I was wondering about your view on the Carnivore-matter. Do you believe that Carnivore does no more than what the FBI claim it can do? Do you think there is anything wrong with letting the government\government agencies go through peoples private mail and such in this fashion? I realize that they need a warrant in order to use carnivore, but I don`t believe this is exactly the same as tapping a phoneline.

I am not an American citizen, nor do I live in the USA, still it scares me that "big brother" can take such control in a nation like yours. I thought freedom was the greatest asset in the USA, have I been mistaken? I hope you are not setting an example for the rest of the world to follow...


[Psychotic Illusion®]

Well, I had originally planned on opening up this week's mailbag with the below doggy-style joke, but I guess this is a bit more important. Personally, I'm all for carnivore. Privacy "experts" out there had a fit over it, but they have a fit over everything, so who cares. The technology itself isn't at all intrusive, and to be frank people, the FBI doesn't give a **** about e-mail letters to your cyber-mistress, or that receipt that you got for some new blow up toy. They're after info. that relates to a specific case, and a specific person, which is the purpose of the software. In short, people aren't as important as they think they are. Society confuses me anymore. All of this talk about privacy, etc, etc, blah, blah, yet when I turn on prime time, all I see is shows like Big Brother and the Real World. Quite a contradiction.....

Q: Why do Canadians do it doggy-style?

A: So the woman can enjoy the hockey game on TV, too!


See, us Americans can be funny too =P

First, I am amazed that you actually said something that I agree with.

But, a few points you missed.

Russ Cooper also DOES NOT believe in full disclosure. He has proven this
in the past by how he handles vulnerabilities that are reported to him.
For example, Russ "sat on" and used the information on the RDS hole for
two full months before R.F.P. found the hole and reported. Russ was in
the middle of some big "expose" story with MSNBC which is why he kept the
info to himself.

It is also rumored that Mr. Cooper knows the details of the so called "0-
day" that Pimpshiz is using. But, as usual instead of reporting it to the
security community that he supposively supports, he will contact MSNBC first
and make sure that he gets press on it.

I am also a Canadian and I am embarassed that we produced a moron like Russ.

No matter how much they hate it, everyone is destine to agree with me at one point in time or another ;-)

Hello Antionline,

I am concerned about something I heard on my FM radio today as I came
to work. We have a very popular radio station Q102 FM. It is with out a doubt the best we have, here in
Philadelphia Pa. They are the funniest people we know. But they found a
website that concerned me greatly, and it is that which I write to you.
They found a website that can tell you how to break into and hot wire
any automobile. They proved it live on the radio. Can't you find out the
site and find out who's posting stuff like this. There's probably a bunch
like them.

The show was aired this morning 10/4/00 at about 8AM.

Diego was the disc jockey. Maybe you can contact them.

This radio station is on the up and up I know, but I just wanted to
shut down the website....

- Frank Hall

Yes, let's shut down the website because it has content that you don't approve of! You might as well shut down AntiOnline too, because people could use the information that we provide to break into computers. You can't control people by attempting to keep information from them. Our country tried to do that once with slaves, it didn't work. The key is to EDUCATE people about social responsibility, not to attempt to keep them as dumb as possible.

The real problem with the Military using mainly MS is the potential "Pearl Harbor" effect taking out most of their systems at one time.

You can't tell them that, They will not listen. I guess they will have to learn the hard way.

Jim Spence

Um, OK Jim, thanks for sharing.... Not that I'm a big MS fan or anything, but this guy sounds a lot like those scarry Mac addicts out there. While I'm on the topic of Apple, I have a confession to make. When it's stock took a massive nose dive this past week I went and bought 300 shares of it =/ I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself. There. I feel a lot better now that I got that off of my chest......

Your last mailbag was very interesting... I am not a frequent visitor but I do find myself at your site every once in a while. I find it appalling that one would show such disrespect towards its readers. Something tells me that you receive more intelligent works than the ones you post. It seems a waste of time to even acknowledge the "h4x0r script kiddies", none the less make fun of the disillusioned little pups. For that matter contributing to a flame war about our neighbor up north also seems a little childish. What I'm getting at is the mailbag portion of this site seems a little underdeveloped compared to the rest of the pages. Hopefully I just caught you on a bad day and this particular mailbag does not reflect your normal attitude. In the case that it isn't just a bad day I hope that your attitude will improve and stop pulling the rest of this site down.

That's the great thing about the mailbag. Everyone thinks that what they send in is important enough for several hundred thousand people to read and ponder. Including you ;-)

Carl Philips

I find reading Antionline's pages a lot like watching tennis. The content is very interesting if the commentators would shut the **** up. Quit your bitching and go to college to learn some etiquette.

John Parks

The Good JP