got some viagra via mail with no doctors visit. All you do is fill out a form. Next Saturday we are planning another trip to the beach you are of course invited to join us. call you later this week


Who's linda? Or Charlie? What truck? VIAGRA?!? I'm only 21 for god's sake.... Oh, it's spam, ok.....


I like you guys.

James Bird (Maul)



After all these years, I finally find someone to start up our AntiOnline Fan Club!


I've just discovered this site you've got here, and have a few questions. Feel free to post this and make fun of me in your little mail bag section. Oh. My bad. You already did that without asking me. Anyway on with the questions.

1. Have you ever been struck that it seems a bit odd for a security 'pro' to be appearing in fashion magizines?

2. You claim to be running some sort of company, right? Yet almost your entire site has a lack of professional courtesy and sopisitcation, don't you think it's a bit strange to be acting like a one man uberl33t and then pretending to be a company?

I actually have nothing against you, I'm just one of those people who ask questions, and you raise several questions. Don't worry, in a few days I'll be bored and go harass some other poor soul.

- Ripped Edge

As for #1 sure it's weird, but it's great for the old hit counter so who cares, right? As for #2, it's spelled "sophistication".


I want to create more room on my hard drive.

And I want to know if I can Delete some Cookies that have expired.

Is this safe?

Please let me know.


The DoubleClick's of the world just love people like this. To answer your question, it's safe to delete ALL of your cookies, expired or not.


Although one would never know it, some of us out here reading your site can spell, and can use relatively proper grammar. I must say though you seem to be filled with incredible hatred when it comes to some of your responses to letters. And yet, that's what keeps so many of us coming back...

-Jimbo the Magnificent