Saying things like calling Russ Cooper the 'weird
I'm-Trying-Really-Hard-To-Be-Funny-Even-Though-I'm-Canadian title' do not
make me feel to good. Ever noticed that Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers, and Tom
Green are all Canadian? If you do not find these men funny then by all
means diss my country. Otherwise you should lay off. I know you're like 21
and personally I'm 19, but comon man. We're you're neighbours. Here's
something that should make you feel good about your country.

Q: Why does it take 3 Americans to change a lightbulb?

A: One to stand on the ladder, and two to carry enough lightbulbs until one
is found that isn't defective.

Q: How can you tell it's midnight at an American airport?

A: When you see the 8:00 PM flights taking off.

Q: Why do American 18-year-olds take sex education courses?

A: So they can learn what they've been doing wrong for the past five years.

Q: What do Americans call a TV set that goes five years without need of

A: An import.

Q: How can an American be certain that the car he's just bought is actually

A: When it's recalled by the factory.

-Alastair Fettes



Why do you use purple and yellow for your websites? Those are girl colors.

Maybe your a sissy?

I would like to know.

-Brian Gottschalk

Come on now, our colors rock. The walls of our offices are the same color as well. Take a look at these pics.

check it out in the next few... i briefy checked out your

site, didnt see any recollection of it. it's really not a malacious hack,

just to let them know of their security breech they were warned about.


fjear adam, the uberleet h4x0r!

hey man... check this page... its now hacked! juar!


fjear syst3k, adam's uberleet h4x0r friend!

You're a jealous idiot. At least is trying to set some standards and better educate the everyone in IT security. You won't find better technical info and experts anywhere.

Through Russ & Ntbugtraq, at least they have increased their information sources to provide a better level of service to all concerned.

Sour Grapes.

Boelen Family

Actually, ICSA is trying to force themselves a position in the industry through something that might easily be called manipulative practices. But hey, if those are the type of people you want "protecting you", so be it. As for Russ, he was pretty much just hard up for a job I guess....

I was reading some of your past mailbags and wow, sure seems to be a lot of people who hate you. You seem like a pretty decent guy, what did you do?

- mdda_k

Good question....

Well, im one of those SCRIPT KIDDY and ****.

I have something to say.

Whoever are the real hackers( the l33t ass coders who do da sploit) **** them.

They have no ****in life and that's all if have to say about them.

I use their sploit to gain axs to all bunch of crazy servers, and im having fun doing it.
That's all. I dont think this makes more sens, but i don't really care.

-ev1l da n1gga w1th a skr1pt



I am not trying to start a whole big fuss this time, just a simple question. In
your latest editorial about the sale of NTBugtraq. You go off on this whole
sermon about how the ICSA not believing in full disclosure. My question for you
is, are you trying to tell your readers that you are an advocat of full
disclosure? Do you believe that just because you download the tared version of
packetstorm and placing it another server you are aiding the security
community? If I remember correctly, you and your friend Brad collect
information on people and place it in a secret database. If you are such an
advocat of full disclosure, why do you not allow access to the database for
people that you currently 'monitor'? If the U.S. Government can do it, why
can you not?


I love it when the folks from Attrition e-mail me. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. At any rate, what secret database? I don't know anything about a secret database. You must have me confused with someone else =P

I absolutely LOVE the websites. I totally agree with you that the
only true security you're gonna have is if you know who can do what

Thanks for all the great info, etc.

- Walt

Being that this is my mailbag and all, I figured that I'd end it on a happy note this week......